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As you who have played Magna Terra may be aware of, there are some issues with the terrain map, and they are because the file that is used to create the textures is a complete pain to work with (for one thing it is really huge). But I have began working on it. I am not sure how long it will take but eventually I hope I will be able to upload a colourmap_hires.bmp that can be used to get some sort of terrain textures for this great mod.

I am going for a more simple appearance then vanilla, as while vanilla looks good, it requires much work to create something similar. As I am going for a simpler appearance it will be easier to fix errors or in other ways alter the result. Well lot of words but what are they worth without a view of how it currently looks?


You can see some areas that need more work (especially in the upper right corner) but generally I think it looks nice.