Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Dev Diary #47: One week of Planetfall - VELOCIRAPTOR 2 update

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Jun 12, 2018
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Hi there, it has been one week since launch! We've got some exciting stuff in the works. The team is busy processing feedback and drafting short and longer term plans for the game.


But today we the Velociraptor 2 Patch ready for you on PC! See the Patch fix list below.

Please note:
- We'll drop Velociraptor 1 and 2 as one patch on Console - it's now in QA.
- The PDX Launcher team is hard at work fixing the mod upload issue,
- Future Updates with big additions will get their own Dino name + Graphic!


Velociraptor 2 Fixes

New Features

  • Added an option to set the max number of autosaves stored on your machine. Can be set between 1-100, with the default remaining the same at 25 autosaves. You’ll need to restart the game for this change to be applied. [PC Only]
  • Fixed a crash on winning the game while transferring or absorbing a sector.
  • Fixed issue where the game would crash when a unit gets spawned - e.g. creating a unit with an operation - on a full unit army.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking “Continue” on the main menu would fail to load a campaign cloud save.
  • Fixed a bug where quest reward would be lost if the turn timer elapses before accepting the reward. The reward dialog will now appear again at the start of the new round.
  • Disabling doomsday victories will now remove the doomsday skill from the research tree, instead of it being unselectable for research. This to make clear that the doomsday operation can’t be used, before the player researched its prerequisites.
  • Fixed an issue where colony militia could be dragged into a three-way battle while being allied to both the attackers and defenders.
  • Fixed combat replay not playing for map locations where you lost vision.
  • Prevented AI from automatically declaring war when several armies trespassed in their domain.
  • Lowered the trespassing casus belli cap from 6 to 4.
  • Fixed bug where Advanced World settings 'None' not working correctly for 'Landmark (Low Value)' and 'Settlements'.
  • Picking red as your primary army color will now make your units move faster in combat ; )>
  • Fixed a bug where the Tier IV item One Eyed Hawk wasn’t able to shoot Commanders and Heroes.
  • Fixed issue where the research not set notification was not still showing when the player researched all items in the research tree.


  • The DVAR Foreman now speeds the healing of units in its stack on the world map.
  • Monitoring stations should now be much easier to spot on the world map.
  • The healing drone in the empire APC (the one you get from the support vehicle loadout) can now only be summoned once per battle.
  • Voidtech Hazard no longer affects Voidtech Modded Units
  • Celestian T4: Compelling Presence - Now correctly converts mind controlled units into colonists.
  • Wraith Tank now needs to select an empty hex in order to use its Wraith Drive ability.
  • Made the penguin eyes glow more, to make them look more evil ; )>


  • Fixed an issue in campaign where the kill quest would no longer have valid units
  • Fixed an issue in campaign where destroy spawner base quests would not have any defenders spawned.
  • Fixed crash in Campaign when certain hero items couldn’t be transferred from the previous map into the next.
  • Fixed an issue in the first Kir’Ko mission (Arcadia Caeleste) that sometimes kept the “Shadows of the Past” quest from completing. Players affected by the bug will need to go back to a save from before killing the quest stack with the mirror image for the fix to apply. Sorry!
  • Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck on the map when defeating L0G3N-1 on Khansu’s Pyre - i.e. the second Assembly mission - despite having won the mission. Players affected by the problem will need to go back to a save game from before before completing either the “Defeat L0G3N-1” or “Recover Neural Plexus” quest to resolve it.
  • Fixed an issue for Dvar02 where selecting the Kleptomaniac perk would not give your commander a mod as advertised. This mod, like the loadout from the perks, is now stored in your arsenal. While your current equipment will be the equipment you had in Dvar01
  • Fixed a crash in Dvar02 that would occur during the opponent's first turn. After having previously defeated Mephilas the Redeemer in Dvar01.
  • Fixed crash in the final Campaign mission if a colony was destroyed that had a doomsday structure in one of its sectors.


  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to host/join multiplayer games when there were non-ansi - e.g. Asian, Cyrillic, the German ß - characters in your Windows username.
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to continue multiplayer games when there were some - 1 in 20 characters - non-ansi - e.g. Asian, Cyrillic, the German ß - characters in the Multiplayer username, or planet description.
  • Multiplayer user names now default to Steam name or Paradox social name if available.
  • Open sessions in the lobby are now sorted above password protected sessions.


  • The text fixes we made in the previous patch in English have now been translated into the following languages: German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Polish and Russian. Japanese translations will follow in a future patch.
  • Fixed an issue where the explanation for Vanguard Assault Vehicle was not visible in Japanese.
  • Added extra info to the Casus Belli tooltip seen in the Diplomacy screen when the player is under the effect of the “Futility of War” operation.
  • Renamed world threat levels to "Low, Moderate and Extreme", since the middle threat level reflects what we feel experienced players should use.
  • The Monitoring Station description now properly lists that it only lasts for 10 turns.
  • Xenoplague Hero Skill 'Regenerative Spore Cloud' now shows the correct amount of regen, which should 15% (was shown as 20% before).

Modding [PC Only]

  • [GoG specific issue] Fixed an issue where changes to content files shipped with the game - as opposed to files created by modders - were not being applied to the game. I.e. not all changes in a mod would actually show up in game.
  • [GoG specific issue] Fixed several other issues with modding for GoG users. Please check if your issues have been resolved and let us know if they were not.
  • Added ‘Mark Deleted’ & ‘Undo Delete’ options on right click in Resource Editor.
  • When clicking 'Publish' a thumbnail.png is automatically created
  • Fixed bug where the language would reset to English when having selected a language that originates from a mod.
Have Fun!


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Aug 10, 2018
Well, looks like my previous campaign save made with prefvious patch (saved straing on the campaign screen, after Leave 6) is unplayable anymore. I can load it sure, but both heroes are level 1 without anything they ended first mission with. I can load one of the last manual saves on the planet to finish it again, but I'd still like to know what could be the cause
EDIT: even finished from the previous save mission, doesn't transfer anything

Hi Teutonizer, this should indeed not happen, it looks like one of our fixes from yesterday's patch with regards to hero data transferring between missions had some unwanted side effects. We are already looking into the issue. Thanks for bringing this up here!

Jordi Engel

QA - AoW & EoS
Feb 18, 2019
Sorry, could you clarify what the intended behavior was? Every time I've trespassed its resulted in instant war.

Hmm. . . I seem to recall the trespass message says something about how they can attack and destroy your trespassers without declaring war. So clearly auto war wasn't intended if that option is programed into the game.
This, to a degree. Before the patch AI would almost always declare war upon trespassing, however it would make more sense to collect some 'free' CB for the larger bonuses it offers. Alongside that the AI would never attack trespassing units because it wasn't setup correctly, now you should see AI wait or attack trespassing stacks.

Jordi Engel

QA - AoW & EoS
Feb 18, 2019
Yeah - I am currently at 1.4 with PS4. Are we already having the latest patch at PS4?
PS4 systems should have received Patch 1.005 on Tuesday, bringing them up to date with the latest PC version. Software Version 1.4/Patch 1.005 contains both Velociraptor 1+2, on your Main Menu you should see v1.005.36754 otherwise you can always open the Update History to view what is added in the latest Patch.

Also be aware that these are Dev Diaries and not Patch notes, so once things have settled down again these will be focusing on interesting developments, cool stuff we'd like to show off etc.