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Before we start let's set out some ground rules.

Self Imposed Game Rules

Game settings are Hard difficulty and High AI aggression.

No building of guard or elite infantry units unless an army is utterly destoyed.

No war with Russia unless Russia declares war on Austria (if you read my other AAR you know how much I hated war with Russia).

No reloads.

Victory can only be achieved while at peace.

I will attempt to follow the Austrian Military heirarchy when assigning army commanders. However from my limited research 2 of the assigned generals don't fit the period, Ludwig von Benedek (born 1804) and Franz Conrad von Hotzendorf (born 1852). I'm loathe to throw away 2 decent generals (322 & 333) so I'm giving them the rank of Oberst but with seniority dating from 31/12/1804. Unless we end up with Russian manpower levels they'll never command an army.

War Aims

Reversal of the imposed treaties of Campo Formio and Luneville. Principally dissolution of the Batavian Republic and restoration of the Austrian Netherlands. Restoration of Corfu and those Ionian territories ceded to France whether subsequently lost by France or retained.

Imposition of Austrian hegemony over the Italian and the German principalities.

Removal of the Ottoman threat from the Balkans and Greece.

Institution of a new Helvetic Republic as a client state of Austria.

Neutering of Prussia as a power in German politics.

Other notes

5 of the Naval Dominance targets that Austria needs to win the game are islands. At game start Austria has 3 ports and only 1 transport as it's entire navy. Austria gets no naval leaders. The economy is woeful so building new ports is far down the line, if ever, and building 1st raters a hope rather than an expectation.

To win we potentially want provinces from every power except Sweden.

Army names will be changed to the province where the army was mustered or combined, this will save me having to try and work out how to get an umlaut on my keyboard :)

I'm not going to report what's happening elsewhere on the map unless it might impact on Austria, if you want to know ask and I'll update on demand.

1st turn tomorrow.


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It seems really odd to me, that von Benedek and von Hötzendorf just snuck in among the Austrians Napoleonic generals like that. Well, von Hötzendorf could be the great grandfather of the WWI commander who was ennobled 1815, and must have done something right to deserve that distinction, but Google won't tell me what. They are even relatively famous people, mostly for their blunders, but still...


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Thanks for the comments, always appreciated.

von Hötzendorf could be the great grandfather of the WWI commander who was ennobled 1815
Thanks for the tip Willum, I'll try and look further into that myself.

I forgot to mention before, there is no Charles in the Austrian leader list, unless they've renamed him. :sad:

Opening Moves - Jan 1st to Mar 31st 1800

In light of the Imperial forces being scattered and understrength armies are instructed to move to new positions to be merged, while all leaders are recalled to Wien to discuss tactics and plan the campaign ahead.

Stadtgarnison Treviso can't apparently retreat into the city so are ordered to Verona instead.

Glorious Arms is picked as our starting idea, this give +50% prestige gains from land battles, and starts us on the track towards a better Austria.

Recruitment begins around Karlstadt and Karlsburg to add cavalry and horse artillery to the Grenzer units stationed there. We have an awful lot of Grenzers.

At Pressburg recruitment begins for a new reserve army, this will be combined arms with guards detached from other armies to stiffen them a little if required.

A transport is put into contruction at Ragusa.

Depot construction begins in Prag and Graz.

We are in the rather pleasant position of having 5 diplomats to carry out our political will, 3 are swiftly sent on missions.

Ideally Bavaria should be under our wing as soon as possible, however France has a pre-existing guarantee of their independence, so rather than risk a conflict with Napoleon we ask the Bavarians for access. This is quickly granted. Bavaria will be watched very closely in the coming months.

Diplomats declare war on Wurtemburg and Hessen. Not vital in the grand scheme but manpower, tax, a bargaining chip should things go wrong and more importantly a corridor towards the Netherlands.

The armies of Ravensburg and Innsbruck march on Ulm and Stuttgart, Rohrbach marches through Bavaria towards Kassel. Feldzeugmeister Von Borberek is dispatched with his junior staff to command Ravensburg in the campaign, Feldmarschalleutnant Von Klenau takes his staff to lead Innsbruck in the war. Rohrbach will be commanded by General der Kavallerie Archduke Josef.

