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Feb 7, 2023
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Game Version: V1.005.003.85956


New Feature: Item Forge
  • To unlock the Item Forge, you require the Item Forge city structure. This structure is unlocked after you build the Wizard Tower Foundation.
  • In your Arsenal you can Disenchant items, this will give you Binding Essence which is used to Forge new items. You won’t be able to Sell items for gold anymore but can still trade them for gold to other rulers.
  • You can change damage channels of primary weapons. You can add passive properties on almost all items. You can add active abilities on staffs, melee weapons and wands.
  • You have a limited Infusion selection at the start. You need to collect Magic Materials to unlock Infusions. Collecting more of the same Magic Material will unlock more powerful Infusions.

New Feature: War Coordination
  • Added a Cooperation Panel to the Free City Interface. This panel handles Free City Interactions such as Trading and War Coordination.
  • War Coordination is available to any Free City that has reached the Vassalage Diplomatic State. If in this state your Vassalage Level drops to Tributary or below War Coordination will be blocked.
  • Instruct your Vassal to Attack a variety of Locations, whether they are Infestations or Enemy Cities or instruct them to Defend your own Cities.
  • Review the time until the next Attack or spend Imperium to immediately call for an Attack.
  • When reinforcing a vassal through the rally of the lieges, you can now choose to have those units join the next mission of the Vassal. This means the recruited units will join in the vassal city’s next attack/defense mission.
  • When a Free City’s army pillages a province it will now give the pillage rewards to their overlord and will send a notification about this.

Overhaul: Form Trait Rework
  • Form Traits have been reworked from Body & Mind Traits to a Point Buy System
  • Traits now cost between 1 to 3 points, the player has 5 points to spend on traits. Some, like mounts and terrain adaptations are mutually exclusive
  • Default traits for all forms have all been updated so they always spend all 5 available points
  • New Form Traits:
    • Hideous Stench - Adjacent enemies have -2 Resistance and Status Resistance
    • Light Footed - Friendly Units do not block Movement
    • Sharp Eyes - Units have +1 Vision and Sensing Range on the World Map
  • Changes to existing Form Traits:
    • Arctic Adaptation
      • Replaced -2 Movement reduction in Snow & Ice terrain with Arctic Walk
      • Added the “Freeze the Land” Terraforming Spell
    • Desert Adaptation
      • Replaced -2 Movement reduction in Sand terrain with Sand Walk
      • Added the “Scorch the Land” Terraforming Spell
    • Swamp Adaptation
      • Replaced -2 Movement reduction in Swamp terrain with Swamp Walk
      • Added the “Flood the Land” Terraforming Spell
    • Underground Adaptation
      • Replaced -2 Movement reduction on Cavern Floors with Cave Walk
      • Underground Adaptation no longer gives Rocky Walking.
    • Hardy
      • Renamed from Hearty
      • Reduced HP given from 10HP to 8HP
    • Athletics
      • Renamed from Fast Initiative
      • Grants units Fast Movement on the World Map and in Combat.
    • Resilient
      • Has been combined with Resolute
      • Gives +2 Status Resistance
      • Reduces Negative Status Effects by 1 Turn
    • Adaptable - Changed from +30% Experience to +20% Experience for non-Hero Units.
    • Fast Recuperation - Increased HP recovered from +5HP to +10HP
    • Strong - Now grants a +2 Flat Physical Damage instead of percentage
    • Elusive - Reduced Defense and Resistance from +6 to +4
    • Poisonous - Increased chance to Trigger Poisoned from 30% to 60%
    • Exotic Mount traits now only give 40 Move Points to mounted units (if a mounted unit already had 48mp, then it will keep that)

Overhaul: Water Gameplay
  • You can annex Coastal Provinces with the general improvements that also work on the land! This allows your boosts, improvement stacking effects and adjacency bonuses to activate using coastal annexation.
    • You can always build a Fish Farm on Coastal Provinces
    • You can build a Dredger Quarry or Nautical Research Post on Coastal Provinces with Sunken Ruins
    • You can build a Mangrove Forester on Coastal Provinces with Mangrove Forests
    • You can build a Wave Conduit or Pearl Mine on Coastal Provinces with Pearl Reefs
    • The Oyster Reef node has been renamed to Pearl Reef, and now grants Mana and Gold instead of just Gold
  • Experienced Seafarers Changes
    • No longer reduce the cost to recruit and maintain naval units, instead it grants Embarked units +20% Damage.
    • No longer grants +2 Ranks to naval units, instead it grants Embarked units +20% Experience gain.
    • No longer grants +2 Gold, Food and Draft per Fishery instead it grants +2 Gold, Food and Draft per Coastal & River Provinces.
  • Updates to Water Vision
    • Reduced the Vision Range bonus Land units gain from Embarking onto ships from +3 to +2
    • Added a +2 Vision Range bonus to Floating and Amphibious units when they’re in the water (Note that Flying units always have a +2 Vision Range bonus)
  • Naval Units:
    • Naval units are now referred as Embarked units
  • Embarked now reduces Armor and Resistance by 2
  • Added 9 Unique Ship Models based on Unit Role and disabled the recruitment of the Ram Warship and the Ballista Warship.
  • Added Underground Passages on the water, connecting the sea with underground rivers/lakes
  • 7 New Water Combat Maps
    • Mangrove Forest
    • Sunken Ruins
    • Pearl Node
    • Fish Node
    • Water Improvement
    • 2 Natural Oceans

New Content: Events
  • 18 Events focussed on War
    • 4 First Meet Events
    • 8 Free City War Events
    • 5 Empire at War Event
    • 1 Army Surrender Event
  • 6 War Oriented Quests

New Content: Pantheon Update
  • Added new Banner Icon Unlocks
    • Pirates Banner
    • Commonwealth Remnant Banner
    • Commonwealth Philosophers Banner
    • Krazura Banner
    • Avian Reavers Banner
  • Added new Hero Origins Unlocks
    • Veteran Hero Origin
    • Captain Hero Origin
    • Hunter Hero Origin
  • Added new Society Trait Unlocks
    • Relentless Crusaders
    • Merciless Slavers
  • Added a Item Forge Visuals Unlock Tree
    • Alternative Icons & Models for Weapons/Shields
    • Alternative Icons for Armor, Rings & Trinkets

Quality of Life Updates
  • Auto Combat, the Combat Engagement and Combat Result Screen no longer block other Players from taking Actions if no other Rulers are involved, during Simultaneous Turns.
  • Added Combat Advantage settings for AI as well as Human players
  • Added new Spell Book Interface
  • Added AI Personality Picker
  • Added Pangea map type
  • Improved the Islands map type. They will have a lot more water, and different sizes of islands.


