An early overview of technologies in the first four Ages (WIP)

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Apr 19, 2015
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All technologies so far, in the first 3 Ages. (WIP)

For anyone curious on what kind of difference in technology there is between (parallel) Ages. Do note that technologies vary on more things than just the technologies. For example, we know the Age of Blood includes a mechanic ensuring widespread war, but you don't see that here.

Units (u)
Buildings/Tile improvements (b) (Right now difficult to tell apart)
Seemingly major mechanics (m)

Note that for the unnamed Powers, they could be anything and everything!


  • Farming: Food stockpile (b), Plantation (b), Farm (b)
  • Tribal Elders: Council building (b)
  • Defenses: Archers (u), free Warfare exp + free archer + extra defenders (?)
  • Scouting: Lookout Tower (b), Move units through jungle & deep forest(m), free scout
  • Workers: Clay Pit (b), boost levy workers project, free Improvement points


  • Belief: Press (b), Weaver (b), Temple (b), Vats (b)
  • Community: Kiln (b), Mill (b), Crane (b), Sawpit (b), Use gold to rush production (m)
  • Discipline: Spearmen (u), Chariots (u), +1 Army size (m), 2 Warfare Powers
  • Officials: Market (b), Use gold to rush Culture (m), 1 Exploration Power, 1 Diplomacy power, free Envoy
  • Mining: Quarry (b), Stonecutter (b), Mine (b), free Pioneer
  • Shipbuilding: Galleys (u), Transport troops on shallow water (m), increased region expansion on water, 1 Exploration power


  • *Smelting: Weapon smith (b), Tool Smith (b), Furnace (b)
  • *Horses: Cavalry (u), +1 Vassal Prosperity, increased territory growth
  • *Construction: Catapults (u), Catapult Biremes (u), Stone Wall (b), Stone Tower (b)
  • Scribes: Scribe (b), Library (b), *Paper Maker (b)
  • Infrastructure: Aqueduct (b), Public Quarter (b), *Oven (b), *+1 town per region (m)
  • Arts: Theaters (b), Colosseum (b), Sculpting Studio (b), 1 Arts Power (spawn Artist)


  • Smelting: *
  • Horses: *
  • Construction: *
  • Storytelling: *Paper maker (b), Poet (b), Hall of Heroes (b), More reward choices for Heroic Quests
  • Glory: Lodge (b), Mausoleum (b), Vomitorium (b), *Oven (b), *+1 town per region (m)
  • Oracle: Oracle (b), Offering Shrine (b), 1 Arts Power (Spawn Hero + Quest)
  • Spirituality: Charms Crafter (b), Talisman Crafter (b), Reduce cost Diplomatic Actions


  • Smelting: *
  • Horses: *
  • Brutality: Bloodstone wall (b), Skull tower (b), 250% increased melee damage to Siege Targets
  • Preservation: Salt House (b), Granary (b), Midden (b), *Oven (b), *+1 town per region (m)
  • War Council: War Council (b), Scriptorium (b), *Paper Maker (b), Military Camp (b)
  • Gladiators: Proving Ground (b), Barracks (b), Fighting Pit (b)
  • Barbarism: 2 Warfare Powers, 1 Warfare (?) Culture Power
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Now with 100 % more WIP Age 4 technologies.


  • *Machines: Workshop (b), *Logging Camp (b)
  • *Medieval University: Privy Council (b), Medieval University (b), Production to Knowledge ability (m)
  • Guilds: *Jeweler(b), Great Hall (b), *Winery (b), *Market Square (b), *Villa (b), *Production to Wealth ability (m)
  • *Dry Compass: Cog (u), Fishing Fleet (b?)
  • Professional Army: Pike (u), Longsword (u), Barracks (b), *Army Size +1 (m)
  • Organized Religion: *Large Temple (b), *Abbey (b), Holy Site (b)
  • Feudalism: *Kitchen (b), Large Plantation (b), Plowed Farm (b), *Ranch (b), *+ max Town Level in Regions (m)


  • Medieval University: *
  • Dry Compass: *
  • Grand Projects: Grand Workshop (b), *Logging Camp (b), Lathe (b), Ability that helps Monument construction (m)
  • Trade Networks: *Jeweler(b), *Winery (b), *Market Square (b), *Villa (b), *Production to Wealth ability (m), 1 Diplomacy Power
  • Mercenaries: Knight (u), Crossbow Mercenary (u), Mercenary Hall (b), *Army Size +1 (m), 1 Diplomacy Culture Power
  • Worship: *Abbey (b), Grand Temple(b), Arts Power spawning a Clergy
  • Immigration: *Kitchen (b), Migrant Plantation (b), Migrant Farm (b), *Ranch (b), *+ max Town Level in Regions (m), 1 Diplomacy Power


  • Machines: *
  • Professional Army: *
  • Efficient Farming: Cash Crop Plantation (b), Swidden Farm (b), Foodlot Ranch (b), *+ max Town Level in Regions (m)
  • Sanctuary: *Abbey (b), *Holy Site (b), 1 Arts Culture Power
  • Market Cornering: *Jeweler(b), *Winery (b), *Kitchen (b), Market Manager (b), affects Outbreak chance on imports and exports (m), +1 Luxury on Plantation Goods
  • Humors: Plague Doctor (u), Physician’s Guild (b), Pious University (b), affects Outbreak Chance per Population (m), free Plague Doctor
  • Isolation: Crossbow Guard (u), Turret (b), Barricade (b), Armory (b), Castle (b), further Outbreak effects™ (m)
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Do you just never get the production to knowledge ability if you go age of plague? Not a huge deal, production to x exchanges are almost never worth it in this class of game, but it would be an interesting choice.
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I love the fact that by going into one age or another you might lose (or gain) key technologies/features. It is a very straightforward way to make variant ages feel important beyond their "expiry date", even if your game returns to a "normal" age, their impact will be felt (say, you are now able to pump lots of industrial era wonders because you went trough the age of Wonders long time ago).
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