We have not yet entered enemy territory when Russia sends military subsidies to Wurtemburg! The last thing we need is Russia looking west, unless they are looking at France.

Army Ravensburg arrives at Ulm and disperses a unit of Wurtemburg militia.

Going on the offensive our foes march against the Holy Roman Empire, a Wurtemburger army lays siege to Ausburg, a Hessenese army to Frankfurt.

By Jan 18th it's apparent that neither of the small wars will be over before month end, we have 2 diplomats hanging around with nothing to do. To pre-empt any offers to guarantee them war is declared on Nassau and Baden.

Russia subsidises Baden now too!

Feldmarschall Grand Duke Ferdinand takes command of Army Linz moving through Bavaria to deal with Baden.

Army Innsbruck arrive and lay siege to Stuttgart.

The Badenese army appear to be moving towards Austrian territory and with artillery divisions under construction in frontline provinces, the siege of Ulm is lifted to forestall the threat.

The victorious army then moves back to Ulm, not pursuing and destroying them will be revealed later as an error in judgement.

February's levy are trained in artillery, the poor showing of our forces against the enemy walls leads to the conclusion, we need more guns.

A quick look at the ledger reveals that the Brits are really pasting the French at sea, down from 30 to 11 vessels! The Spanish have lost 7 out of 13.

Army Linz detours from it's march on Baden to lift the siege of Augsburg.

Refusing to pursue, they turn south west towards Freiburg.

Army Rohrbach reaches Kassel, vastly outnumbering the garrison and judging that the defences will not withstand a quick action they move straight to assault the town.

Better news from Stuttgart where the town falls when the breach is assaulted.

A trickle of new divisions start to appear, these are ordered to link up with their new commands throughout the empire. Some horse artillery units are dispatched through Bavaria to aid the besieging armies in the west.

After a few days to recover Rohrbach move once again to the gates of Kassel. Should the assault fail a second time there will be court martials!

After storming the city they move south and repeat the process at Dortmund.

Hessen is annexed.

Rohrbach turn towards Nassau.

March's levy, more guns!

Depots are begun in Funfkirchen and Klausenburg.

Despite the risk, Rohrbach assaults Nassau without waiting for a breach.

Nassau is annexed.

Army Rohrbach march for Karlsruhe.

The earlier decision not to crush the Badenese army leads to tragedy. One of the units of horse artillery on their way through Tubingen to join the siege of Freiburg are overrun before help can arrive. Arriving too late the cavalry relief force defeats the Badenese army and is able to return to siege duties at Freiburg.

Another transport starts construction at Ragusa.

The Imperial armies have proven themselves sluggish and less effective against minor opposition than expected. Serious doubt is beginning to settle in about our ability to challenge any of our larger neighbours.


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Changing Plans - Apr 1st to May 31st 1800

April's levy goes on yet more guns.

Ravensburg and Innsbruck armies link up and merge in Ulm, von Klenau assuming overall command.

Depot construction begins in Pilsen.

Ferdinand's army at Freiburg storm the breach taking the town without further casualties.

They march north into Baden-Baden to overrun the shattered remains of the Badenese army. The Badenese have other ideas however and avoid engaging, they manage to make it to Tubingen before the inevitable occurs. The victorious army will march back to Ofen at the heart of the empire.

High Command has a new war plan! Once Baden and Wurtemburg surrender the bulk of the Imperial Army will move to the Ottoman border and take the Balkans.

Baden attempts to offer peace, they will concede defeat if we go home. Two days later Rohrbach assaults a new breach and storms Karlsruhe. Baden is annexed.

Wurtemburg now offers peace on the same terms as Baden.

The seige of Ulm continues.

With casualties for the war near 20,000 man the May levy will be used to replenish some of the depleted units.

Interested to know what is happening in the wider world, the Austrian Fleet is sent on a jaunt to Gibraltar.

On the 5th of May Ulm falls to assault.

Wurtemburg is annexed.

Army Ulm are ordered north to Karlsbad on the Saxon border.

Rohrbach will watch the French frontier from the fortress at Ulm.

The moves have barely begun when movement over the border in Colmar comes to our attention.