  • Added an Exclusive Fullscreen mode in the Graphics Options
  • Added Resolution Selection to the Graphics Options, only available in Exclusive Fullscreen
  • Intro video can now be skipped by pressing Esc, Enter or Spacebar.
  • Several Optimizations were done in Model PFX, Animation Data and Modularity Refreshes.


  • Optimizations for AI performance
  • City Mission generation - This handles Structure Construction & Unit Recruitment
  • The AI will now also make use of the boost Free City negotiations option on Hard and Hardest difficulty
  • Adjusted amount of pickups the AI targets
  • Disabled ForceDuration for missions that take longer then 1.5 turns
  • Adjusted priority for nearby targets
  • Removed the old scout unit production logic
  • Implemented support for free cities to use siege projects

Combat AI
  • Reworked threat assessment of units in combat. The AI will now consider units as dangerous as their strongest ability, whether this be a damage ability, buff, debuff, summon, etc. This should lead to support- and ranged units being targeted more.
  • Rebalanced low-health unit prioritization. This should lead to AI focussing more on killing off low-health units when possible.
  • Tactical AI will now focus even more on low health units when it knows it’s going to lose.
  • Added local friend/foe balance checks for standing positions to reduce fast and teleporting units rushing in.
  • Reworked Cautious Approach logic that controls unit movement in the first 1 or 2 turns to form better formations.
  • Rebalanced Spite mode to inflict more casualties. Spite is a mode that the AI enters when it knows it can’t win the battle.
  • Addressed under- and overvaluing of the threat of some unit’s abilities. This should help the AI pick their targets better and better estimate if they are winning or losing.


  • Tweaked the World Map Visuals of the owned Underground Passage
  • New icons for:
    • “Siegecraft” Unit Type
    • “Poison Weapons” Hero Skill & Unit Property
    • “Decaying” Status Effect
    • “Restoration” Signature Hero Skill & Unit Ability
    • “Experienced Leader” Hero Skill
    • “Control Loss Immunity” Unit Property
    • “Wind Barrier Aura” Unit Property
    • “Truesight” Unit Property


  • Updated FMOD Studio to V2.02.15
  • Rerendered AstralWorld Ambiences
  • Set frequency of Dragon Roar idle to 0.15 (was 0.3) and default idle to 0.7 (was 0.5)
    • This will limit the Roar triggering in-game. Especially if you had multiple dragons in TC it became too much quickly.
  • Removed DragonRoar event from Serpents, event played too frequently and this should be available to dragons only.
  • Added Stepland SFX for Young Dragons
  • Updated the Cast Net SFX
  • Updated mixing for Spirit Hawk, Carrion Bird and Grimbreak Crow
  • Updated Cavern Ambients
  • Updated sound for Harass Defenders and Headlong Assault


  • Added a new status effect “Dominated”, this is identical to mind control except that the player who applied the effect will get the option to purchase the unit after combat with Mana if they can end the combat quickly enough.
    • Dominated is applied by the following units/items:
      • Nymph
      • Lightbringer
      • Wand of Domination
  • Passives that triggered on any spell cast are now only triggered by friendly spells. The following were affected:
    • “Arcane Surge” Hero Skill
    • Attunement: Star Blades
    • Attunement: Fortune
    • Attunement: Mana Addicted
  • The Camera should “ping pong” around a lot less, it now stays in the location where it moved to show something to the Player and continues from there. Before, it would move back to its original location in between sequences. Interrupting the movement still behaves the same as before.
  • Enabled previewing AoE attacks with full info when holding CTRL in combat.
  • The abilities of enemy units can now be selected to view previews of what they will do to your own units
  • Slow no longer removes retaliations completely. It removes one retaliation so if a unit has more than 1 they can still have retaliations.
  • Hastened adds one retaliation to affected units.
  • Poisoned now stacks up to 5 times, and deals 4 damage per stack.
  • Bleeding now stacks up to 5 times, and deals 4 damage per stack.
  • Slightly reduced the time between turns, it was taking quite long (used to be 3 seconds, now 2).


  • When fighting on Ancient Wonders without exploring them, you instead get a new “exterior” Ancient Wonder map. This was added mainly for when fights happen between player armies during the Magic Victory, in which players have to keep control of Gold Ancient Wonders.
  • When fighting to take back a conquered city from occupiers, you will be fighting on a new City Streets combat map!


  • Added alternate text in the diplomacy screen for when a player doesn’t have a throne city (before it would say “not discovered”) and added tooltips.
  • The declare war / respond to call to war screen will now also list players that can receive a call to war as a result of the war starting.
  • Fully justified wars now ignore the penalties of breaking any treaties when war is declared.
  • AI Rulers with a negative relation are now more prone to going to/maintaining a war with a ruler that is in the final countdown of a victory condition.
  • Some restrictions on gaining a Defensive Pact / Alliance are now removed if the opposing ruler is a vassal of one of your allies to make sure you are always able to end a game diplomatically and gain good relations with your ally’s vassal rulers.
  • Tweaked the pressure system slightly to make sure that in general the AI is slightly less aggressive, to allow for more player agency.
  • Updated the pressure system balance to make sure not all rulers are hostile on hard and brutal difficulty.
  • We now show the value of the Grievance gained from the Fabricate Grievance option in the tooltip.
  • Grievance tooltip and info updated to show Rival Justification more clearly.
  • Vassal Cities will now also share their Souls income.

Trades & Treaties
  • Added the option to peacefully end a resource/magic material treaty without causing an alignment penalty by making a trade proposal. This will not break any other treaties made in the same deal. You can also still break treaties forcefully.
  • When proposing a resource or magic material treaty to another player you can now set how long the treaty will last or keep it at indefinite (default). When the treaty expires it will not break any other treaties that were made in the same deal.
  • The AI will now offer / ask for more realistic amounts in resource treaties (gold or mana). It is now also correctly based on the actual income of a player and has limits to prevent the values from being too high.
  • When offering or requesting resource/magic material treaties, the opposing ruler will no longer ask for/offer finite resources as payment but instead will propose a resource treaty as payment
  • Equipment trading now uses the actual item cost again instead of the sell value, this means they are more expensive again. Limits have been added so the AI will not sell or buy them for a price that is too far away from the actual value.
  • Added “per turn” mention to resource treaties to make it clear that the gold/mana is exchanged every turn.
  • Added a new notification panel when declarations have ended to better explain which declaration ended, why and to whom it belonged.
  • Added shields to the declaration ended notification and differentiated their/your declaration in the title.
  • When switching between rulers using the shields in the top bar we now attempt to keep the trade screen open instead of going back to the main diplomacy screen (only if you can trade with the other ruler).
  • Updated Trade Items tooltip with proper formatting.


