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Boredom Productions proudly presents:

Chapter I


September 3rd, 1938

The heavy clouds on the sky over inner London and the rain pouring down lead the casual observer to believe that this was just another day of stereotypical London Weather, but that was not true. Until a few hours ago the Auttumn of 1938 had been pleasantly warm. This however was of no Interest to the man that hurried past Nelsons Coloumn towards the one-way road that surrounded Trafalgar square. He motoined for a Taxicab and quickly glanced towards the grey Sky before getting in. Asked for his desired destination he simply said: "Foreign Office, and make it fast."

The black cab sped off. The man was lost in thought and could not see the headlines the Bewspaper Boys were selling with great success: "Hitler and Stalin to meet in Moscow", "German/Soviet Alliance?" and many more all saying essentially the same thing. He was a high official and the Foreign Office, and truth to be told, the Foreing Office had concentrated all of its efforts on deciphering this puzzling and potentiall dangerous developement ever since Hitler had first approached Stalin about it last spring. The Analysts at Century House and at the Foreign Office had been tried tehir best to make sense of Hitler seeking an Alliance with his ideological Nemesis. He sighed and lit himself a Cigarette when the cab pulled up in front of the Foreign Office Building at St. James Park where it formed a part of Whitehall. He climbed out and quickly dashed over to the entrance to avoid beeing totally soaked for his meeting. The Gaurds at the entrance knew him by sight, but still demanded to be shown his papers. He pulled them out of his pocket and handed them to the Guard with a slightly annoyed expression. The Guard handed them back to the man and moitoined him to pass the barrier that blocked the Entrance to the building.

He hurried through the halls, and broke into a run when he peeked at hsi wristwatch. The Foreign Secretary didn't like to be kept waiting, and the Prime Minister was with him. As much as he despised the man, calling him a "Spineless little Bastard" when in private he was the Prime Minister and deserved all of his best efforts at his work, as the man considered himself to be a professional Diplomat. Nevertheless he could think of better things to do on a Saturday afternoon and quietly calmed himself in preparation for his meeting with the PM Neville Chamberlain. Why Chamberlain had wanted the meeting to be held in the Foreign office was a mystery to him, as the Pm could have used the equally good facilities and No 10, but his was not to reason why and he therefore strode briskly towards the meeting room after quickly gulping donw a cup of lukewarm Tea in his own Office and to grab the Papers he would need. (AN: I would have drunken Coffee but he is British after all.) When he reached said meeting room just off the Foreign Secretarys Office he could already hear the Cabinet arguing over something, most likely the newest round of "Monroe Doctrine Statements" from the United States of American Peoples Republics or the toilet paper shortage in the Soviet Union, both beeing popular cafeteria jokes in Whitehall circles.

He shook his head to clear it and knocked tentatively on the door, not realy wanting to be on the recieving end of whatever argument had sprung uo in there. To his amazement he was quickly shown in by a minor stenographist and was promptly assessed by Chamberlain. "Ah, we've been waiting for you!" he turned back in his chair and said to the assembeled men: " I gather everyone knows Mr. Anthony Eden?" Eden, who had left the cabinet after the Anschluss of Austria inwardly chuckeled at the implied forgetfulness of his not exactly beloved former Cabinet colleagues and took his place at the table. Chamberlain swiftly moved to the next point on the Agenda, trying to give the impression of a deciciveness that he definitely lacked and said: "The next point on the Agenda is that blasted meeting Herr Hitler has with Stalin in Moscow. I have asked Anthony here to prepare what the Foreign Office has on the matter and to give us a full briefing. Lord Halifax, the current sitting Foreign Secretary was slightly annoyed at having been circumvented like this but said nothing, as he had spent most of the last month on a tour through Canada, inspecting the Border with Communist America that had been dubbed "The Iron Curtain" by a certain Conservative politician.

