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The thread for things to be included...

See the list below. Discussion and comments regarding proposals and submissions are reserved for the appropriate thread.

Nothing should be posted in this thread until it has been posted in a thread for the appropriate region/land/topic and some period of time for comment and discussions has elapsed. If there is no thread for your subject, create one! There it can be discussed and support gathered. It will be some time (at least a couple weeks) between submission and implementation, to give time for reviews and comments.
Any changes that are not bug fixes should be posted here.

When is enough support gathered?

It depends on the impact of your proposed change of course. Big changes need more widespread support. A guideline for changes that are not too big: If five persons are supporting it and two are against in the regional thread, after the discussion have died down, but not less that 14 days after it was suggested: post it! If someone get no response at all after 14 days, he should also post it.

How should a submission here look?
  • Change descriptions have to be concise but accurate, so that it's easy to know what's being changed. Submit the code if needed and if it's not too long.
  • Parse events and put in comments. This means checking for bugs in the code. For everything but small changes appropriate tests are needed, like trigging them manually from the cheat prompt (F12) and run a hands-off test with some far off obscure nation, like Kongo. Use cheats "ney", "columbus" and "pappenheim".
  • The proposed changes are in a well-known place, either the respective regional thread or a change proposals thread, just so there aren't any "surprises".
  • It will be required that each proposal include a link to the place (post or the page it is on) it was originally proposed and discussed. For very long thread, add the post number as well (or preferrably, direct links to posts).
  • Everything agreed upon in the regional threads should be implemented, unless someone in the HC asks for the HC to vote upon it.
  • Get correct ID's to help the person doing the compilation. Feel free to ask a HC member (in PM) what ID's to use, or look them up yourself in the ID repository sticky.

If you have a question on a submission, or submissions in general

Please don't use this thread, since it will clutter up really quick and we will then get back to the situation that no one really knows what new material is finished and ready for inclusion. If you want to discuss the submission, use the thread it came from. For other questions, or if you think your post in the appropiate thread is being overlooked, PM a HC member.
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I originally posted this in the EU2 AGCEEP submissions forum here
Two minor changes to events of Cyprus as described in the Cyprus thread here

Those submissions seems not to have made it into the FtG:AGCEEP 1.58 so I resubmit it here.

which submissions?
From your post onwards?
No, I only meant the changes to the two Cyprus events in post 1131 in the old thread.
Changes to the Ottomans TUR

As described in that post
I suggest to change the events that give the OE cores on Albania and to add a claim for Otranto during the lifetime of Mehmed II.

as in this post
to modify the event that changes the provinceculture of Ragusa/Skutari province so that it won´t turn albanian for the OE before the OE has got albanian culture.
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