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Nov 2, 2011
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First of all, I think the game is fun - and much better than it was at launch.

That said, there is still a big piece missing. There is no strategic depth to the game. Combat is fun - and in a good place as far as Im concerned. The story elements are good. But every campaign plays out pretty much the exact same time - kill time until the RNG gods reveal a boss's HQ. It doesnt even matter how many speaks/breweries/etc you build - as long as you keep the bare minimum needed to maintain a single stacked crew. You really cant even speed up how fast you reveal that HQ.

Once you know that location, you go fight a single fight and wait until the next one is revealed - rinse and repeat.

The game needs a lot - a proper squad system, a reason to build several squads, and - MOST IMPORTANTLY - greater strategic depth on the campaign map. The upcoming update/DLC promises some of this (and I have high hopes), but we are getting close to a year from release and we dont even have a release window (will it be this year, next, into 2023 - we have no idea) for that release.

Im a firm believer in giving developers the benefit of the doubt - to avoid crunch and to ensure they take the time to get things right - but right now this game feels like it is in limbo. I cant make myself play it in its current form - because I keep thinking the "big update" is right around the corner - while, at the same time, wondering if it will even come in the next year.

I dont expect a release date, but a better idea of where we are in the development process is pretty much a must have at this point.

Again, I want to iterate that I love what they have done so far. I just still believe the game is missing something - something I know they know they need to fix. I want to play this again. So, to the developers, give us a beacon of hope - let us know if things are on hold or at least the year in which we should expect the next update. Hope that doesn't come across as negative - it isnt meant to be.