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Second Lieutenant
Oct 5, 2000
Before my Lord and Ruler, Maximilian I of Austria, Vienna
At last! I have reached the goal of my ancestors, I now controll the King´s ear and my words finally are the law. It´s spring in the Lords year 1492, and I have been proclaimed royal advisor in the rising power of Austria. We have the resources, the cunning and the will to become Europe´s new supreme leader. Anyway is that my humble goal.....

It has been a hard autumn, I have been out in the mud inspecting the new troops. It took me until June before the gracious King opened up our goldcoffins, but since then Austrias armies have been growing. This is the last unit that has to be motivated, thank God. Even the bishop seems a little less exaltic today, must have been the leaking tent that disturbed the Lord´s servant. However soon it will be time for something more rewarding, as I will leave for Myagar as soon as this sermon has ended.... After all the Hungarian court is well known for their hospitality.

Newyears eve, 1492. Wienna.
-'I hereby proclaim the glorius union of Austria and Hungary. Hungary can be certain that Austria will take her responsibles seriously, an enemy of Our vassal is Our enemy.' Indeed a triumpf, my first year has past and everything is progressing according to plan. Through diplomacy the first step was taken, now is it time to take an other one. But this time the sword, not the pen, will be Our tool. The army is ready, the question is if Bohemia is?

Urgh.... this is the last time I will personally be present when a city is being looted. I get my piece anyway, without taking the risk of being killed by some leftover bohemian 'hero'. Unfortunately losses were high on both sides, Austria has lost about 10000 men so far and that is becoming a problem. No, not that were running low on men, there are always more, but we are to poor. I certainaly hope we can finish this before the winter arrives, or we will run low on funds.

Yet another burning county..... Bohemia, Sudenten and Moravia are all in flames and the Bohemian armies have scattered for the wind. The hungarian general came yesterday and relieved me from my comand. He pushed ranks on me! Here he can do that, but I will have revenge some day. Instead of digging in for the winter the he ordered that an attemt to storm the city will take place tomorrow. May God be on Our side......

The fith attack in ten days. My army is bleeding to death against the citywalls becourse of that hungarian. And I can do nothing......

Summer, 1494, Prauge
Total victory! After a harsh war in the snow Bohemia lies before Our feet! They will accept Our claims, Sudenten to Austria and Moravia to Hungary. Although the army is in disarray, the second step has been taken!

Spring, 1498
The economy is improving, slowly but with every new kansler the trickle of money grows. And Austria will need their gold in the days to come. Improving Our relations with various german minors have cost a lot, they are all greedy and they all overestimate their importance. It´s getting harder and harder to stand their emissaries, but I will hold out. At some point my patience will bear fruit, and Austira will be larger.

More mud..... the same fields, the same cermony. Some things never change, was it really five years since the last time.... Well, large armies will be needed if Austria is to take Bohemia, one time for all. And this time no hungarian will come in my way!

Summer, 1499
War! Before the next years end the armies will return victorius, I am certain. These are the best troops in all Europe, and I am proud.....

To be countinued (perhaps...)



Sep 5, 2000
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exelent beginning.
I must know if your second war with Bohemia was successful, and did you get your revenge against that Hungarian general?
you must continue this AAR.

King of the Mighty Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. decendant of the great Jagiellonian Dynasty.