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Mar 31, 2017
cheat for HoI2/AoD/DH to view the ID of province:
F12 then in the console: showid (then "Enter")

ADDING PORT / Port hinzufügen zu einer Provinz, wo überhaupt kein Port existiert:

1. Open provinces.csv with Excel and change Port Allowed (column M) from 0 to 1 in the province you want to change (e.g province 88 "Hamburg")
2. each port needs also a port seazone. This seazone is added in the column ('N') of province.csv 8in Arsenal of Democracy\db\)

36.png (7.06 KiB) Noch nie betrachtet

3. Open adj-devs.csv (in Arsenal of Democracy\map\) with the Notepad or Editor and add to the canals lines:

88;2473;Canal;90;The Hamburg-Atlantic Canal OR 88;2473;Canal;88;The Hamburg-Atlantic Canal #Kommentar z.B. mein Mod
2473;88;Canal;90;The Hamburg-Atlantic Canal # OR 2473;88;Canal;88;The Hamburg-Atlantic Canal #

from;to;type;through is the system for this;name of the port # Kommentar
You need a connection to Hamborg (88) from Deutsche Bucht (2473) and back. For through you can use Kiel (ID 90) or Hamburg (88) itself.

After this you start the game. You choose a scenario and have to wait some minutes (ca. 3-20) because the game have to rewrite the navaldist.tbl.

4. then change the level of the port in Hamburg (Province ID 88) on 7:
Arsenal of Democracy\scenarios\1933\provinces.inc

province = {
id = 88 #Hamburg
naval_base = {
size = 7
current_size = 7

Arsenal of Democracy\scenarios\1933.eug
include = "scenarios\1933\provinces.inc"


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Nov 24, 2010
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Impressive! The only missing thing seems to be the Kiel Canal from actually showing its blue line on the map so it makes pictorial sense. It seems you will be seeing a Level 7 naval base attached to seemingly landlocked Hamburg. But certainly a great place to put extra naval base.

I wish the many version changes done recently had concentrated on fixes like that missing canal and other things instead of changing the game in many questionable ways (like infra changing its values so now one can't even scroll the build numbers properly in the construction queue).

It is kind of sad that numerous versions later, if you do a normal Port A to Port B movement, the ships in many cases still automatically go thru solid land. Seeing the intricacies of coding you have shown in the above, I never understood why these fairly bad errors never got fixed. Surely it is possible that proper coding would ensure any ship leaving port can only ever next enter a sea zone, and not immediately go to different port.


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Jul 11, 2017
In this same line of alteration I'd say that London should have access to the Mouth of Thames. Nanjing and other Yangtze river cities should have access to the East China Sea. Cheasepeake-Delaware Canal should be added. It accomodates only slightly smaller vessels than the Kiel during WW2. Realistically anything larger than a light cruiser would need to be unloaded before making transit through these canals and river ports. Possibly that should mean additional naval distance which isn't possible without Darkest Hour distances.csv implementation. There are so many other inland ports and canals that would affect strategy and supply.

More importantly what I think is missing is the Kerch Strait and a seperate interior Sea of Azov province. If alterations were ever done too HoI2 base map than these waterways should definitely be fixed. The amphibious invasion of Ukraine is too easy despite lack of realistiic beach heads in that area. On the whole all HoI2 maps have too many beaches and ports. If they were less common than there would be better naval traffic bottlenecks of supply and invasion for gameplay.

Frankly, I think that the base map is the best of any published so far. Just because of the large polygonal land provinces with fewer connection make AI pathing work best. Wish I could get my hands on the Iron Cross map.
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