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Rebirth of the Empire:
An Ottoman Monarchial AAR



Sultan Mahmud II​


The Height of our glorious Empire​

Walking into the halls of the great library of Istanbul you notice an old man deep in thought, starring out of the window over the city. The window brings forth rays of light piercing through the dark room, showing a fog of flowing dust. It would seem this room has been undisturbed for many an age, but how so? Right before your very eyes there sits a man. From below you hear chants of brotherhood and freedom, cries for democracy, and a rebirth of the Turkish people. "Young Turks, Young Turks, Young Turks!" This chant could be heard but you lack the ability to comprehend it. The old man senses your presence and turns towards you. "Welcome my son, would you like to hear a story of great Kings, and glorious wars? Tales of chivalry, and the clash of swords? A time when our people ruled the land, the sea an all in between. Come sit by me and we shall revel in time."

House Rules:
-No cheating
-No gamey tactics
-No Exceeding Infamy Limit
-No reverting saved games

-Reach Number 1 Great Power
-Restore the Height of the Ottoman Empire
-E.g. and including, Crimea, Ukraine, Azerbijaan, Georgia, Armenia, The Entirety of North Africa, All of the middle east, Persia, The Two Sicilies, North West India, Afghanistan, Punjab, Greece and all Greek Islands, Ethipia and the majority of Africa, Croatia/Southern Austrian Empire, more goals to follow.
-Industrialize Massively
-End the game, save 1 day before end.
-Reload Save and show all the releasable nations.
-Have Fun, entertain, weave a story!

Prologue: The Rebirth of an Empire - Done
Chapter I: From a Vision, to a Reality - Done
Chapter II: The East Wind Blows - Done
Chapter III: The Kingdom of .... One Sicily? - Done
Mini Chapter: The East Wind Blows Once More - Done
Chapter IV: The Greek Question - Done
Chapter V: A Tale of Two Empires - Done
Chapter VI: The Age of Imperialism: A mini Chapter - Done
Chapter VII: The War to End All Wars - Done
Chapter VIII: The War of Austrian Succession - Under Construction
Chapter VIV: The Fall of the House of France Part I, Part II - Spoiler
Chapter X: African Conquests - Spoiler


Glossary of Terms - History Tidbits - Glossary of Terms​
Falling Sickness: Epileptic Seizures (An ailment of Julius Caesar)
Mehter Takımı: The Ottoman Marching Band, believed to be the earliest still existing military marching bands in European History, still perform today in military parades, and International Military Marching Band Competitions.
Corbacıbaşı: Leader of the Mehter Takimi
Mehters: Members of the band
Eunuch: A man whose reproductive organs have been removed, a common event in the house of the Ottoman Grand palace.
Black Eunuchs: e.g. "Chief Black Eunuch": Servants of the Womans household. Slaves.
White Eunuchs: e.g. "Chief White Eunuch": Servants of the Mens household. Slaves. But had the ability to become anything they wanted. Statesmen. Scholars, religious leaders, were schooled in Islam and practical reasoning, mathematics, etc. Became Chancellors, and Court members to Sultans.

*Disclaimer* May have references to drugs, alcohol, religion, promiscuous activities; written by a non native English Speaker, please forgive all grammar mistakes, or comment to fix them**

NOTE: This is historical fiction, some characters may have longer lifespans than in real life, this isn't the history of today. Though I will stay somewhat in the boundries of this laid out history.

---Not A Link, just a URL---https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TCdmy-7-Xw ---The Sultans Song of War---


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...Walking into the halls of the great library of Istanbul you notice an old man deep in thought, starring out of the window over the city. The window brings forth rays of light piercing through the dark room, showing a fog of flowing dust. It would seem this room has been undisturbed for many an age, but how so? Right before your very eyes there sits a man. From below you hear chants of brotherhood and freedom, cries for democracy, and a rebirth of the Turkish people. "Young Turks, Young Turks, Young Turks!" This chant could be heard but you lack the ability to comprehend it....

The old man senses your presence and turns towards you. "Welcome my son, would you like to hear a story of great Kings, and glorious wars? Tales of chivalry, and the clash of swords? A time when our people ruled the land, the sea an all in between. Come sit by me and we shall revel in time.""Where to begin," said the old man, "well why don't we begin at the end." You peer at the old man in confusion, but he seems to not notice. "The year..." continues the man, "Is 1836, the beginning of the end, and the final breaths of this 'Old Man of Europe.'"

