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Oct 8, 2015
  • Crusader Kings II
" The Fork, The Trident, Our Power. " The Words and saying of House Teague, the rightful rulers of the Riverlands, the rightful Kings.

It has been 358 years ago from the war that lead house Teague to extinction. The Battle of the Six Kings.
I remember so religiously how it started.. my father told me in the hallway of a castle not too far from Pentos, as he walked me down it at the prime of his old age, me being his only son due to his infertility, the same day he legitimized me and made me to inherit the claims and titles.. He told me it started.. when King Humfrey the I began to become a more pious man, putting faith before ruling and due to this he had support of the Faith Militant. But sadly Blackwood, Vance, and Tully we're upset with this as they had worshiped the Old Gods while Humfrey worshiped the New Gods due to this they had raised there weapons in rebellion against the Teagues, but despite that not being enough the King of the Stormlands, Storm King Arlan Durrandon the III, supported the Rebels. The bloody final battle took place in an afternoon between the Mother's Teats, during which the stormlanders extinguished the line of House Teague. Humfrey died first, followed by his sons Humfrey II, Hollis, and Tyler, and finally his brother, Damon, all of whom briefly ruled as a River King. But now.. it's 40 years after Aegon's Conquest, and now the same people who lead the open rebellion against us in the Battle of the Six Kings.., House Tully rules The Trident now.

Though, I was able to take over the Lordship of the Green Fork after the Late Lord died, him being the fourth born, and being celibate which lead to the death of his Lordship. Many people there gladly accepted my Leadership, yet some left and took a boat to the Red Fork to join the Lord of the Red Fork.

I am Lord Torrence Teague of Green Fork, the rightful King of the Trident. And I will reclaim my birthright!

Tell me what you guys think about this and I'll gladly start to put out chapters! Note this is my first AAR, so suggestions will be accepted!
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