Canada, beeing effectively under siege on two sides ever since the Communist Revolution after the Assasination of President Hoover during his inaguration for his next Term was isolationist but nontheless kept issuing Statements about the "opression of the Canadian Workers by the British Empire" and was therefore seen as a threat. He was interrupted in his musings by Eden who cleared his throat and set on to speak. "What we have on the current Soviet/German Situation is rather limited I'm afraid. All that we know for sure from both the French and our own Diplomats in Moscow and Berlin is that Hitler and Stalin will meet in Moscow in a few weeks to discuss "mutual matters". The Embassy in Berlin also notes that the Germans have pretty much ceased their Anti-Soviet Propaganda Efforts and simply concentrate on their own domestic Communists as "troublemakers" and the like. We've also heard rumblings about new Warplans beeing drawn up by the German General Staff, but nothing solid so far, but Intelligence isn't my department anyways. In Russia the similar things are happening, only that Stalina is much more blunt, they already start praising the meeting and keep going on about how good for the Workers it would be and so on..." he paused to reshuffle his notes a bit and continued "Prime Minister, dear Cabinet Members, the Foreign Office concludes that the possibility of a Soviet/German Alliance, however unlikely and to be blunt insane it may seem to us is there. Anything further would fall into the area of Sir John Simon." Eden sat back down and leaned back in his chair, leaving the stage to Sir John Simon who was currently the head of MI6. "Gentlemen, Prime Minister," he started "Mr Eden has correctly pointed out that the possibility of said Alliance is there. Our sources within both Countries are limited, but what assets we have have told us that Stalin could be receptive, nothing more." He sat back down and the Prime Minister asked fro input from the military, but as it was expected the Army, Air Force and the Navy had even less to say than the MI6. In the end all that was known to the circles of Power in the United Kingdom was that two Ideological Enemies were suddenly best Friends and were on their way to form an Alliance that had the potential to rock the World to its core. Eden didn' really pay attention when the rest of the meeting shifted to domestic matters, among them the developement of a new Fighter Aircraft for the R.A.F. that Supermarine was currently working on, or the new Destroyers the Navy was developing. his mind was already preoccupied with the political and diplomatic ramifications of this "Unholy Alliance" would bring and made a mental note to have Lunch with his old Friend at the French Embassy at the earliest possible Moment. Swift and decicive Action was needed, the Allied Powers needed to make a combined and strong show of Force, preferably before any treaty was signed. Unfortunately Chamberlain was so afraid of a new War that he seemed to lack the willpower to do anything that might be seen as an agressive act, even if the Situation demanded it and it was more than likely that Britain would let this pass without comment or that Chamberlain would try to appease the two Dictators, making concessions in exchange for a shake and insecure peace, selling Britains soul to the proverbial Devil only to be rudely awakened a few years later. When the meeting finally ended Eden quickly walked back to his Office to finish some Paperwork, including a report about the State of the Country that a close accociate of his had asked for. He quickly greeted his secretary and said: "Could you be so kind and bring me another cup of tea dear?" before closing the door to his office. He quickly skimmed over one report, this one from the First Lord of the Admiralty: "Current OOB Homefleet/Battlesquadron: HMS Nelson, HMS Rodney, HMS Royal Oak, HMS Royal Souvereign, HMS Ramilies, HMS Hood, HMS Renown, HMS Repulse..." He laid the report aside and started to work on his own. There was much to do.


Here we go again. HOI2 DDA 1.2 with a few custom modifications. Normal/agressive, I think you knwo the drill by now. Atlantic Friend, I hope you don't minde me borrowing your update style.

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GoforitPanzer said:
1th to reply! Yihaaa!

Following this one.

So apart from a Nazi/Soviet alliance the USA is commie?

Ouch, lots of enemies.

THe US will hopefully stay neutral, I have enough on my plate already.
2nd post! Told you I would be here! Looks nice though I only read a wee bit.
Thanks for all the comments!

Midge Thanks, and read the rest, I hope it is worht the effort.

Enewald The position of the United States will be explained in due time. No WC I'm afraid, but the Idea of Canada stretching from Alaska to the Rio Grande has a nice ring to it too. :D

heHyphenated1 thanks!
1...2...3...4...5 AHH 5th post hmm interesting AAR
Good luck there are too many commies in this world
rid the world of them :D
Good Luck!
You're MAD! Unholy alliance and no US help! :faint:

(How many posts until a 300 reference in reply to this?)
Communist USA? How did that happen? :eek: I'd say there is greater chance that the hell freezes than that the US embraces the dictature of the proletariat ;)
Mozla I'll try!

ColossusCrusher Thanks!

wilegfass No need to faint my friend! The Axis ( for lack of a better word I'll call them that ) sucks at amphibious landing and Britannia rules the waves, so we are secure for the moment. Despite having a whooping 91IC during peacetime I'm confident that my superiour tactical abilities ( me = human ) are enough to defeat the Alliance. And please no 300 references!

Winner Basically Hoover won the election in 1932 and was promptly assasinated by soem nutcase. The US fell int caos after that and the Military stepped in to restore order. The CPUSA formed a coalition with other far-left groups to take over themselves and launched a campaign with taht goal. The USA was in a sort of Civil War for a few months, and brutal Military Actions drove more and more people into the arms of the Communists that marched on Washington in mid 1933 and took over after most of the soldiers there refused to fire upon unarmed civillians.
you should create United Dominions of America. :p
Ruled from somewhere... but official language english. And head of state is the same as yours.
Enewald said:
you should create United Dominions of America. :p
Ruled from somewhere... but official language english. And head of state is the same as yours.

For the moment I have my hands full in Europe, but after that.... who knows.... :D

Currently writing another update, it will probably be posted tomorrow.
That is the coolest title bar, I must say. I like it so far, good luck.
rcduggan Thanks!


