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Oct 16, 2018
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I’ve said this before, but the new victory system is basically the main reason I don’t play stellaris that much anymore. See, I’m one of those people who likes playing “nice” empires, as in “egal/xenophile/pacifist”, and while the system allows these empires to win per se, you can’t really win in a “nice“ way, you still gotta be the biggest, strongest empire, whether that bigness is from being tall or being wide. You can’t win with other empires, because only one empire can get first place.

There’s an easy fix for this though; add an option to include federations to the leaderboard. A federation‘s score would be calculated as something like this:

Total score of all members(minus the score they gain from being part of a federation) * type multiplier * level multiplier * (1 / sqrt(federation members - 1))

Where the type multiplier and centralization multiplier would be two numbers, both less than one, which are determined by the federation type and the federation level. Simply put, the federation will only have a fraction of the total score of its members.

The type multiplier could be as follows: (numbers are preliminary, because I am not a game designer)

Galactic union - 0.90 (because they are more solely focused on diplomacy and being nice and stuff)

Hegemony - 0.45 (because they’re basically focused around a single ruler, so while a federation victory for them is possible, it’s also unlikely)

Other federation types - 0.75

And the Level multiplier could be as follows:

level 1 - 0.25

level 2 - 0.35

level 3 - 0.50

level 4 - 0.75

level 5 - 0.90

That way, it’s possible to have a federation victory, but you can still be part of a federation and achieve a solo victory by just having more points than the federation you’re in. (and players with no interest in such a victory could just disable it and have a cleaner leaderboard)

I also don’t think it’d be that hard to implement, but I could be wrong on that.
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