Prolouge: The Rebirth of an Empire

The current state of Ottoman affairs was disparity at best. The Old Empire had sunken into ruin. Egyptian nationalists had made a move for control over all of Egypt and the holy land. And the great Sultan of the Ottomans had set his eyes on restoration, but only after being struck with, shall we say a Holy Sign. Today the Sultan had meetings planned with all his advisors of all the houses of Eunuchs. First he was to meet his High Chancellor to discuss matters of state. For his convenience all the advisors met in the war room, for that was his final stop at the end of the day for the matter. This, is the beginning of our tale...

"Great Sultan Mahmud, look at the state of our empire, it is in ruins! Something must be done."

The Sultan was a large portly man, who liked to indulge in the drink, the pipe, and beautiful women, even though he could not last for long. He was lazy, and ignorant of the ways of the world.


And he Always grew tired of this old mans squabbles of ruin and despair, for after all how could it be that he himself the Sultan lived in such luxury, surely his country was not in ruin. But he looked down at the table nonetheless.


A look of dismay fell on the Sultans face. "How, how can this be?"

"You have emptied the treasury great Sultan, your excessive purchasing of concubines and wives, your love of the pipe, and that abhorrent drink to our savior and only god Allah..." replied the Chancellor. The Sultan would only abide such talk from this his most trusted servant, servant to his father, and his fathers father.

The Sultan slowly walked to the window, and peered out onto the streets. He could see the Janissaries being trained in the courtyard, and over another roof he could barely make out the 'Pleasure Palace' where lay all his concubines, he could see muffled figures moving about there holding umbrelas to block them from the sun. The sound of drums, and the marching band could be heard. They practiced a modified version of the Jihad Nasheed, whilst the Corbacıbaşı, also known as the leader of the mehter takımı ( marching band), sang the Nasheed at the top of his lungs. Suddenly a flash of heat accompanied by a blinding light came upon him. Around him the world was stripped away, the heat of a thousand suns barred down upon him, and the building he had once stood in was rubble beneath his feet. He could see thousands of ships in the Bosphorous Sound firing artillery Itanbul, smoke raised from the ruins, from ten thousand thousand fires, and this black smoke, slithered, sputtered, and swept about eachother like entangling snakes, or dueling tornadoes. Fire began to streame from the heavens, whilst the wailing whistles ff artillery whisked past his ears, the screams of people could be heard in the streets. He beheld a terrifying sight as unknown figures clad in White and Black streamed through the streets, like a flood of coal, and snow, slaying all in their path. Suddenly a booming voice ripped through the ruinous scene, shattering this perception of reality, he know stood in the desert, by an oasis and this voice spoke. "See what you have done! Disgrace upon the house of Osman. You have poluted the great dynasty of Osman, you have ruined it's people. All for the love of drink, the pipe, and women. The time has come for your accession, time for you to earn your throne! Go forth my son! Go forth and begin the reclamation, bring all under the reign of Osman and Allah, for the time has come! Now go from this place, and begin our work, lest the future be the scene you hath beholden this day!" The sight of the mehter takımı, playing the Nasheed of war played in his mind. And then all faded to black.


The Sultans eyes opened, he lay in a pool of his sweat upon the floor. His Chancellor was fanning him. "Great Sultan, you had a fit of the falling sickness again, are you all right?"

The Sultan was lifted up by two large Eunuchs and he perched himself against the window ciel. The words still echoing in his mind. "Back, back, please I need air." Said the Sultan. But he did not have a fit of the falling sickness. It was a vision, he began to think in his mind. A vision of who? Allah? Our forefathers? It was unsure of whom the vision was brought but the message was the same. He thought of all the things the voice had said, was he really the destroyer of not only his legacy, or his people, but of Allah himself? A warm force began to swell in his chest, a force compelling him to continue on his new found quest.

"But," twisting about, and out of breath from the shock, he shouted, "Where to begin?!"

"A factory sire? For cement. The great nations of Europa Gratia, are already 'Industrializing,' this could produce the needed materials to build more factories for weapons, and goods Sultam."

"That is all, we must reclaim all that is lost, for the glory of Osman and Allah!" Blurted out the Sultan.

The men gathered about the room stared at the Sultan in disbelief of what he uttered.

"Are you alright Sultan?" Asked an Eunuch.

