Advice for dwarfen mage "Khrand" and spellcasting needed

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Apr 24, 2011
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After playing EL and EL Ranger I'm currently playing the magic campaign.
I'm afraid, I didn't understand the rune-system at all.

Ok, I saw the usefulness of "rune of slowness" and "rune of strenght". I never tried "rune of speed", though.
But what about the offensive runes? Do they work as intended? Examples:

I cast the "rune of circular attack" (translated from German). In my imagination it should be placed there, where many enemies stand around. But one or two hits from ANY enemy and it's gone without damaging anything, at least not in a way worth the while.

Then there is a crystal, which should explode after one turn. I cast it one hex away from the enemy, but of course they immediately attack it and it goes away after one or two hits, too.

The "rune of fear" seems to work, because after attacking it, the enemy runs away. But it lasts - again - just for a few hits.

Is all the stuff only meant to distract the enemies, so that they move away from a certain spot?

Next problem: AOEs. The "gold/hard guide" on top of this site mentions very often "AOE them to death". What??
The only AOE I've seen doing considerable damage is "slave of the dragon", but that's not in Khrand's list. He has something like "rain of fury", which causes one or two damage. The same with any of his spells - most of direct damage (DD) spells of the humans and elves, too - except that "blow of the holy hammer".
The best DD-spell is IMO the "lightning bow", which always works 100% on mechanical units but for this I don't need a mage.
I love the debuffs of the human and elven mages, but Khrand has nothing like this. The amulet of Nephrite's Wasp I missed.

Khrand's summons:
The only really good ones are IMO the flying thingies, followed by the golden warden. The golem: It's damage of one or two is as ridiculous as it's damage resistance.
All of the summons are immediatley in panic, once they get hit one or two times. They flee instead of holding the spot. So, again just distractions?

Of course I think, I do anything wrong which can be made wrong. Because of this I ask for some detailed examples of how to set this Khrand effectively in scene.
Oh, some comments about the damage of DD-spells would be welcome, too.