Napoleon and the Grande Armee with 4 additional armies are marching to Basel!

Reports from the north say the British and Brunswickers have taken Hanover and Bremen from the French. What in god's name is Bonaparte doing in Switzerland?

A further 60,000 arrive in Colmar as Napoleon disappears into the Swiss interior.

Army Ulm are ordered to Innsbruck.

Preparations for a war against the Turk are cancelled, all eyes are on the French occupied territories.

France is fighting a coalition of Britain, Russia, Portugal, Brunswick, Sicily and Piedmont. Perhaps the French are worried about their Italian foes. Russia has not requested military access from us or Prussia as far as I am aware.

On the 31st May Napoleon crowns himself King of Italy, we can only hope the French were travelling down there for the celebration.


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Paralysed- Jun 1st to Jun 30th 1800

June's Levy will again be used to replenish war losses.

The Imperial Navy, off Gibraltar, changes course and sails up the Spanish coast to southern France, we must find out where Bonaparte is going!

The situation suddenly is made worse, Britain invites us to join the anti-French coalition.

Paralysed by indecision!

Joining the coalition would allow us to attack Bavaria as part of the general melee, Russia would likely guarantee us and send troops through our territory to attack France, but this will take time.
There are 240,000 well trained Frenchmen somewhere out there close to our borders. Spanish troops have also been seen passing north up the French border.
We have until the 3rd of July to decide.

A newly built transport is sent from Ragusa north to investigate the Italian Adriatic coast, they find nothing.

Construction begins at Flaum of the first Imperial Navy battleship, a second rate vessel.

The current disposition of Austria forces.

Prussia guarantees Bavaria! Prussian ********! They aren't making this any easier!

The transports on the French coast have also found nothing and are recalled to home waters.

June slips by, we are no further forward.

If we join with Britain we could be hit heavily by the French and crippled for years ahead, if we don't join will they allows us to at a later point if we ask? Should we ignore Britain and go with the original plan to invade the Balkans? Should we swing north and attempt to knock Prussia out of the Bavarian issue?
Threats on all sides and not one of them has made a clear move. And if we move are we just setting ourselves up for them all to pounce?


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Seems to be a solid start, but the diplomatic situation is very interesting. If only the Prussians would join the war against France, then you could make your move into Bavaria without fear of attack. Prussian entry would also likely encourage Russian troops west, which would certainly make a dent in those quarter of a million Frenchmen currently holidaying in Switzerland.


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A Sheep - Jul 1st to Aug 31st 1800

So, I've hummed and hawed, taken some time to work out the options, I forgot to factor in one wee thing......

They say it's better to be slaughtered a sheep than a lamb, so bearing that in mind we accept Britain's offer. They will pay us 15.34 ducats a month, we might even agree to fight for them at some point.

As expected Russia swiftly guarantees our independence. Lovely.
That one wee thing I forgot to factor in? Their entire army is 2000 miles away in Persia!

The Peterwardein army under Karl are moved to Esseg, all other Imperial forces are moved to the west.

Army Rohrbach are ordered north to Kassel. 55,000 Spaniards appear to be fighting the northern war for France.

The depots in Graz and Prag come into operation.

14th July Britain loses control of Bremen to France and asks that we take up arms against France.

We accept and war is joined against the Corsican ogre!

Rohrbach reach Kassel to see a large portion of the Spanish army slip by. 65,000 French are headed our way too!

The little matter of Napoleon's quarter of a million men is still of concern.

Rohrbach march south hoping to catch the Spaniards before they can link up with the French.

Army Ulm are ordered through Bavaria to the fortress at Ulm, they will have to hold the line against the French until Rohrbach arrives.

The Karlsburg army 19,400 Grenzer, cavalry and artillery march to Karlobag, here they will take transport to aid the siege of Ancona that Sicily is conducting for the Coalition.

Karlstadt under von Borberek lead the invasion of Italy, just as the Italians launch the invasion of Austria.

The French storm Frankfurt, the Swiss besiege Freiburg and the Italians besiege Trient.

Von Borberek takes Bologna.

There appear to be no French in Italy, time to tour the cultural hot spots.