"Yes, yes damn you, you half man!" Retorted the Sultan, "Know your place!"

The Sultan knew not what he should do, but this force in his bosom warmed him, and made him feel as if he needed to follow the Chancellors every command, this force be it of Allah or of Ancestors pushed him on, and out of his pain. Though he dare not speak of this vision, they would think him gone mentally ill like many other aged a Sultan. He played it all of like none of it had happened and began to say...

"I do not even know what such a thing is! But do it. As must be done," replied the Sultan. The Chancellor turned to a Black Eunuch in the corner, who hurriedly rushed from the room, to relay the information.

"That will be all but the last gold in the treasury sire, but not a waste I assure you! We can take a loan from the Dutch!"


And so with word relayed, the construction began at once. "What is next?!" demanded the Sultan. That intense passion like one he had never known until today began to grow in his bosom. "We must reclaim the empire!" He shouted. Again all his advisors looked upon him in dismay.

The Chancellor whispered in his ear "Are you all right Sultan, it has been a long day, must you return to your chambers?" The Sultan shot him back a look that would pierce the very soul of any Christian and immolate them from the inside out with fear.

One of his more brave ministers the minister of war, led the approach to him and various generals followed, he spoke up "Great Sultan," said the Minister of War, "Do you not remember your order, the week of last, to invade Tripoli?"

"I gave such an order?!" Said the Sultan in disbelief.

"Great Sultan, I believe you were too busy with you 23rd concubine to pay attention, and the opium Sultan..." as soon as the the words had loosed his mouth he knew he had mispoken.

"WATCH YOUR TONGUE lest by the will of ALLAH I will have you join the ranks of the other Eunuchs that are in my service!" Shouted the Sultan. "Now where are these troops? . . ." Once more the advisors stared at him in shock, shall it be thrice this day he has said the name of our Holy God? What ailment beholds him, they thought.

Already, his troops marched to the beat of war drums in the north of Africa. Through dust and sand, and the howling winds of the sea at their backs pushing them forward. Their goal was the capital of Tripoli, at all costs. The air in the war room was stale, and the shouts of training Jannisaries in the courtyards below could be heard resonating through the high beamed rafters of the great room. The Sultan was shown a map of the current troop movements...


Even though not a minute had passed, and the orders were yet to be received, the Sultan could taste victory on his tongue, bittersweet it was. He knew his forces would easily overwhelm these Tripolitanian nationalists. Though for a moment a plan began to hatch in his brain. If he could quickly defeat the Tripolitanians, he would be able to swing north and conquer Tunis as well. This would bring two former states of the great empire back under his reign. "Though, the Egyptians.." he thought, "They would not like this, although... although our armies could easily squash them as well. If we were to race for the their capital with our border force of 30,000, as well as our Iraqian army of 18,000, we could deal with all our problems in one fatal swoop. Even reclaim more lands for the empire."

He glanced about the room "A quill! Bring me a quill!" The generals stared about the room in search for a quill, from the corner of the room ran a 'White Eunuch' bearing a tray of quills and ink. "Here my generals, gaze at this." The Sultan pointed at his plans, and his generals inched ever so closely to peer over the table.


His Chancellors stared in disbelief. A fully formulated plan was conceived upon that map that had lay barren before them moments before. "He was never a military genius from where has this hailed?" Thought many an advisors as they stared upon the map. He had not even known of what armies were where, or of how many, but somehow now, he knew. But now, by his order there work was set for them, the bloody task of reclamation had begun. The Generals filed from the rooms, and dispatched their orders.

*Cough* *Cough* The Old Man was staring intently at you. You realize you are still sitting in the library at Istanbul. The Old Man turns and stares at you. "I thought I lost you for a second there my son," chuckled the old man, "Now where was I, oh yes..."
And so our scene is laid, to be continued...

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Chapter I: From a vision, to reality...

Part I

That night the sultan lay restless in his bed. He had dismissed his concubines to their wing of the Palace. He raised from his bed and walked to the balcony. Outside he could see it, the great city of Istanbul. The smoke of ten thousand chimney rose into the air, a swift wind bent the trees, and ships could be seen sailing through the Bosphorous Sound against the fading sun. The call of mosques could also being heard, calling all to evening service. What had seemed as a trivial sight to him, now seemed the most beautiful thing on the earth. He collapsed to his knees and began to pray, pray for forgiveness, and pray for the purifying will of Allah to wash over him. To restore his honor and that of his people.