  • Added a new personality trait: Economic Warlord. This type likes warmongering and trade!
  • Adjusted the personality of several premade rulers (DLC and core game) to reflect their tomepaths and actual personality better.
  • Updated Random Personality picker to only select a personality from the ones that best match the ruler’s affinities, previously it could also pick from personalities that had a lower match score.
  • Improved Faction Customisation
    • All Forms can now choose Skin Decorations for their Armies
    • Feline, Ratkin, Toadkin & Molekin Forms can choose the Heads for their Armies
  • Randomized faction shields will now match the culture and affinity of the faction. This works for random generated factions, as well as when randomizing a duplicate color.

Society Traits
  • Added New Society Traits
    • Hermit Kingdom - This Astral Society Trait is for those that prefer to live in Isolation. Experiencing the benefits of solitude through increased City Stability and Knowledge Income and condemn those that dare to come close.
    • Reclaimers - This Materium Society Trait is for true Crafters that know how to use every bit of material left behind after a battle.These materials are then reused to craft more suitable items
  • Chosen Destroyers - Increased income per Razed City from 40 Gold, 20 Mana and 20 Knowledge to 40 Gold, 40 Mana and 40 Knowledge
  • Chosen Unitors
    • No longer starts with the Diplomatic Focus Empire Skill, instead it starts with +1 Whispering Stone Base.
    • Increased Vassal income bonus from +20% to +30%
  • Perfectionist Artisans - Reduced City Cap Penalty from -2 to -1.
  • Silver Tongued - Replaced Diplomatic Focus Empire Skill with Court of Whispers.
  • Adept Settlers - Now grants the first unlock of Expanded Governance, to give +1 City Cap, rather than giving a flat City Cap increase.


  • Free Cities created upon a player’s defeat will now remain at war with players with whom the defeated player was at war with. These cities will send a notification offering to make peace for free or to remain at war if declined. Any active sieges will no longer be canceled.
  • You can now make treaties with Free Cities even if they can only be afforded for 1 turn, previously it would require you to be able to pay for the full duration upfront.
  • The event ‘{DefeatedPlayer} banished to the Void’ now also triggers when another player is defeated by a Free City, not just by a player.
  • Improved Rally of the Lieges tooltips to explain recruitment points and Rally Pool build up.
  • The number of units available in the Rally of the Lieges is now unlimited instead of having a hard limit of 20 units.
  • Heroes released from your prison back to a free city will now spawn off map when that free city is occupied or under siege to prevent the hero being captured again.


  • Hero Skill “Killing Momentum” no longer gives enough move points to move a hex when it returns an action point
  • Signature Skill “Dark Ritual”
    • Now once per battle
    • Raised Zombiesnow start with 1ap instead of 3.
  • “Gravecall” gained from the Staff of Inioch is no longer dispelled by healing or negative effect dispels.


  • The game now prioritizes certain fonts depending on the set language. This is to fix incorrect glyphs in the Japanese language.
  • Added individual icons for DLC information used in the frontend. Icons now reflect whether you own the content or not
  • Story event Affinity check now shows the effects that it will have in the success / failure screen
  • Enabled the in world elements and banners to be displayed in the background during story events.

Reworks & Updates
  • Reworked the Cities Overview screen.
  • Reworked the Quest Overview & Tracker
  • Updated the Banner & Colour Pickers
  • Updated the Outpost Screen
  • Added “Combat in Progress” indicator for all Game Modes & Turn Systems
  • Added “Completed” tab to realm selection to show completed Story Realms.
  • Added Diplomacy ranking button and sorting to the diplomatic overview screen.
  • Added a “Go to Magic Materials” button in the Magic Material Location Panel
  • Changed the “Go to Magic Victory” button to be consistent with the “Go to Magic Materials” button
  • Improved the UX on the siege screen when adding siege projects. The side menu will now stay open until all slots have been filled. You can manually close the side menu now.
  • Reward panel now calculates the amount of rows and columns based on the amount of rewards instead of having a fixed size.
  • Unit panels will now only show every property once if the unit has the same property from multiple sources.
  • City Production list remembers the position of the scrollbar after inspecting a unit in the unit production list in the city interface.
  • The “Population Starved” notification now has the name of the province and moves the camera to this province on selection.
  • Duplicate notifications from victory conditions are now filtered out to avoid spam.

Tooltip Improvements
  • Added tooltip to Discounted Skill icon in the Research screen.
  • Added Fortification Damage when examining Siege Projects in Tomes
  • Added the Spell Casting Cost when examining Spells in Tomes
  • Added Icons to Enchantments for unit types that didn’t have them before like Animal or Elemental unit types.
  • Added tooltips to the combat history and spell casting buttons on the leader portrait in tactical.
  • The tooltip for founding an outpost will now display an error message if the center hex of the province is occupied by an enemy army
  • The economic penalty of having cities over the city cap can now be seen in the city count tooltip in the topbar.

  • Moved the ‘Center View on Selected Object’ to the correct keybinding category
  • Pressing the “back” button on a controller while having a structure(outpost, ancient wonder, underground passage) screen open will now keep the stack selected
  • Disabled the swapping of the A and B controller buttons in the keybinding screen as swapping major buttons like this is not fully supported.


  • Added a Summary of changes to the Advanced Settings screen.
  • Added the chosen Crossplay Setting on the Multiplayer Board.
  • Implemented support that a newer version of a mod can update the session information to use the new mod version.
  • Team selection is now grayed out when the player presses Ready.
  • The presence icon in the chat screen now updates when a player enters or leaves the session.
  • Double clicking a session in the in-game sessions screen now switches to that session instead of opening the chat.
  • Added extra visuals and notifiers for when another player is currently making a decision that blocks actions from queueing in multiplayer.


  • Added a confirmation dialog when resetting help messages.
  • Ensured a city of the player’s race is present in the Initiation Realm.
  • When you open the Advice list while having Advices disabled, the game will query you if you would like to enable them.
  • Removed highlighting of buttons during tutorials while playing with a controller.

  • Tomes in the Encyclopedia are now sorted by Tier rather than name.
  • Encyclopedia Affinity sorting now takes the second Affinity into account.
  • Special Province Improvements now show up in the Encyclopedia.


  • You can now ascend leaders of games that you’ve already won by loading the save and winning again. Rulers can still only be ascended once of course.
  • You can no longer earn more points for the Pantheon when you already have enough points to unlock all remaining items.
  • Pantheon unlocks now state they require connected items rather than specifics which imply the system doesn’t unlock backwards as well.
  • Forming Realm and Warping Wilds now use terraforming templates instead of its old pure script based setup.
  • Souls Spells now also cost 200% more Souls to cast on realms with Unlimited Power, same as Mana.
  • You can now replace a Realm Trait with a trait that it is blocked by.


  • Dual Affinity Tomes now require any mix of their respective Affinities to match the Affinity Requirements to unlock. i.e. Tome of Dragons Requirements are met with 2 Nature & 1 Chaos or 2 Chaos & 1 Nature.

