Adding Vassal and OPMs with trade agreement to Trade League

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Sep 3, 2012
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Currently, to get an OPM in a trade league, he must not be a vassal or have a transfer trade power agreement.

So, to add a vassal, you have first to break vassalization, but this comes with a huge -200 relation malus, making it almost impossible to have it join the league.
For a vassal, joining its overlord's trade league should be a net gain, though: it won't risk being diplo-annexed, it will still get to call to arms the former overlord if attacked, it will get the goods produced and light ship trade power bonus; plus it won't join the overlord offensive wars.
First suggestion is to enable the "invite into trade league" diplomatic action for a vassal OPM, making it cost the usual prestige amount for a broken vassalization.

An OPM with a transfer trade power agreement cannot join any trade league, even if its agreement is with the league master: second suggestion is to allow the OPM to join the league of the merchant republic he's transfering trade power to, without the need to cancel the agreement first. Upon joining, he willl transfer the usual 50% trade power, regardless of its earlier agreement.

Last, but not least, and slightly unrelated: every trade league member counts as one trade agreement. This makes almost impossible to (peacefully) sign separate trade agreements with anyone else, because of the "number of trade agreement" malus when asking. Third suggestion is to remove or greatly decrease said malus relative to trade league memebers.
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