He suddenly woke with a start, where he had laid collapsed on the night before praying, he found himself still laying, and his faithful Eunuch servants were crowded about him. In the distance the morning call to prayer good be heard. "To temple..." Murmured the Sultan.

"Great Sultan, you have never been to Mosque?"

"To temple!" Shouted the Sultan. His Eunuchs helped lift him from the floor, and dressed him in his royal garb. As they made their way into the courtyard a procession of Janisaries waited with a walking bed to haul the Sultan to Mosque. He refused the bed. "Walk," He said. "I shall walk." All about him his servants stared in disbelief, except his Janisarries who maintained their military positions. And so through the morning air they walked, a great procession began to form behind the Sultan, and murmurs arose. Though in that sea of murmurs, the voices seemed reached a cacophony of shouts, from the sheer amount of voices that trailed the Sultan. He passed the stalls of fish mongers, gold merchants, the shops of jews, and slave traders, opium dens, and inns. He peered about him in interest that this was the level of lowness his city had stooped to. But even in all the bad were the everyday working people, those who now followed him, and shouted their praises. For it had not been since he was a boy that he traveled outside that palace of his. Once the procession had arrived at the Great doors of Hagia Sophia the Sultan stripped off his sandles and began to wash his feet, he spied an old man hobbling towards him who also needed to wash his feet before entrance into the Mosque (as is muslim tradition.) He stooped to the ground and took off the old mans sandles and washed his feet for him. The people all about starred at him in disbelief, mouth gaping open.

"The Sultan..." Murmurs through the crowd could be heard. "With the common people?"..."Washing feet?"... "At Mosque?" ... "Mashallah!" "Allah hu Ackbar!"


Part II

"Great Sultan!" Said the Chancellor. Who had rushed through the streets of Istanbul as fast as his aged feet would carry his portly figure. "Is this a miracle of Allah, you at Mosque, it must be a sign! I have news from Egypt!"

"What news?! Praise be to Allah it is good!" Cried the Sultan.

This reply seemed odd to the Chancellor, a man of god, he is not, thought the Chancellor. Could it be a true miracle? He quickly showed the Sultan the news. Extending forth the scroll.


"We caught them unprepared! Our armies moved through the the Holy land like a knife through water. We caught them at Jaffa! Continue reading my Sultan!"



"Their final force was quashed in Al Arish Sultan!"

The warm force began to swell again in the Sultans chest, this time stronger than ever, he dropped the scroll to the floor, and began to shake. "This, this is truely the work of Allah," whimpered the Sultan.

The Chancellor placed his hand on the Sultans shoulder, "Come Sultan there is more to discuss, we must hurry back to court!"

Days turned to weeks, and weeks to days, and the days to months and news streamed forth to the Sultan of his great victories.

The Sultan stood in his warm room, he had a much slimmer look about him, and he had grown a long beard. No longer did he dawn the robes of a Prince, but the garb of a military leader. And the Fez of a General.


He looked out at the table before him.


"Great Sultan," said the minister of war, "We have retaken Tripoli in the past few months, news has traveled slow because of the ongoing naval warfare between our great navy and that of the Egyptians, we seemed to have underestimated their navy..."

"Though," added the Chancellor, "We have better news, with this report also come the reports of the falls of Tunis, and of Eygypt herself!"



"Not only did we reclaim the Holy Land, my sultan, we took the Island of Crete."

The Sultan stood in awe of his achievements this day, a warm strength began to fill his chest as he watched the court Cartographers re graphing the map of his empire on the far wall.


"Also sire there are some more things we must attend to!" In the past two years, the Sultan had transitioned from being a pompous stuck up boy, into a God fearing, brave leader, that all did admire. His Empire began to grow, and so did his Coffers. He had signed alliances with almost all the major powers of Europe to secure his neutrality in the current boiling pot that Europe was to become. For now he had the work of Allah to do. To reunite all Arabs, Turks, and more importantly muslims.

"Sultan," said the chancellor, "We have found a new mode of transportation, they call it the railroad, it allows for us to move soldiers, good, and people faster than a hundred horses pulling a cart sire! This will help us industrialize quickly! Also we are moving into new realms of research to increase our economic output of minerals! But our wars have incurred us some infamy Sultan amongst other rulers (8)." "As well is the factory of cement done. We have begun two new factories, for the production of fine glass, in the form of the fine craftsmenship of China, and our loan from the Dutch has been repaid in full."