  • Tome of Evocation
    • Evoker - Reduced Resistance from 3 to 1
  • Tome of Amplification:
    • Is now a Tier III tome
    • Casting Cost of Spells and Skills adjusted accordingly
    • Combat Spell “Chain Lightning” - Increased Damage from 20 to 30
    • Hero Skill “Spell Amplification” - No longer stacks if multiple heroes have it in the same battle
  • Tome of Summoning:
    • Is now a Tier II tome.
    • Casting Cost of Spells and Skills adjusted accordingly
    • Combat Spell “Arcane Restoration” - Increased Heal from 20 to 25
    • Astral Serpent
      • “Melee Strike” - Now has a Base 90% Chance to apply Electrified
      • “Shattering Refuge” - Now has a 60% chance to apply slowed
  • Tome of Scrying
    • Watcher
      • Reduced Resistance from 4 to 2
      • “Psychic Gaze” - Can no longer be used when engaged in Melee
  • Tome of Teleportation
    • Phasing Enchantment “Phase” - Changed from a Range 4, Single Action - Leave One Ability to a Range 6, Full Action - Leave One Ability
    • Phase Beast “Phase” - Changed from a Range 4, Single Action - Leave One Ability to a Range 6, Full Action - Leave One Ability
  • Tome of the Horde
    • Combat Spell “Blaze of the Horde”
      • Increase damage bonus from 4 to 5
      • Decreased Mana and Casting Point from 15/20 to 10/15
    • Houndmaster - Increased HP from 40 to 45
  • Tome of Pyromancy
    • Pyromancer - Reduced Resistance from 3 to 1
  • Tome of Mayhem
    • Gremlin:
      • Behind You! - Now removes Defense mode and retaliation. Doesn’t apply on units with charge resistance.
      • Increased HP from 55 to 60
      • Increased Defense and Resistance from 1 to 2
  • Tome of Pandemonium
    • Chaos Eater
      • Increased Defense and Resistance from 3 to 4
      • “Chaos Bolts” - Increased Damage from 7 to 8

  • Tome of Rock
    • Earthkin
      • No longer gives Rocky Camouflage, instead it gives Mountain Camouflage.
      • No longer gives Rocky Walking, instead it gives Mountain Walking.
    • Lesser Stone Spirit
      • No longer has Rocky Camouflage, instead it has Mountain Camouflage.
      • Now has Mountain Walking.
    • Gargoyle - No longer has Rocky Camouflage, instead it has Mountain Camouflage
  • Tome of Enchantment
    • Copper Golem
      • Is now treated as a non-Magical unit, even when summoned, which changes its upkeep from Mana to Gold.
      • Is now a Construct and lost the Blight Resistance and Immunity to all Status Effect
  • Tome of Winds:
    • Combat Spell “Abducting Cyclone” - Now stuns with a 90% chance. Reworded description to make it clearer on what the spell does.
    • World Map Spell “Favorable Winds”
      • Can now target land units but recovers only half of the movement points.
      • Increased Casting Costs from 60 Mana/CP to 80 Mana/CP
    • Combat Spell “Dust Storm’ - Now deals 10 Physical Damage in addition to Blind
    • Wind Rager:
      • New passive: Wind Barrier Aura - Adjacent friendly units have +30% evasion to Physical Ranged and Magical attacks.
      • Fixed a bug where Whirlwind didn’t have an attack tag thus didn’t get a damage bonus from buffs like Strengthened.
  • Tome of Artificing
    • Iron Golem Assistant - Increased Defense and Resistance from 0 to 2
    • Iron Golem - Is now a Construct and lost the Blight Resistance and Immunity to all Status Effect
  • Tome of Transmutation
    • Added the Transmutation Circle Special province Improvement. This Structure can duplicate the effects and income of any Magic Material.
    • Transmuter - Reduced Resistance from 5 to 3
  • Tome of Terramancy
    • Earth Shatter no longer creates Rocky Terrain.
    • Stone Spirit
      • No longer has Rocky Camouflage, instead it has Mountain Camouflage.
      • Now has Mountain Walking.
  • Tome of Golden Realms
    • Golden Golem
      • Is now a Construct and lost the Blight Resistance.
      • Renamed “Gilded Strike” to “Gilded Cleave” and hits units in a 1-hex cone (3 adjacent units)
  • Tome of Beasts
    • Minor Transformation “Animal Kinship”
      • Animals also get the damage and critical hit bonus when adjacent to a transformed unit.
      • Cavalry units no longer trigger this effect.
    • Combat Spell “Call of the Wild”
      • Increased Strengthened Stacks from 1 to 2
      • Changed from Battlefield Wide to a 1-Hex Radius Spell
  • Tome of Fertility:
    • World Map Spell “Restore the Land” - Can now be used on neutral provinces.
    • Nymph “Seduce” - Now a Range 3, Single Action
  • Tome of Nature’s Wrath:
    • Combat Spell “Awaken Instincts”
      • Healing increased from 15 to 25 Temporary Hit Points
      • Changed from Battlefield Wide to a 2-Hex Radius Spel
    • Horned God
      • Gained “Melee Mage” allowing Magic & Support abilities to be used when in a Unit’s Zone of Control
      • Reduced the Range of all abilities to 4

  • Tome of Zeal
    • Zealot
      • Increased Defense & Resistance from 1 to 2
      • Melee attacks have a 60% chance to apply Condemned
  • Tome of Inquisition
    • Inquisitor
      • Increased Defense & Resistance from 2 to 3
      • Increased HP from 80 to 90
  • Tome of the Beacon
    • Lightbringer
      • Reduced Resistance from 3 to 1
      • “Convert” - Now a Range 3, Single Action
  • Tome of Exaltation
    • Shrine of Smiting:
      • Gained the “Fierce” property
      • “Smiting Praying Blast” is now no longer affected by accuracy. Extra damage from Faithful units in the battlefield now caps at 10 units.

