Ai never runs out of supplies? Another

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Jul 20, 2021
Playing as Germany I have Japan surrounded in JInghong/Kunming. Chinese forces to the north are my allies. Naturally, in these circumstances I would just wait out while the Japanese army crumbled from lack of supply. But I came back to this area after a week or two busy elsewhere to see the Japanese still in full supply? So looking at the tooltips, I can see that all the units in the pocket are supplies from Jinghong. I look at the Jinghong details and I see there is a supply depot with the usual supplies, metal energy, rares. Supplies are only 6+ so with 18 unist to supply this will disappear in a day or two. I sit on this area and literally watch the supplies ticking down. Hey presto, when supplies fall to around 3 they automatically jump up to around 8. I watch this happen twice. Strange, considering being in supply is one of the central pillars of the whole HOi2 stable. I get that the AI has to cheat a bit but this seems to undercut a central plank of the whole game philosophy. Why would AoD abandon that? And why secretly?

Pang Bingxun

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Nov 22, 2011
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Kunming produces supplies. No secret about that.


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Jun 5, 2008
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Did you read my post? I'll repeat, if that helps: according to the game itself there are no supplies in Kunming. The supply depot is in Jinghong and the Japanese troops in both provinces are getting their supplies from the Jinghong depot. Why doesn't it say "supplied from Kunming" if that is a well known fact?
I playtested by capturing Kunming first - Jinghong supplies do not get replenished, and then capturing Jinghong first - Kunming supplies do get auto replenished. So you are correct. That is not my point. My point is that the whole thing is completely unclear. How am I supposed to know that Kunming produces supplies? they are all under direct Japanese control so Kunming is not the capital of an ally or a puppet. Where in the game is there information that would tell an enemy that the province with the replenishing supply depot is not the important one, the province with no supplies , that's the key one to attack? Or is there some list somewhere in the ether of special provinces (not capitals) that produce supplies?