"Good," said the Sultan, starring at this, even though he contemplated little of the ways of this 'Industry' whatever that was. It is ungodly he thought, to bend and break the earth, and create these unnatural things. But to do the work of Allah, it must be done. He looked up, his military generals had assembled once more in this, his former war room, but now Cabinet room. He walked to the map upon the wall and began to draw. "This my good men, this is our next course of action, and if Allah wills us so, it shall be done!" As done two years prior, all the Generals stood in astonishment once more, of the audacity, but clarity of such a plan. He must truely be a miracle of Allah, thought the Generals.


"Interesting isn't it my son." Said the old man. "Now would you like some warm tea? It is nothing compared to that of the great orient, but it is true Turkish tea, it flows through the blood of our people, here let me brew you a pot." You follow the old man down a dark, and cobwebbed corridor, to a kitchen that looks as if abandoned for a century, there he sits with you and begins to brew the tea, as he continues his tale.
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After taking Persia,can you take Croatia from Austrians?Please *-*
The Ottomans in Victoria are tough, good luck. Particularly looking forward to seeing you challenge Austria and Russia for the lands which are rightfully yours.
Interesting introduction, I'll be following this.

I think you will quite enjoy where the rabbit hole leads Shariff!

Epic AAR,continue please!

That I will, Ottomania into Space! I also love that song you shared! Thank you very much!!!

Good stuff so far Jakob, I'm looking forward to more.

Danke :)

After taking Persia,can you take Croatia from Austrians?Please *-*

Hmmm, this sounds agreeable to me! SO it has been written so it shall be done!


Thanks for the support :)

I've fought/opposed those bloody Ottomans for so long, its actually nice to have their perspective for a change :D
Nice story writing btw.

By the Grace of Allah the almighty, we shall strike you down!!! (Even though most Ottomans weren't very Islamic, few were extremely pious.

The Ottomans in Victoria are tough, good luck. Particularly looking forward to seeing you challenge Austria and Russia for the lands which are rightfully yours.

I am a master of all thing Ottoman my good man, stand and behold the glory! :) (And on normal/med dif ;) )
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Chapter III: The East Wind Blows

"Where did we leave off before we came for tea..." pondered the old man aloud. "Ah yes..." he passes you a cup of freshly brewed tea, and takes a sip of his own. "The young Sultan had set his eyes on the Great pearls of the East. And it is said when the great Sultan set his eyes on a prize, the winds of the world would thunder forth their support. Though some dark, unknown threat lurked within the Sultan's own heart. He began to lose the way of his people, becoming everyday more and more European. Though, soon, very soon, he would relearn the difference between him and they, and one of his largest trials would begin. But for now lay open the conquest of Persia."


The Sultan had begun to slim immensely, and his beard grew thick and black. His love of Allah, and his people grew with every passing moment. It moved him so much he had begun the passage of several laws to ban Alcohol from all territories of his Empire. With his new found conquests, and ever increasing treasury, he believed he should share his newfound prosperity with his advisors, generals, and even the public rabble. He began to adorn himself and his military in the finest silks, and gilded uniforms to show his high esteem for them. Although he had an immense love for Allah, and the hatred for all vices, a new unbeknownst vice began to take hold of him. That of a Europhile. He began to mock everything European, their manner of dress, their army training, their rapid industrialization, and their lavish tastes for expensive dress. He began to fashion his empire into the shape of the great Monarchies of Gratia Europa. Though he did maintain the traditional Ottoman governmental system, which had been revolutionary upon its creation in Feudal times, but still remained somewhat ahead of the curb. Allowing any man to become anything he desires, be he jew, christian, black man, white, Eunuch, or former slave.




The Sultan's plans began to come to fruition, his armies amassed on the borders of the great Persian Empire. But in this great land of sand and mountains, there was only room for one Caliph of the Arab people, and more importantly one Caliph of Allah. The war had begun. The mighty forces of the winds began to blow and thunder through the great deserts, mountains, and valleys of Persia. The winds pushed at the backs of the Persians, advancing them closer to the ever growing number of Ottoman soldiers fording the border. The battles were, fast, decisive, and completely one sided.




Now the winds of the east had reversed, and a west wind pushed at the backs of the great Ottoman armies. They began to fan out all over Persia.