  • Tome of Cyromancy
    • White Witch - Reduced Resistance from 3 to 1
  • Tome of Souls
    • Bone Golem - Renamed to Bone Horror
    • World Map Spell “Create Bone Golem” - Renamed to “Create Bone Horror”
  • Tome of the Doomherald
    • Banshee
      • Increased Defense from 2 to 4
      • Increased Resistance from 4 to 5
      • “Phase” - Changed from a Range 4, Single Action - Leave One Ability to a Range 6, Full Action - Leave One Ability
  • Tome of Necromancy
    • Necromancer “Raise Undead” - Changed from a Full Action to a Single Action
  • Tome of the Reaper
    • World Map Spell “Harvest Population” - Now also blocks bonus Food Income from having positive City Stability.
    • Reaper - Gained the “Fierce” property


Unit Type Updates
  • Battle Mage Units
    • Reduced Resistance to various degrees
    • Reduced Total HP by 5
  • Ranged Units - Reduced Total HP by 5
  • Mythic Units - Gained Control Loss Immunity, making them immune to Dominated, Subdued, Berserk and Taunt.
  • Fey:
    • Lost Shock Weakness
    • Increased Blight Vulnerability from -2 to -4.
    • Increased Spirit Resistance from 2 to 4.
  • Entwined
    • Removed Poison immunity
  • Undead:
    • Now has Bleed immunity
    • Now has Heartless (reduces the impact of morale events by 50%)
  • New Unit Type: Construct
    • Has Reinforced (+4 Defense against Ranged Attacks)
    • Has Heartless (reduces the impact of morale events by 50%)
    • -4 Lightning Vulnerability
    • Control Loss Immunity
    • Immunity to: Bleed, Distracted, Diseased and Poison
  • New Unit: Bronze Golem, which is now the evolution to the Copper Golem
  • New Unit Property: Warding providing 3 Resistance.
  • The “Tower” subtype is now exposed again for units and its tooltip will tell you about its implications (such as automatically attacking, immobilized, certain status immunities, etc)
  • Water Units now go as fast over water as Floating, Flying and Amphibious units (they used to need 4 MP per hex, compared to 3 for the other movement types)
  • Quick Stab is no longer a Base Melee Ability but just a Melee Ability.
  • Units in Refuge no longer have a zone of control. This means that adjacent enemy units can use ranged attacks.
  • Units in Transports can no longer move through Obstacles

Culture Units
  • Barbarian Sunderer
    • Increased HP from 50 to now has 55HP
    • Increased Defense and Resistance from 0 to 1
  • Barbarian Pathfinder - No longer has Rocky Walking.
  • Dark Outrider - No longer has Rocky Camouflage, instead it has Mountain Camouflage
  • Dark Warlock - Reduced Resistance from 4 to 2
  • Feudal Defender
    • Increased Defense from 3 to 4
    • Increased Resistance from 1 to 2
  • High Dawn Defender - Increased HP from 70 to 75
  • High Awakener - Reduced Resistance from 4 to 2
  • Industrious Bastion - Removed Defensive Masters from the Industrious Bastion Unit. It now has a new ability called Defensive Sweep that deals damage to a target and adjacent enemies.
  • Mystic Arcanist - Reduced Resistance from 1 to 0
  • Mystic Spellbreaker - Reduced Resistance from 4 to 2

Wildlife Units
  • The following units went from being a Single Figure on a hex to multiple:
    • Druid of the Cycle (2 on hex)
    • Spirit Wolf (2 on hex)
    • Astral Serpent (2 on hex)
    • Flow Serpent (3 on hex)
    • Slither (2 on hex); Lost Large Target
  • The following units now have Large Target:
    • Chaos Eater
    • Tide Spirit
    • Storm Spirit
    • Stone Spirit
    • Snow Spirit
    • Magma Spirit
  • Updated flying units to all have at least 40mp
    • Autumn Fairy
    • Balor
    • Bone Dragon
    • Carrion Bird
    • Dragon Ruler
    • Eagle Rider
    • Fire Dragon
    • Frost Dragon
    • Gargoyle
    • Golden Dragon
    • Grimbeak Crow
    • Lightbringer
    • Obsidian Dragon
    • Phoenix
    • Spirit Hawk
    • Spring Fairy
    • Summer Fairy
    • Thunderbird
    • Winter Fairy
    • Wyvern Fledgling
    • Young Fire Dragon
    • Young Frost Dragon
    • Young Golden Dragon
    • Young Obsidian Dragon
  • Bone Wyvern
    • Has the Animal requisite
    • Increased Resistance from 1 to 2
    • “Melee Strike” - Reduced Physical Damage from 10 to 8
    • “Melee Strike” - Increased Blight Damage from 4 to 5
    • “Melee Strike” - Has a 60% chance to apply poison
  • Ice Spiders and Phoenix units are no longer elementals; They can still spawn together with Elemental themed stacks.
  • Unicorns & Unicorn Mounts - Changed from a Range 4, Single Action - Leave One Ability to a Range 6, Full Action - Leave One Ability
  • Autumn Fairy - Reduced Resistance from 4 to 2
  • Winter Fairy - Reduced Resistance from 4 to 2
  • Thunderbird - Reduced Resistance from 4 to 2
  • Magma Spirit - Reduced Resistance from 4 to 2
  • Swamp Troll
    • Reduced HP from 120 to 105
    • Reduced Resistance from 5 to 4
  • Entwined Scourge - Reduced Resistance from 5 to 4
  • River Troll “Razor Net” - Increased damage from 20 to 24
  • Ghost Ship “Spirit Beacon” - Now can only trigger Once per Turn.
  • Spring and Summer Fairies - Can now target themselves (their hex) with their support abilities


  • Rocky Terrain is removed as an overlay. It is still present as a Feature. This means that movement is no longer reduced from Rocky terrain
  • Improved terraforming logic to create prettier results.
  • Pillaging Teleporters, Spell Jammers, Chrono Gate and Demon Gate is no longer considered an act of Evil.
  • Spelljammer no longer blocks all spells from being cast in TC. Instead spells cast by enemies in TC in the domain cost +100% Combat Casting Points.
  • Roaming/Attacking armies spawned by Free Cities and infestations can now upgrade earlier.
  • Moved the Ritual Graveyard from a Silver Infestation to a Bronze Infestation
  • Selected enemy units now get deselected if they move out of vision
  • City spells are now consistent on when you can cast them on allies. Any spell that only has beneficial effects can always be cast on allies. While any spell which has a negative effect cannot be cast on allies. These spells are: Amplify Minds, Transmute Resources, Awakened Tools and Fanatical Workforce.
  • Reign of Destruction now gives +50 Gold per Population of the razed city. Before it effectively only gave +75 Gold when razing.

Victory Conditions
  • Allied score victory is now possible.
  • Losing your capital will now give all other players a quest to kill your ruler.
  • Beacons of Unity will now be destroyed if the city they are annexed to is occupied.
  • Bind Gold Ancient Wonder now cancels correctly when the province gets disconnected from a city or outpost. But will stay if you simply transfer the province between cities/outposts.

Ancient Wonders
  • The Golden Ziggurat’s upkeep reduction for Magic Origin units in the domain now only applies to the owner of the Ziggurat. It previously wrongly applied to any magic origin unit regardless of owner.
  • The Violent Gorging combat enchantment from one of the Enchanted Cave events now displays Violent Gorging in its description as a hyperlink from which you can see the ability it actually adds to all enemy units.


  • General fixes in movement animations, making them a lot smoother and behave as expected. This should give the units some more “weight” while moving.
  • Mouse movement was not correctly handled under all circumstances, causing camera rotation in both the World Map and Combat to be unresponsive/inconsistent. A fix has been done to make this behave as intended.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to start a game with a faction that has colors or an icon from a disabled mod.

