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Welcome to my first ever AAR.

Created for this competition and for this mod.

I will play as England, i am not trying to do a WC and dont have any significant goals (you can suggest some if you wish). I will try to answer questions and try to post regularly but dont expect stuff.

Post 1 - [post=11952387]Securing The Isle[/post]
Post 2 - [post=11968086]Dreams Of Scandinavia[/post]
Post 3 - [post=11990717]Sex, Lies and Sweden[/post]
Ledger Update 1 - [post=11993385]This Doesn't Need a Snazzy Title[/post]
Post 4 - [post=12016174]It's About God Damn Time[/post]
Post 5 - [post=12027166]Waiting for cores, the downfall of the Empire[/post]
Ledger Update 2 - [post=12041010]As if you care about the Ledger[/post]
Post 6 - Doesn't exist, sorry. I've always had this problem about ignoring 6's
Post 7 - [post=12042409]The Amazingness of this AAR[/post]
Post 8 - [post=12057265]Invade Olonets by winter[/post]
Post 9 - [post=12081842]Total, Mediterranean Domination[/post]
Post 10 - [post=12090298]The First Crusade[/post]
Post 11 - [post=12108914]The Push for Morocco[/post]
Post 12 - [post=12128648]Phew![/post]
Ledger Update 3 - [post=12132523]A Bit Later Then Usual[/post]
Post 13 - [post=12136657]No Spoilers In This Title Please[/post]
Post 14 - [post=12158228]Possibly The End[/post]
Post 15 - [post=12178691]The March Into Germany[/post]
Post 16 - [post=12183559]The Route is Ready[/post]
Post 17 - [post=12196025]Is It Getting Hot In Here? Or Is It Just Me?[/post]
Ledger Update 4 - [post=12198858]A Pause During War[/post]
Post 18 - [post=12217741]Egypt[/post]
Post 19 - [post=12224630]The Eastern Expansion[/post]
Post 20 - [post=12240916]The End[/post]

Reviews of this AAR
If you post a reply in this thread, prepare for the media to completely change it to suit them.

"Awesome!" Junuxx
"Nice" BigBadBob
"Interesting mod" Malurous
"Two words olde chum, Absolutely amazing" An English Patriot
"LOL" tedescooo
"Inc-redible" Master of Cheese

"Completely rubbish" Reality and Realism
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Post 1 - Securing the isles

I would show you a map of england at the start but surely you know what it looks like. Lucky nations are off, spread of provinces 25, colonists 200 and unmodded mod files.

First things first
I need to create armies for the wars to come, say hello to my irish army;

Moved my troops up to scotland for their war;

And my great men (the artist is already hired), I need the land tech and morale to boost my armies for the 5 countries that will try to kill me in a month or two.

I take a move towards free subjects to improve my technology, many people would argue the centralisation is the best and first but revolts are not what anyone would want in time of massive war

Missions and leaving the continent
Only Calais is sold, which is a shame, now war with france is certain.

My mission becomes vassalise scotland after cancelling recover normandy, I was hoping for conquer ireland or conquer scotland for vassalise is fine.

France, Ireland and scotland
Within a couple months France ireland and scotland are all at war with me. France will not be much of a problem as i dont want the continental holdings right now, so I peace out with them later and lose the land.

I become Papal Controller, dont ask how. We take over Leinster and Munster both, Munster owned by an expanding Connaght (spelling?). We take over parts of scotland and the map ends up looking like this:

All going well I think.

Connaght expands into tyrone;

But that wont be enough to defend themselves from the mighty England, We seize ulster and Ireland belongs to us.

Denmark decided they wanted scotland and declared war on them, so Denmark was my next target, after destroying their army I seized their northern provinces, also I took over orkney (owned by norway) and scotland is taken over by us as well.

Apparently, I did all this without being near my supply limit and God told me to create a bigger better army.

Empires and End


I'm afraid not much unusual in the world map yet.

Thanks for reading post 1, if you have any suggestions or comments please post below. Have a nice day :D
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Nice. England, which I just noticed looks oddly large on that world map.

Oh, and post linking works like this: [post=*11946643*]Check out my entry[/post*] (The number should show up in the link info at the bottom of your browser).
Just remove the *s and it should look like this, [post=11946643]Check out my entry[/post]
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The number in the top right of a post (#4 for this post) contains a link to that specific post :)

Also, very cool to see an AAR with my mod, good luck!
You can't get Conquer Scotland as your first mission by the way, it requires <50 relations with Scotland. What you can do is sending two insults first, and then cancel your initial mission.
Thanks for the help on the contents guys, proberly post a update next week, or whenever i can be bothered. I think i used too many pictures but meh.
Interesting mod, I'll follow.
Post 2 - Dreams Of Scandinavia

Iceland and Scotland

The Orkney war with Norway was still going on so I used this to gain the provinces in Iceland, they will be useful in colonizing the americas. The East province had no fort so it only took a couple months to have all of Iceland under english control. I white peaced out.

Despite only having 2 infamy, I was over the limit, I blamed this on the Legitimacy which was 0. I made a royal marriage with Holland to attempt to fix this problem.