I had been stockpiling an artillery reserve, it had been built up to 8000 troops, Ferdinand absorbs these and marches for Milano, lets see how the fortress walls cope with that!

Army Pressburg, our intended Imperial Reserve is ordered forward to the Bavarian border at Passau. I'd like to use them to crush Bavaria but can't risk Prussia getting involved when all our troops are along the French border.

Spain take Almeida 140,000 French are helping, maybe there are another 100,000 down there hidden from prying eyes.

Von Wurtemburg overruns the Swiss division at Trient and marches south for Mantua.

The French storm Karlsruhe. They aren't even waiting a day or two, just throwing masses of troops against the walls.

Von Borberek overruns Firenze.

Next stop Roma.

France throws an army against Stuttgart, the resistance is negligible.

Deciding the mass will work better than maneuver the armies Ulm and Rohrback are merged. Aschaffenburg under Josef, 88000 strong should be a match for the invaders.

Livorno falls to us. A naval dominance point!

Josef retakes Frankfurt and knocks the land dominance out of France!

Josef shall march south retaking French conquests and cutting supply lines and hoping to force a battle that could halt further incursions.

Karlsburg land at Ancona where 19000 Sicilians beseige the town. There would be little point adding our numbers to the affair, they turn north to take Rimini from Italy and mop up Tuscany.

Ferdinand takes Pisa, Josef retakes Karlsruhe and Karlstadt arrive to bring the siege of Roma to an end.

With Tuscany and the Papal States in Coalition hands, Karlstadt will invade France at Chiavari.

Ferdinand's 11,000 gunners arrive to test the walls of Milano.

Pressburg moves through Bavaria to split the French and Spanish at Augsburg.

Josef's army have arrived and lifted the siege of Freiburg.

The Spanish are at the gates of Ulm. Josef marches to relieve the town, Pressburg changes direction of march and moves to retake Stuttgart.

The French push into Austrian territory proper, they appear to be heading into the mountains as autumn approaches.

100,000 French troops are still out there somewhere.


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Sweeping Clean- Sep 1st to Oct 31st 1800

The depots on Klausenburg and Funfkirchen become active.

Naval enlargement continues with a new 1st rate warship laid down in Ragusa.

The Swiss and Tuscans lay seige to Freiburg, the Spanish to Karlsruhe.

Josef moves from Ulm to attempt the retaking of Stuttgart.

Von Bellegarde defeats a small separated Spanish army

Following up the routed foe he moves for Stuttgart too.

Josef is reordered south to relieve Frieburg.

With the British engaging a second Spanish army at Karlsruhe von Bellegarde breaks off the pursuit to join the battle and crush more Spaniards.

The French pawns scatter before Josef's advancing troops.

On the Italian front Milano, Mantua, Parma and Genoa are all under siege by our forces.

Prussia, who have recently annexed Oldenburg, ask for military access. They are refused.

Ross and von Bellegarde drive the Spanish from before Karlsruhe

Stuttgart is retaken at cost.

The 88,000 under Josef move through nothern Switzerland to cut off the similar numbers of French troops forming up in Landeck.

Von Bellegarde marches south and crushes the Tuscan corps at Ulm, then swings back north to finish off the last Spanish troops in our territory.

The Spanish flee across the Rhine, both their armies have suffered heavy losses and appear to be fleeing for home.

As 5000 French have begun to invest Nassau, von Bellegarde moves north west to clear the French from our nothern territories.

Easily crushing the French, the army advances on Hannover where 7000 Papal troops are besieging the British.

Our Pilsen depot is activated.

At Landeck the French have split again, 10000 at Innsbruck, 25000 at Trient, 45600 left behind.

Josef attacks the larger part of the French force.

Milano falls after 41 days siege.

Sigimund Zois and his intellectual circle give us 75 idea points.

France offer us a White Peace.

We institute a Spy Network.

The Italian troops fleeing Milano turn to fight giving Ferdinand an easy victory.

Josef has a harder fight, 6 days of furious battle!

The French army marches through a gap in our lines and reaches Pisa, Ferdinand now unoccupied moves his massed batteries south. Milano's walls crumpled under their barrage, how will flesh and blood fare?

Von Bellegarde drives the Papal troops from the gates of Hannover.