  • Fixed an issue where the AI would still send declarations even though they shared a vassalage with the opposing player.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would send a request to the player for them to make a new declaration even if that player or the AI itself was a vassal.
  • Fixed an issue where AI’s would not continue pillaging domains
  • Fixed an issue where PlayerAI’s would ignore some forms of concealment
  • Fixed an issue where performing a set of simple but specific actions would keep a sector in perpetual occupation state
  • Fixed an issues where the free cities would continue to spawn units
  • Fixed a bug in the handling of Secondary Missions.
  • Fixed Embarking issue
  • Fixed City Founding Issues
  • Fixed City Production Queue resetting on load
  • Fixed Coverage Range issue in Transaction Solver
  • Fixed Approved Briefing Mission reconstruction in ArmyManager
  • Fixed an issue where free city armies would attack other free city armies that have the same overlord
  • Fixed an issue where free city armies would attack quest stacks
  • Fixed an issue where the AI was able to build mutual exclusive buildings in their cities
  • Fixed armies halting their movement because of hidden Pickups.
  • Fixed a crash related to AI leaders ending a truce in the wrong way
  • Fixed that the AI no longer spends Imperium on extra city cap when it can still build another city.
  • Fixed an issue where Universal Camouflage was ignored by the AI

Combat AI
  • Fixed skirmisher units trying to hind behind each other
  • Fixed units accidentally standing on flee points when seeking cover
  • Fixed hang in combat caused by the AI trying to cast a spell on an invalid position continuously
  • Fixed units not attacking when outnumbered
  • Fixed units running around when choosing not to attack

  • Fixed Music tags of Flourishment and Sovereignty songs
  • Fixed Sunderer Throw Javelin having no impact FX
  • Fix for Main Menu SFX memory Issues
  • Fixed mixing audio slider issue for certain units and abilities

  • Parting Gifts is now tagged as a buff (appears green on the unit panel)
  • Wrath of the Emperor’s Condemned effect is now tagged as a debuff (appears red on the unit panel)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a lot of combat effects from being applied.
  • Updated the description of Killing Momentum to clarify that it only triggers when a unit is killed with a Magic, Melee or Physical Ranged attack.
  • Killing Momentum was giving 2 Action Points back instead of 1 to units with regular movement. This has been fixed.
  • Rock Giant’s Throw Boulder now correctly shows that it has a chance to slow at 90%
  • Cryptblade and Melenis’ Glaive no longer make zombies that walk on water.

  • Fixed an issue where the option to add a magic material to a trade would not disappear in human vs human trading if that magic material had already been added to the trade.
  • Fixed an issue where denouncement notifications/messages would not disappear if the sending or denounced player was defeated before clicking the notification.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if a script was trying to add invalid treaties to a relation.
  • Fixed an issue where two players could trade cities even if either side of the relation had the chosen destroyers trait.
  • Fixed an issue where the Alliance tooltip would mention too many alliances when there were only 2 living players, we now have alternative text in this scenario.
  • Fixed several diplomatic notifications missing their shields.
  • Fixed an issue where Defeated players could still have higher rankings and would also appear to have a higher score in the end game results screen.
  • Fixed an issues where a queued diplomatic state (e.g. War in 1 turn) would not be mentioned in the diplomacy message, the AI’s general opinion and that it would still be possible to attempt to make trades and pronouncements
  • Fixed an issue where capturing ancient wonders could give other rulers double grievances.
  • Fixed a crash related to treaties expiring while at the same time they also invalidated.
  • Fixed an issue where changing diplomatic state would not validate existing treaties properly in all instances.
  • Fixed an issue where diplomatic personality traits would not impact the pressure system correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the diplomatic message manager would still have and try to receive messages from defeated players if they had sent their message prior to being defeated
  • Fixed an issue where clearing infestations would incorrectly flag the distance between players as being outdated.

  • Fixed an issue where Global Income properties would sometimes not apply their requirements.
  • Fixed the Ruler’s Statue not giving imperium income for alliances with other rulers
  • Fixed the Ruler’s Statue not correctly showing the income it gives when selecting it on the world map
  • Fixed the Ruler’s Statue not being correctly counted as a conduit by other special province improvements

Empires Development
  • Fixed an issue where skills in the empire tree would not be unlocked if you had exactly the correct amount of XP
  • Fixed that the Balor's “Power from Slaughter” damage modifier didn't allow stacking
  • Fixed Surge Spellcasting allowing you to cast spells on invalid targets
  • Fixed Philosopher Soldiers ranking rewards being misaligned.
  • Fixed Reign of Destruction reducing the time to raze by 3 while it should be by 2 turns.
  • Fixed Knightly Orders empire skill applying to all units instead of only Legendary rank units.

  • “Revel Without A Cause” - The first Chaos check now does not award city stability on a success
  • Fixed an issue where heroes would be duplicated when they were recruitable after an event
  • Fixed an issue where a lack of Free Cities on the map would mean Ancient Wonder events would be blocked
  • Fixed Salt and Vinegar event where chaos affinity check would result in an astral affinity penalty
  • Fixed an issue where army encounter story events would sometimes invalidate or break if you retreat from the event/combat and come back later (in combination with army splitting/merging).
  • Fixed the “Eternal Bedchambers” Aftermath event where skipping combat would not properly allow the player to recruit the undead queen
  • Fixed wrong text link for Header in the Smoke and Ruins ancient wonder event, when you would trigger the event with your ruler.
  • Fixed an issue where resource sharing system did not allow multiple entries between 2 cities
  • Fixed an issue where certain events were showing the wrong unit.
  • Fixed a bug where certain events weren’t showing up in story realms due to loading a save game.
  • Fixed an issue where events would show for bespoke heroes, resulting in unintended randomized events for heroes with specific flavors
  • Fixed an issue where Story Events could sometimes spawn with incorrect data.
  • Fixed a bug where you gained gold instead of paid gold in certain story events when you had a negative gold income.
  • Fixed a text issue where the Overlord Player of a Vassal city was not named correctly in events

  • Added a Fallback when Ruler Background Traits cannot be found
  • Scions of Evil now correctly ranks units up if you are pure evil.
  • Fixed Perfectionist Artisans also increasing the Production cost of Special Province Improvements.
  • Fixed a issue where creating a Ruler with a female Body Type would automatically assign her a male title

Free City
  • Fixed an issue where the hostile action screen allows the player to declare war on Free Cities even if the cooldown timer is still active.
  • Fixed an issue where trades with Free Cities would not expire if the player could no longer afford them.
  • Fixed a crash when Magic Material Treaties with Free Cities would expire.
  • Fixed Distrusting locals affected your own city giving the city -1 stability when you give it a whispering stone
  • Fixed an issue where you could not boost War Coordination attacks against infestations or free cities when the player was not at war with anyone.
  • Fixed an issue where when an infestation got cleared it would not cancel any War Coordination attacks against that infestation.
  • Fixed an issue where migrating a Free City and then vassalizing it again would cause an issue where the defender units would not be registered with the side correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Free City armies would not clear infestations.
  • Fixed an issue where all entries in the Rally of the Lieges Points tooltip would be listed twice.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen if a Free City or Marauder army would raze another Free City.
  • Fixed an issue where cities occupied by a Free City army wouldn’t be converted to independents on the owning player’s defeat.
  • Fixed an issue where the Free City info tooltip would miss the race information and would not format some of the information correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where liberating a Free City would not work correctly and also added the ability for Free City armies to liberate other Free Cities.
  • Treaty expires event did not switch to the free city if another free city panel was already opened.

