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Jun 29, 2019
I've made a tank division for the Allies to play against in skirmish but the AI doesn't use tanks beyond phase A. Does anyone have this problem and if so what can I do to fix it ?



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Feb 11, 2014
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I really don't understand why, it's not a bad game, I bought it in Steam summer sales and I enjoy. Sadly I'm to used to company of heroes 2 and I approach the units to much.

It wasn't a bad game. First problem is, This game was developed by eugen systems and published by paradox interactive. Eugen systems stopped collaborating with Paradox, that's why there are no more major updates. 2nd Problem is, this is not really a popular game for casual rts gamers. Casuals RTS'rs will more likely get frustrated with a game like this and will immediately stop playing. 3rd problem is, too many players prefer Company of Heroes 2.