Dumouriez's batteries prove inferior to Ferdinand's.

With France's recent attempt to negotiate, I move the last remaining Austrian army towards the warzone. A concerted push into southern France may yield rewards. If we could get Tuscany or the Papal States as peace options before the Grand Armee arrives.

In the east Russia wins their war with Persia, I look forward to the arrival of Russian troops.

Von Bellegarde advances into French territory at Koln and presses for a quick assault.

Josef chases the retreating French into Switzerland.

Von Bellegarde advances on Koblenz.

Testing the waters on French peace offers, we can get 14% of gains. Tuscany is 21%. Push on!

October ends as do dreams of Russian troops!


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You never see it coming - Nov 1st to 30th 1800

Proving too costly to assault and too long to besiege Koblenz is bypassed in favour of Trier. Trier falls to assault.

Bremen falls to Britain.

Von Bellegarde moves south for another easy target at Colmar.

The drive into France reaches Nice.

Josef splits his army and moves on Zurich and Coire, Zurich has 5000 garrison but perhaps we can starve them out.

Colmar falls.


3 armies trapped in France have to take the long march home round Switzerland. It will take almost a month to get the trapped armies back onto friendly soil and into position.

Prussia asks for military access again. GET LOST PRUSSIA I'M NOT IN THE MOOD!

I never saw this coming, I feel kicked in the teeth.

Some lessons to learn from the war - The Imperial armies are under par and need to be improved. Check where the Russians are before committing. Never trust your war to a coaltion unless you are leading it. Always have a way home at the end. Naming armies after towns is very confusing, in future I'll name them after the commander or just number them.

France is now stuck, surrounded on all sides by nations with truces, except to the south. Will France move against Spain or wait a year and try again?

Should we risk war with Prussia and attack Bavaria? Throw ourselves against the Ottomans hoping they will be weaker with the Russians in the east? Or launch a direct war with Prussia and deal with Bavaria another day?


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What are we going to do now? <repeat> * - Dec 1st 1805 to Feb 28th 1806

Ok so no-one noticed I got all my dates wrong. They'll be right from now on.

Also Charles is in this of course, how terribly anglo-centric I've been expecting him to be "Charles" and not Karl, however I may have noticed earlier if his stats were better. Really only 5/3/4?

War over, still at a loss what to do next. However one thing is certain it's midwinter and we need some time to recover our losses and get ready for a spring offensive. North or South?

Prussia has taken Oldenburg but otherwise done nothing.

The Ottomans are still slugging it out with the Russians in the east.

All our armies are ordered to central positions, but our 3 armies are still walking back from the south of France.

France sends Spain an insult.

A second rate warship leaves the dockyard in Flaum, a first rate is laid down in it's place.

Great Britain sends Prussia an insult.

France requests military access and is refused.

France declares war on Mecklenburg, I'm assuming this is going to be a naval assault unless Prussia or Britain allow them access.

Sweden who were guaranteeing Mecklenburg declare war on France, this is starting to get interesting!

Prussia requests military access again, and is again refused.

Prussia was also guaranteeing Mecklenburg and now declares war on France too.

A look at the map shows the interesting political landscape for the Franco-Prussian War.

Prussia has access to Brunswick but Hannover is British and no-one is getting through there. We're not letting either of the main combatants onto our soil, so this may turn out to be a really boring war.

Our forces which were inching south towards the Ottoman borders reverse direction and move back to central Austria.

Prussia is otherwise occupied, France is under truce. Bavaria you've been such a good friend but.......

We declare war on Bavaria, 3 armies should be sufficient and mainly for siege duties.

The Prussians decide that despite being at war with France, they like Bavaria too much to just let us get on with taking her over.

Honestly I never thought they'd make an issue of it, so most of our armies are further from the field than they should be.

Wurzburg is beseiged.

The Bavarian army retires from Munchen and leaves Ferdinand and his massed batteries to beseige the city.

Wesel is besieged too, all 3 Bavarian cities are now invested.

A waiting game, can we take them before the Saxons and Prussians arrive?

We send an ambassador to the French asking for permission to move through their territory, not surprisingly the answer is "non".

Josef engages the Bavarian army at Bayreuth, while the Saxons advance on Wurzburg.