Now the Sultan, in his past few years of newfound self-enlightenment, had become a very learned man. He knew that even though he could take the territory of the Persians, the people may become unruly and force out his men. The Sultan's advisors had been working round the clock, bribing officials, town elders, and various people in power, to not only make their Persian conquests expedient, but lasting.


Finally, one day, whilst sitting in his Cabinet room, on January the 20th 1841, his Chancellor burst into the room in great haste! "Great Sultan!" He announced loudly! The Sultan peered up at him, a gleam in his eye forming, for the news he believed he would hear. "I have," said the Chancellor, "Two pieces of news great Sultan, one of good, and the other of vile."

To this the Sultan stared down blankly at his desk. He waved his hand, motioning for the Chancellor to commence. "But," he said,"Start with the good news."

The Chancellor agreed, "Great Sultan look! Look upon this. It is a decleration of the surrender of the Persians, and your conquests as ordered."



Though many of his generals, and even the Chancellor himself had thought the Sultans territorial demands a bit odd the Sultan did not. The Sultan wished to land lock the Persians. He took 3 border states, the Persian Gulf Coast, and Eastern Persia. Not only were the Persians now cut from the sea, but also from foreign aid. Now his Empire Stretched from Tunis, and Tripoli, through the Balkans, the Middle East, and Persia. Though he knew, eventually he would again have to deal with the Persians, it would not be for a few years yet.
But the Sultan also had his eyes on another jewel, but not for long till to come. That of Afghanistan, the Punjab, and India. Yes India, he seeked to do the Impossible wrestle it from the grip of the evil Christians.


But not, not until he dealt with some more, urgent news. The Sultan looked up, his smile faded. And a look of sternness returned to his face. "And the bad news?"

"Great Sultan," replied the Chancellor. "The Kingdom of Two Sicilies... has invaded... Eygpt, they wish to 'Colonize' it for Christendom.

The Sultan lifted from his chair, the warmth in his chest turned to a fire and he flipped the table that he had been writing upon minutes ago. The Chancellor lept backward. "This cannot be! How dare they set foot on Muslim ground! Where are they now?!"


"Near Alexandria Great Sultan," replied the Chancellor. The fire in the Sultans heart began to die down, and logic resumed once more.

"When they peace," replied the Sultan. "We shall free these Egyptian peoples and return them to the Egyptians hands, though they may be our sworn enemies. Muslims and Arabs they are first..."

A look of grimmace showed on the face of the Chancellor "Another problem... The Austrians, are threatening with war Sultan..."

THe Sultan looked around, and began pacing, "The Austrians?" Thought he. "The Austrians? They were our allies in a mutual peace pact, they sent me paintings, and jewels, clothing, and even advisors and intellectuals. This cannot be!" Though the Sultan. But it soon dawned on him, never were they his friends, they only sought to appease him until they could grow strong enough to topple the Sultan. "Blasphemers! I... I am too... I have betrayed Allah and my people for these dirty German Folk." "Prepare the armies!!!"

"Sultan," replied the Chancellor, our Armies must rest, the only output we can handle is the intervention in Egypt, our armies are tired, and other Europeans are suspicious of us look at these reports!"


The Old Man looks up, "Now my son, the Sultan must bide his time, after the intervention in Egypt, bide his time, tomorrow, return here, and I shall tell you how the story continues, and the Vengeance of the lord he stomps out upon these 'Christians'.

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Wow. I haven't seen that many unsupported military forces since I got the bright idea to try to go toe to toe with Great Britain as the U.S. in 1852.

How long of a recovery period are you looking at here? The Infamy might fall to acceptable levels at just about the right time for you to be able to take full advantage of it.
Wow. I haven't seen that many unsupported military forces since I got the bright idea to try to go toe to toe with Great Britain as the U.S. in 1852.

How long of a recovery period are you looking at here? The Infamy might fall to acceptable levels at just about the right time for you to be able to take full advantage of it.

Well, fortunately I will be putting a new chapter out in the next few days lol. And I was able to actually do alot with my unsupported army in the next chapter;) and lose none of it. But... The inf/rec takes about 10 years, and then I go bat **** crazy against the AI ;) And the floodgates of the Apocolapyse open. :laugh:
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Interesting AAR, although I'm curious as to how your infamy gains are so low -- what's your secret?