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Originally posted by Yasko
Interesting discussion. As i see the biggest problem with the ottomans are their high BB points aftar all those annexations. A solutions could be to lower these BB points after every new Sultan. This should of course only be applied for the AI. So the question is, is it possible to reduce BB by events?

Having different ai files so that ottoman AI can conquer Balkans---Asia minor---Mamlukes--Hungary--Islands-----Iraq/Azerbadjan area could also be the solution.

1) since 1.07 (or was it some beta) there is a command to decrease BB :)

2) I think that seperate AI files are needed to guide the Ottomans historically.

3) not giving all CB's at start.. but giving them in chunks with a new sultan (which IS already in the EEP)
Especially in combination with 2) this would guide the AI better to its historical conquests and thereby a better chance to fight MAM

EDIT: The ottomans also seem to have a problem with conquering the venetian Islands, i think this is because of the "intelligence" of the AI, ie. it will try to keep it's troops below the supply limit of the province (only their OWN troops, that is) but the venetian islands have too low supply limits/too big forts to get a succesfull siege.
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