The Saxons are quickly crushed at Wurzburg.

Austrian forces move into southern central Prussia as the Prussians move in force into northeastern Austria.

The 5 day Battle of Bayreuth sees the Bavarians driven from Austrian occupied Prussian territory.

Wurzburg falls when Karl assaults the city freeing the army to march north and chase the fleeing Saxons and Bavarians.

The last few months have not gone quite as planned. The Bavarian campaign should have been delayed to let the French and Prussians work out how they were going to get at each other, but what is done is done.
Perhaps we can grab Bavaria, Saxony and Breslau from this war, then we can look south.

* with apologies to the late great Spike Milligan


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The Spring Offensive - Mar 1st to Apr 30th 1806

This is getting to be a bad habit! I missed an entire Bavaria city.

Von Borberek's army is halted in its advance towards Saxony to take up siege duties at Regensburg.

Prussia forms a coalition against France, which Egypt is the first to join.

Karl has chased the defeated Saxons up through their nation to Leipzig, but once again home terrain proves to their advantage and they manage to slip away yet again.

The Prussians storm our city of Lublin. In return we take Breslau, in future troops will be instructed not to attempt cavalry charges up the storming ladders!

Von Wutemburg's victorious army will march to take Lodsch and Warsaw, then swing south and east to attack the Prussian forces from the rear.

Wesel then Regensburg fall into Austrian hands, only Munchen stalls the fall of Bavaria.

Josef takes Erfurt.

With Prussian troops fleeing across the borders of Brunswick we seek and are granted permission to chase them. Brunswick being guaranteed by both Britain and Russia ensured our politeness.

Egypt now declares war on France. I'm amazed at the pointlessness of this.

Von Bellegarde moves from his triumph at Wesel through Brunswick against a possible Prussian build up at Hildesheim.

Lodsch falls to assault.

Meanwhile the besiegers of Gleiwitz turn to face a Prussian relief force.

France asks for and is refused access to our territory.

Leipzig in Saxony falls.

Von Wurtemburg reaches Warsaw, takes the city and marches south to start the attack on the Prussians.

Karl who was being sidetracked in beseiging Dresden crosses the Elbe intent on Frankfurt.

The Prussians take Radom in the east, at this rate Prussia will hold Austrian Poland and Austria Prussian Poland.

Von Bellegarde having encountered no Prussians in Hildesheim, marches once again through Brunswick and lays siege to Magdeburg.

Inspiration strikes! The French had declared war on Mecklenburg but their nearest troops appear to be in the Netherlands, we have an army not far away......

Sweden and Denmark both guarantee Mecklenburg's independence, only Sweden is prepared to back this up with action.

We are now at war with Bavaria, Saxony, Mecklenburg, Prussia and Sweden. Prussia is at war with Austria and France. Sweden is at war with Austria, France and Denmark. This minor campaign is turning into a blood bath!

Von Wurtemburg strikes the first of the blows against the Prussian incursion in the east.

Frankfurt falls to assault.

Von Wurtemburg catches a second Prussian force.

Von Bellegarde reaches Lubeck and disperses a division of Swedish artillery before moving east to storm Rostock.

Ansbach the Prussian outpost south of Bavaria falls.

It's all going very well.


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Prussian Diplomacy - May 1st to Jun 30th 1806

In the early hours of May 1st Great Britain joins the "lets all grab a bit of Prussia" movement.

Karl marches east from Frankfurt to take Posen by storm and help in the operations against the Prussia field armies.

After his last victory von Wurtemburg had chased a Prussian force north to Modlin, the Prussians managed to escape and now the army finds itself having to move westwards to avoid Prussian numbers and a perilous crossing of the Vistula.

Von Bellegarde lays siege to Lubeck.

At Bayreuth a Saxon relief force is brushed aside.

Leaving the siege duties to others Josef marches north and punishes the Saxon once more.

At Grossberen Josef strikes the fleeing Saxons again.

Having performed well in the campaign Josef's proud but battered forces are ordered to Prag for reinforcement and recuperation.

After 97 days Munchen is starved into surrender.

After 98 days Bavaria becomes a satellite and pays us for the privelidge.

