Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Dev Diary #66: Grail Configurations and the Apostates

Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Dev Diary #66: Grail Configurations and the Apostates

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Kirkonan the Captain
Jun 12, 2018
Hi there Commanders, my name is Luis, a designer at Triumph Studios, and today I will be your guide to a few new things we have in store for you in the next Planetfall expansion, Star Kings!

Grail Configurations
Grail Configurations are pre-Union artifacts found in some planets. They seem to prevent entropy by binding and changing the surrounding reality to serve a specific function. Although not much is known about their original creators, it is said that CORE knew about these and even used them in secret in order to maintain the Star Union. It is here that you come in, to uncover the vaults where CORE hid the Configurations, and gain their power.

Grail Poster.png

The Quest:
When a Grail is first detected on the planet, around early to mid game, all players will get the same four stage chain quest.

It starts with the construction of a special scanner to pinpoint similar energy frequencies as the grail. This functions like a Dwelling construction quest, where multiple colonies can contribute to overall construction.

Following the scanner, now you can find the Cyphers that hold the location and the key to the Grail Vault. These can be obtained from Exploration Sites or purchased from NPC Dwellings.

Instead of just entering exploration sites you will now have a new option to look for the Cyphers. If the site has been cleared before the quest started you can still try and find Cypher in it, but it isn’t guaranteed, and there might be a fight.

With the cyphers in hand, now is the time for a bit of research. This quest challenges your knowledge gain, as you decipher the entrance key and the location of the Grail.

Then, it’s the last stage, go to the Anomalous Site and seize your prize, but it won’t be easy, as there is a powerful new wildlife faction that has been tracking your movements and will try to obtain the power within the site for themselves.

Oh, and here’s the fun part! All commanders will get a notification when another completes one of these quests, so it becomes a race to find the grail! You can even find the Anomaly that houses the Grail Configuration before having the key to enter, so you can prepare a nearby colony, or even ambush another player who is further ahead on the quest, and after they clear the anomaly for you swipe it from them, because the one who control the Landmark, controls the Grail. Just beware they might not do the same to you.
Law Grail Site.png

Configuration Doctrines
So, what do you gain from these? A very powerful doctrine that will help you in the strategic and the tactical level! What it specifically does depends on the configuration.

For example, Configurations of Law improve Production and army upkeep and maintenance, while a Configuration of Unity will improve Influence gain, max out Popular Support and give +10 happiness to all colonies.

Here’s another:
Doctrine of Life.png

That will cover the basis of the Grail Quests and their rewards. Now, remember I said there would be a new Wildlife faction that would try to stop you? Well, let’s go over to them now!


A group of breakaway Seers who realized that they could be more powerful by tapping into the abundant chaos of the universe, the Apostates are Oathbound who reject their oath of protection to instead seek power, and unite under this corrupt goal. The Paladins are branded Blackguards and the Seers who survive the embrace of the chaos are forever transformed.

Dark Tower Poster.png

The Apostates gain an unique modifier: Chaotic. This makes their main attacks deal extra damage of a random damage channel, in addition to their base Entropy damage.
Chaos Blade.png

The Blackguard, relinquished of their oaths now employ their battlesuits in ways that were deemed deplorable by the Oathbound. Low blows and exploitation of weaknesses are represented by the Opportunistic passive.

Blackguard Adversary
Blackguard Adversary.png

Low tier Paladins who dishonored their oath of protecting the weak and that seek glory for themselves. Their blades are made from Seers who sought the chaos but failed to harness its power.

What they cannot reach with their blades, they use their ranged Enervation beams, which weaken their opponents by reducing their resistances to a random damage channel.

Chaos Witch
Chaos Witch.png

The Seers who follow chaos devote themselves entirely to its power. Their bodies are inevitably consumed by it, and only those more masterful in Entropy survive the process, but the power gained is immense.

Channel Chaos makes the enemies of the Apostates weak to a random damage channel, while making the next Chaos Bolt, normally a repeating single target ability, to also hit 2 additional random enemy units.
Channel Chaos.png

Chaos Outbreak is another powerful ability. It not only deals damage in a large area, with a displacement effect, it can also inflict Reality Break, which applies a random debuff, even to units immune to it. So for example, Burning to a Mineral unit. After all, logic needs not apply to those who follow chaos.
Chaos Outbreak.png

Blackguard Tyrant
Blackguard Tyrant.png

The most powerful of the Apostates is the Tyrant, often a Champion who craved for the seat of Exemplar but never managed to achieve it, not realising that this was because the Seers saw their lust for power.

Resentful, they steal an Exemplar’s battlesuit and join their Apostate brothers and sisters, gaining the powers of chaos, the Exemplar's weapons and plates reforged with the husks of Chaos Witches.

The rings on their back can generate a maddening wave, driving those close to the Tyrant insane. The anarchy and discord then fuel their chaos forged armor, regenerating it.
Instill Anarchy.png

And because this is an Exemplar, they gain an ability similar to Blitz, but with an Apostate flavour, without the necessity of changing to an inferior defensive mode.
Tyrant's Assault.png

Apostate Golden Landmark - Dark Tower
When enough Apostates gather on a system, they build grand temples to the Chaos. These are known as the Dark Towers.

Dark Tower.png

Here they rule from above, subjugating others in order to sustain themselves, while they journey on their quest for the grails.


And if you too thirst for chaotic power, then exploring, clearing and controlling these Gold Landmarks will give you that and more...
Reward Dark Tower.png

Right, that was a bit longer than I expected, but it goes to show how much there is in this expansion. I hope you all enjoyed this read and get to experience these new features, enemies and more when Star Kings releases on November 10th!
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