Hero Skills
  • Demonic Slaughter hero skill should now correctly summon only T1 and T2 fiends
  • Fixed description of Defensive Training and Precision Training to reflect that they don’t affect heroes
  • Fixed Endurance Training to not affect heroes

  • Fixed an issue where pressing “New Game” multiple times could get you stuck in realm creation.
  • Fixed an issue with HumanvsHuman trading where setting an amount over their gold/mana cap doesn’t add it to the trade list.
  • Fixed an issue when having a fullscreen interface open while winning the game at the same time, graphical issues would occur.
  • Fixed an issue where the turn count would be displayed in the encyclopedia entries of structures.
  • Fixed an issue where the diplomacy shields would be displayed during hero and unit screens.
  • Fixed a crash in the combat log.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes selecting multiple hero skills to level up would accidentally pick the wrong skill.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the window manager. It would open/hide the wrong window in very specific instances.
  • Fixed an issue where the Faction Generator's data would be wiped when going into tome of wonders and returning.
  • Fixed “Hero Required” popup when walking a stack without a hero into a besieged city.
  • Fixed additional turn in the Journey screen when achieving victory outside your turn.
  • Fixed topbar city cap color when over the city cap.
  • Fixed the ordering (/sandwiching) of annexation pins.
  • Fixed empty ToDo events that sometimes showed up after winning or losing a Story Realm.
  • Fixed “Beacons of Unity Unlocked” spam every time a player loses a Beacon of Unity.
  • Fixed an issue where advice would be added multiple times
  • Affinity Province Improvement was removed from the Encyclopedia, as it is a feature no longer accessible in the game with the new Magic Victory.
  • Fixed “No governor set” notification appearing for occupied cities.
  • Fixed an issue where one of the fabricated grievances would mention root nodes.
  • Fixed an issue where the icons in the confirm pronouncement panel would be slightly cut-off.
  • Fixed herbalist incorrectly stating it only worked with adjacent hexes in the city’s domain
  • Fixed an issue where Imperium income would sometimes not be highlighted correctly depending on the type of unjust war the player had.
  • Fixed certain story realm characters’ emblems being randomized.
  • Fixed an issue with a missing ruler name in the declare war on overlord confirmation screen.
  • Fixed a bug that made riot notifications lose their province name and show a number instead.
  • Fixed a crash when opening the pause menu, closing it and reopening it again and then loading a save file, while having the research screen open with the tome library enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the project list in the siege overview screen would not be scrollable.
  • Fixed an issue where the parchment scroll would be too big on certain research complete screens.
  • Fixed character corruption in certain interfaces
  • Fixed an issue on the governor assignment screen where an incorrect +20 draft was displayed.
  • Fixed The ruler's name doesn't update in the "Race Transformation" screen after they are rename
  • Fixed Total Income will show in the Arsenal while no income is gained
  • Fixed Prison screen only showing income from one source rather than counting up all incomes.
  • Fixed a broken duplicate Castle structure from showing up in the Encyclopedia.
  • Fixed Faithfull Whispers doesn't locate the city.
  • Fixed Turn numbers are behind in the "Event Log" menu when playing on "Low Speed"
  • Removed the Affinity Province Improvement concept from the encyclopedia since it no longer exists.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in Hotseat games when attempting to open the Encyclopedia before the start of a player turn

  • Fixed an issue where canceling a keybind through the button would not properly cancel the keybinding system.
  • Fixed an issue where the content of disabled combo boxes could still be changed when using the mousewheel.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck when using a combination of controller and keyboard mouse input while navigating the advanced setup.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Toggle Hex Grid’ and ‘Toggle Army Banners’ keybindings would not work after exiting combat.
  • Fixed an issue where the mouse would be unresponsive in the tome selection of the faction creator.
  • Fixed a bug with keybinds when a key is released while using a modifier key would not send the action through.

  • Fixed an issue where tooltips would be placed on sliders inside comboboxes. This would cancel the tooltip of the item inside a combobox when trying to hover over said tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes tooltips would not resolve properly on combo boxes and appear blank.
  • Fixed an issue where the trade option blocked by personality would not show a tooltip when hovering over the personality name in the tooltip.
  • Fixed pillage tooltip not showing alignment penalty until you stand on top of it.
  • Fixed incompatible society traits coming from the Pantheon not showing up in the tooltip
  • Fixed War Prediction Popup appears when mousing over your own units. Now the War prediction Popup doesn't show up if you have selected your unit and mouse over another of your own unit
  • Fixed a rare bug that should prevent tooltips from showing up empty.
  • Fixed a crash in the spell tooltip when a unit is displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where certain special characters would not be uppercased in the combat ability tooltip.
  • Fixed The "Migrate to" city option doesn't show the number of turns required for completion
  • Fixed Enfeebling Howl displaying the correct damage value in the Front End Exotic White Wolf Mount Trait tooltip.
  • Fixed Abbey telling wrong information about what units it applies on.
  • Fixed Marauder tooltip not showing up
  • Fixed the Disrupted status effect linking to the wrong concept
  • Fixed ‘Forced March’ tooltip not updating the value of HP cost after acquiring the ‘Tireless marchers’ empire skill
  • Fixed missing Text on "Insufficient Resources" Morale Modifier

  • Fixed a crash when deleting an empty save slot with controller
  • Fixed an issue when navigating the sliders in the appearance tab of the faction creation would skip a few items due to slider acceleration.
  • Fixed an issue where tome skill slots selection would reset when reshuffling the research.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip in the research screen when using a controller would overlap the new magic victory spell research. Tooltip has now been moved to the right bottom corner in this specific instance.
  • Fixed an issue where the army moral icon and shield could not be reached with the controller.
  • Fixed unreachable focus point in the free city interface
  • Fixed Hero items that are in "transport" state can still be sold while using a controller
  • Fixed controller issue where navigating through the stack with the shoulder buttons was not working as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the pantheon fold out menu could not be opened with controller
  • Fixed a crash when trying to unequip an item with a controller in the hero screen while not having a slot selected

  • Wand Of Healing now allows a hero to heal themselves
  • Fiery Wake Boots now correctly give you burning immunity.