After 99 days Prussia bows to the inevitable and agrees to peace on Austrian terms.

A battle had been raging at Posen for 6 days, our casualties were heading towards 40,000 and more Prussians were feeding in day by day. Letting the war go on would have let the Prussians regain the advantage in the east.

Depot construction begins in Breslau, Krakau and Lublin.

The peace is barely a week old when Prussia ask us for military access.

Naval development continues with a first rate warship leaving the yards at Ragusa. Another is laid down at the yards.

France now asks for access.

Work begins at Salzburg to upgrade the province to "normal" development.

The siege of Lubeck continues, all other forces are back on home soil.

It will take 13 months to recover the war losses to date .

Some thoughts
Once again the Imperial armies have under performed, fine against minor powers and sieges but when facing a major power on near equal terms it becomes little more than mutual destruction and poor morale near breaks us.
I'll need to look at the tactics I've been employing. I've been using "counterpunch" and "up the guard" perhaps the Austrian generals are just not right for these. Changes will be made.

Perhaps the decision I made to stick with a historical rank structure when assigning army commands is having a more detrimental effect than I expected. I have 2 decent generals sitting on the side lines due to their anachronistic appearance in the game and some rather good ones leading flanks rather than armies. Maybe it's time for more research and promote and retire in line with history.

As soon as the 4th Austrian National idea has been researched I'm going to switch to Fire Ideas. The final Austrian idea is Austrian National Bank +5% tax income and -0.5 interest rate, money hasn't really been an issue as yet and I'm not intending to take a loan.


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You could probably conquer your way to Mars despite the handicap in generals. I have seen only one defeat so far, I wanna see blood! player blood to be specific.

Sorry to disappoint, my troops being massacred in that war was brought to an end before a result due to the peace treaty :)

I'm concerned to lose too many troops with Russia on one side, France on the other and the Ottomans looking for 5 or 6 provinces from us too. I'm playing more conservatively than I might normally but the AI is on agressive and I'm trying to be careful.


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Mar 15, 2013
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Gap Year - Jul 1st 1806 to Apr 30th 1807

Prussia has been dealt with, but there will be further conflict. Saxony is still under Prussian control and we need Dresden to achieve victory.

The plan for the time being is rest and recover the armies for 6 months and then war on the Ottomans. This will also allow a little more time to build up the navy as 2 of the 3 targets we need from them are islands, Rhodos and Magusa. Rhodos is an island fortress, to take it there will need to be a blockade and the Ottoman navy is currently about twice the size of ours and better quality to boot.

In July we gain the Military Frontier idea, +50% National Manpower modifier -25% Land Maintenance modifier.

Lubeck falls late in July, Mecklenburg becomes a satellite. A rather pointless gain but rather us have it than anyone else.

We are still at war with Sweden, they will not accept a generous offer of a stalemate peace. Von Bellegarde's army moves to besiege Stralsund. The Swedes suddenly offer a truce.

I didn't learn my lesson, von Bellegarde is trapped in Mecklenburg. I could send the transports to pick them up but it would take 2 trips and knowing my luck someone would declare war and sink them when they are half way home. [Playing Austria is making me paranoid! :) ]

Prussia starts asking for access to our territory yet again. They will always be refused.

Two new 1st rate warships slip into the Adriatic from Trieste and Flaum. They are replace in the yards by a transport and a frigate.

Time slips by.

Constuction begins on an new port facility in Senj.

It is now November, the Austrian Imperial Army are massing along the border of the Ottoman Balkans. Poor weather and the sudden creation of a French coalition against Britain halts possible offensive action.

The depots in Krakau, Breslau and Lublin activate.

The troops are pulled back from the Ottoman border, if France is going to attack Britain soon then I'll want to be hitting France.

Over the next few months the Imperial Armies creep closer to French territory, I'm playing a game of "any day now" waiting for France to take action. Nothing happens! Why have a coalition if you're not going to do anything with it?

The naval build up continues in the Adriatic, more transports are constructed.

Sicily and Brunswick join Prussia's war against France.

It's back into traditional campaigning season and France hasn't done anything, I've wasted almost a year waiting for something to happen rather than making things happen.

Far too conservative.

Things need to change!