Scotland hated peace, so declared war. I dont know what their tactics were but it didn't work. I annexed them. I now have all the provinces for Great Britian, but cores are annoying, also I need to be at peace, which is impossible.

The Scandinavian conquest

Sweden is a powerful enemy. They will be hard to conquer, but I need to expand somewhere otherwise this AAR would be rubbish. They are in a perfect position, little borders and big land mean they are perfect for this mod.

I built up an army to take down sweden, which fulfilled the mission. The new one didnt exactly make me a happy bunny, but oh well.

War was declared and I sent the first army up north to take the unprotected provinces in norway, Finmark was first and I moved the army south to take the next province; Halogaland.

Random Picture of the Post

This is a new section that will occur anywhere in the AAR post. This Picture defines a new meaning of fear. The HRE has formed without any intervention from me. Im scared.

I dont know who formed it but my money is on Austria.

The Scandinavian conquest cont.

After taking Halogaland, the Swedish army were moving towards us. The battle commenced, we were outnumbered massively but......well.....we lost.

We followed rule #34 of the beginners guide to invading the world, dont invade someone who can easily kill you. We wanted a white peace keeping Halogaland, but the tossers seized it on the same day!

Beginners guide to invading the world rule #17, never give up

I decided that a new army should be built, and it was. Doing this completed the mission "larger army then castille" and god told us to give money to the pope. I dont like these constantly bad missions.

Predictably, Sweden didn't like all this peace, they declared war only months after peacing. The Northern Norwegian army sprung into action taking the unfortified provinces in norway and cutting across into Sweden.

Meanwhile, the new army land in south norway and slowly assaulted the fortified provinces. The Swedish army was nowhere to be found, they were proberly fighting off the Russians in the east. I decided to peace out, taking a large amount of land (picture below).

The End Game picture

Sorry, I forgot to do world picture.
Well done - seems like a safely situated bridgehead. :)
Check the capital of the HRE to fin out who formed it;) my bet is on Bohemia though, it is unlikely Austria had the chance to get the throne and pass all the reforms no matter how awesome this mod is.
Check the capital of the HRE to fin out who formed it;) my bet is on Bohemia though, it is unlikely Austria had the chance to get the throne and pass all the reforms no matter how awesome this mod is.

I will check the capital in the next update. Austria does sometimes start off with the crown to the HRE at start game.
1404 HRE ?! LOL

Better you be prepared. :D
Post 3 - Sex, Lies and Sweden


A regency had begun in England, I will now have to wait decades before the next true monarch. This wouldnt really make any difference though, the expansion plans are for my neighbours anyway.

Due to the war 'coming' (LOL) event, I was now at war with 2 of my neighbours, Sweden and Norway. Norway won't be a problem, they only have 2 provinces. But Sweden might still have that doomstack that killed me last time.

Shortly after another 'coming', Denmark joined the fun. It was an all-out free for all as Me, The Danes and The Swedes all tried to get land of another. This is the battle that changed the course of the war:

Robert Knolles was a great general who had many a medals for killing innocent foreigners. He sieged the Swedish fort of....Finland...and shortly afterwards peace was announced between Sweden and England. But there is no such thing as peace in this game, so basically it was just a tea break.

The Regency leader, Hugh Jass, came up with a brilliant idea to stop all the Swedish from invading their land; build 2 forts. 110 ducats (worth about £437million) was put into this idea. What Hugh didn't suspect was the rebels travelling accross the country, destroying all the buildings.

Peas with our thyme

Robert Knolles, the mysterious wizard general, teleported to norway to finish off their troops. He took over Oslo and announced that Norway had been conquered "Peas with our thyme" he shouted, this was the inspiration for Neville Chamberlain to shout something slightly different.

The Regency opted for a "10 people is a city" approach to colonisation.

This slashed revolt risk in the 2 provinces that were Swede colonies.

From Soviet Russia, Novogorod invades you!

"URA!!!" shouted the Russians as they entered the English border. The war commenced when they took the colonies along the south coast. But luckily, wizard Robert Knolles summoned a great army to chase them around finland.

Hugh Jass (the regency leader for all those who weren't paying attention), commissioned the forts ot be built again, the same 2 provinces were selected. This time, no rebels attempted to destroy them and the fortifications were built. England was now more protected then ever.

Sweden landed troops in finland, yes, i didnt know we were at war with them either. The endless Swedish chants continued all though the night, the residents of the Finnish town claimed it was like listening to Coldplay. "Med Guds hjälp vilja vi strida" they would scream.

Robert Knolles's army eventually defeated all the invaders as the other less important army worked into denmark and sweden. Eventually we pushed them right into Muscovy, but that was too far. The far greater Russians now wanted to kill us all. Luckily we peaced out giving them the land they wanted. Robert mistakenly, destroyed the Karelia colony. But it wasnt anything major - the colony was running the country dry.

Thend Picture and World Map


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Somehow having that Drebin quote in your signature fits the update. :D

Sweden looks weak enough, I suppose Denmark has to be made harmless before Muscovy pushes through your Novgorodian buffer...