Chapter 2​

The French Embassy, London

September 5th, 1938

The reception at the French Embassy was in already full swing when the French Ambassador tore Anthony Eden away from the heavily laden Buffet and lead him to a side Room where several other senior Officials were already talking serious Bussiness. Stuffed with armchairs and desks in an Arrangement that reminded Eden of a British Gentlemen's club the room was used for the proverbial backroom deal. In this room the Entente Cordiale had been fleshed out, here the last major Anglo-French Crisis had been solved, and now the room would once again play a pivotal and yet completely unapprechaited role in history when the Ambassador led Eden towards <the seating group the farhtest away from the door. When they sat down the Ambassador, Charles D'Agnicourt bltunly said:"So, my dear Antoine, what is the British Position on this mess?" Eden grunted undiplomatically before saying: "We have none. The PM wants to and I quote: 'Wait and see'. " D'agnicourt chuckeled at seeing is old Friend so visibly displeased and answered: " That is the wrong approach of course. My Gouvernement wants to put of a strong show of force but we don't want to act without your backing." Eden leaned back into his chair and processed the implications of what the Ambassador had just said. "Why are you telling me this?" he asked after a few minutes "Why don't you go directly to the Prime Minister?" Eden had his suspicions as to why he had done it, but wanted to hear D'Agnicourts explanation before admitting anything. The man in question once more chuckeled before saying: "We both know that Chamberlain is on his last ropes, especially after that fiasco with the "Reapproachement Campaign" in America. Well informed cricles also happen to know that you are the Foreign Secretary in the shadow Gouvernment of a certain memeber of the opposition who is seen by my Govuernement as beeing the most likely successor of the sitting Prime Minister." Eden was lsot for words. He knew that the DGSE operated in the United Kingdom, but that they were THIS well informed... Regaining his composure he simply said with a coolness in his tone that belied his racing thoughts:
"Well let us suppose this is true, this still doesn't answer my question. Why me?" "My political Analysts predict that if Chamberlain fails to give a decicive response to all this his Gouvernment will fall within the month, and we'd like to assure good relations with the new one." Eden leaned back, trying to form his next sentence carefully, wanting to admit nothing and yet everything at the same time. "My.... associates have come to the same conclusion, but we think that toppling the Gouvernemnt now might be risky, because if we appear weak the Axis Powers might try to take advantage of the Situation." Now it was D'Agnicourts turn to sit back thoughtfully. He called a waiter and asked him to bring two cups of Tea and used the time until they arrived to think about what to say next. When the Tea was on the Tables he took a sip, set the cup back down and said: "My Gouvernment has authorized me to tell you the following: We have good information that the Germans are preparing to topple the rightfull Gouvernment of Czechoslovakia and replace it with a regime more receptive towards them. They also want to pressure them into joining the Axis." He handed Eden a Manila envelop who was taken aback. Normally the French were more than reluctant when it came to sharing information even with their Principal Ally, but if they gave upo the Information this reely they had to be really scared, more scared than any French would ever admit even to his wife. He set to talk again. "My...Boss, if you can call him that, is worried aswell. We think that if Czechoslovakia joins the Axis Poland is next, and then the Axis will stretch from your Border to the Soviet one, or even all the way to Vladivostok if they really do sign an Alliance treaty. I will bring him your Information though, he will find it most helpfull." With these words Eden excused himself and left the Embassy to telephone his "Boss" at his country home. On his drive back to his own home he read through the file his friend had given him. Most of its contents were simply the ususal "We cant say anything because we don't know anything"-10 page intelligence Estimates, but several pages caught his attention. It told the reader in incredible detail how the coup was to be staged and how it would work out, but not what Eden, what his "Associate" wanted to know the most: When. From what he gathered the French didn't know either, the only thing even close to a timeframe was "within the next two months". Considering how well BRitish Intelligence had handeled such estiamtes in the past Eden took everything he read with a grain of salt and realized that it could happen tomorrow or even in the next five Minutes. He decided that not only his Associate but also the Prime Minister needed to see this and rerouted the Taxi to No. 10 Downing Street. Chamberlain might be a somewhat spineless man, but he still only had Britains best interests in mind despite his false ways to pursue them, and when the cab pulled up in front of the black door of No. 10 Eden had already formulated a rough outline of what he was to say to the PM. He quickly tipped the driver and walked past the Guards. The innards of the buldign were bustling with activity, and so no one really payed attention to him until he reached the anteroom to the PM's office. He knew that he took a great risk here, as his main responsibility would have been to bring the information to the attention of the sitting Foreign Secretary, but Halifax would have adivised Chamberlain that it would be best to do nothing, not even the diplomatic protest and the trade sanctions Eden had in mind. He also knew that he was no longer holding aforementoined post, but he als knew that Halifax and Chamebralin were appeasers, abd would try to buy peace at all costs, and that went against everything Britain stood for, at least in his opinion. He knocked on the door and the scerteray showed him in. Time to face the music.
I believe I was unclear there. with "Poland is next" I wanted to say that they will msot likely attack Poland at some point.
nice one, this is very good and i actually prefer it to your others, both in narrative and idea - wise. got the good british vibe too :D
trekaddict said:
I believe I was unclear there. with "Poland is next" I wanted to say that they will msot likely attack Poland at some point.

but alliance would have been nicer. Poland loses everytime they go to war... :eek:o