  • General Stability Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the multiplayer chat stopped receiving messages until reopening the screen.
  • Fixed “Cannot queue order” message when ending turn in multiplayer.
  • Fixed turn timer stopping when a human controlled player is defeated or surrenders.
  • Fixed being able to switch to an unstarted game, resulting in an infinite load screen.
  • Fixed forced teams not disabling when switching from 2 players.
  • Fixed a bug that the player is sent to the lobby of a match that started while they were in the multiplayer sessions screen.
  • Fixed “new chat message” exclamation mark on messages that have already been read when restarting the game.

  • Fixed Overchannel from appearing as a combat enchantment when using Pantheon Loadouts with a wizard king ruler.
  • Fixed the AI difficulty setting affecting Presence Trait factions
  • Fixed an issue where the Silver Tongued Society Trait would not influence the cost of making declarations.
  • Fixed Ashen war quest would not be finished after getting back into the game after a victory.
  • Fixed Ashen war quest would result in some of your allies dying
  • Fixed Ashen war quest amount of objectives remaining counter was 1 to high
  • Fixed an issue where Pantheon items were never properly entered in the game data library from which we retrieve appearance items.

  • Fixed “Astral Travel” spell not teleporting units on mountains
  • Fixed the Harvest Population spell having the wrong values displayed.
  • Fixed the Order and Shadow bolstering matrices not affecting resurrection spells
  • Fixed wrong requisites for Tome Skills:
    • Animal Kinship is now a Transformation instead of a Unit Enchantment.
    • Spawnkin is now a Transformation instead of a Unit Enchantment.
    • Artisan Blades is now a Unit Enchantment instead of a Tactical Spell.
    • Force of Nature is now a Unit Enchantment instead of a Tactical Spell.
  • Fixed Artisan Weapons also affecting shields, making it impossible to show actual Shield Enchantment visuals such as Spell-Tempered Shields
  • Fixed “Fight for Power” working recursively on all Fiend units in the targeted stack.

Story Realms
  • Enchanted Archipelago:
    • Decrease imperium reward for Call of the Covenant quest
    • fixed script that would make the Flotsam city revert as a vassal for the player when a different AI player met the city
  • Eternal Court:
    • Fixed an issue where summon animation would be played on the wrong location

  • Astral Pursuit can now only be used if there's space for the unit to teleport
  • River Troll’s Net now correctly counts as a base attack so it can be enchanted by spells that target ranged attacks
  • Fixed Brewer Ogre’s Frigid Belch from showing 'cannot affect target' on enemies and now it correctly removes itself once used.
  • Revels of Carnage now correctly grants +30% exp gain.
  • Fixed Units that are recruited with Mana to have the same Draft cost as gold costing units.
  • Fixed the Chaos Eater to use mana for its recruitment when made from the Demon Gate.
  • Fixed an issue with the Druid of the Cycle not properly resetting their Restart the Cycle ability.

World Map
  • Prevent the RMG from generating two infestations adjacent to each other.
  • Fixed an issue where units could lose flying while above the water, and die instead of entering a transport.
  • Fixed an issue where a unit would not transform when reaching max rank through the Rite of Enduring Duty.
  • Fixed siege particle effects not playing after restarting a lifted siege.
  • Fixed an issue where a spell that was unlocked by a city structure (such as Recall Leader) would be removed from spells slots on reloading the game
  • Fixed an issue where certain themes and overlays were showing up on maps they were disabled in.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to terraform without having any valid positions in the province
  • Fixed terraforming spells not correctly placing overlays after changing the theme.
  • Fixed terraforming not selecting a variant, blocking certain visualization from showing up.
  • Fixed an issue where terraforming would remove all borders on the map.
  • Fixed a bug where regeneration was blocked in provinces with an ancient wonder.
  • Fixed a bug where pathfinding would try to avoid the center hex of ancient wonder provinces.
  • Fixed captured units not getting removed from ancient wonders.
  • Crash fix when heroes get captured
  • Fixed a crash that would happen due to infestations not having a side when they were undefended.
  • Fixed an issue where when infestation units would attack an army, they could drag in the army defending the infestation structure into the battle which could leave the infestation undefended.
  • Fixed rare crash in spell targeting on the world map.
  • Fixed camera didn’t move switch layers when your units moved to the underground after getting trespassing pop up
  • Fixed “Ruler’s Statue” special province improvement not properly allowing you to cast spells while your leader is in the void.
  • Fixed player being able to get stuck into auto movement after trespassing
  • Fixed Unit Deployment Location not saving.
  • Fixed that armies would halt their movement because of hidden Pickups
  • Fixed that AI armies would get stuck in an ally’s city after defeating the besieger
  • Fixed that clicking on the center of an ally’s city would trigger a “break defensive alliance” popup too late, allowing the army to make it into the city.
  • Fixed an issue where if only a part of an army was selected to move and an encounter event popped up, it would still move the entire army afterwards instead of only the selection.
  • Fixed an issue where Quest armies could get stuck on city/outpost districts by moving all independent armies away from districts on city/outpost creation.
  • Fixed an issue where after razing a city it would still be flagged as being occupied by the party that razed it until saving and reloading the game (could also trigger an Out of Sync).
  • Fixed an issue where road generation between provinces would remove structures on the water.
  • Fixed an issue where heroes released back to another ruler would sometimes spawn at the free city they originally were recruited from.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would move to show an opponent annexing a new sector
  • Fixed an issue where players would not receive Notifications when enemies used spells on them on the world map
  • Fixed production queue losing progress when annexing a province.
  • Fixed some settings staying behind when removing a realm trait in realm setup.
  • Fixed a issue with the "Beacons Unlocked" event when you very briefly have enough provinces
  • Fixed a issue in the Expansion Victory Counter being 1 behind when annexing

Empires & Ashes releases in 4 hours!
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Maybe i glanced over it, but there is no word about the new music tracks?
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Don't like the astral tomes, phase and battlemage nerfs. And why did the banshee not only escape the nerf hammer but also got buffed?

And not to mention now almost anyone will have access to the crown jewel of the astral alignment effect "disruption" (which disables enemy enchantments) from the tome of severance, which is in the new DLC.
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Banshee are, basically, jump in -> scream -> die. This way they can, at least, survive one turn.
Then use banshies more like traditional mages rather than combat initiators. The are not in any way weaker than other t3 battlemages in their base attacks. Only use the scream when opponents come into melee range. It weakens them and the banshee can attack when engaged.

Now it has become a tanky, versatile "3 stacks of banshees" unit (against frost resistance foes ofc).