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Dec 25, 2009
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This suggestion is for a galaxy setting to determine whether or not Sol spawns.

Sometimes you just don't want to see Sol, Earth, or those filthy humans in your galaxy. Nothing ruins a game like when you make an empire that's supposed to be humanity's descendants and then discover Earth in the middle of World War II.

Ideally, there would be three options: Guaranteed, Random, and Disabled.

Guaranteed ensures that Sol spawns somewhere in the galaxy as long as Sol is not already an empire's home system. Disabled prevents Sol from spawning. Random would be the same as we have now: a chance that Sol spawns somewhere in the galaxy.
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I'd honestly like to have this option for most predefined systems, particularly any that come with a non-randomized species. Like the system with those tomb world preference species that end up all over every galaxy.

Also, I'd split the random option into two options. Regular random would give a specific random chance regardless of galaxy size, while scaled random would increase with galaxy size so that it functions as chance per system. Most predefined systems that aren't always 100% currently use scaled random, but Sol notably uses regular random.
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