Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Dev Diary #5: Tactical Combat

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    Real Strategy Requires Cunning

Elder Fogcrow

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Apr 23, 2009
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Focusing the XP gain on ONE unit to develop it is a good thing and part of what makes things interesting. Focusing XP on one unit in order to make ALL unit develop is another.

For example, ability that gives every stack member ( hero included) +1 Res. Consider how many medals that's worth, creatures getting +1 Res at Silver.

How many medals thats worth? Since a silver medal is not just the resistance, but also the hp, and sometimes an additional trait or ability, I´d say roughly 3. Would you have said 6? or even 12 ;-) ?
Also heroes and leaders don´t get something like this on every level up.

They´re not generally overpowered(unless also stacked with good gear) from level ups alone they can´t become good tanks and damage dealers(depends on our definiton of good of course xD). Theres no soloing with them like in AoW 1 or 2(TWT) in AoW3. Do you think it wrong that leaders are leader units, who are best able to shine when part of a full stack or larger army(battlefield wide buff/debuff spells), and built for that role?

I expect them to stand out even less as a solo unit in planetfall, because mod slots, which at first glance appear to be the sifi equivalent to gear slots, are on regular units too. Would be interesting to see if heroes have more of thouse, and if so how many more in the current version.