Adams hotfix (1.6.1) released [checksum b38e]

Adams hotfix (1.6.1) released [checksum b38e]

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Hi m8s....i have 1.6.0 and i dnt see 1.6.1 in Stellaris BETA patches. I checked all options to enable partecipating all beta in Steam also, but nothing happens. Sorry for my bad engl. i'm ita. Ty all. :)
PS: i have not any mods subscribed.
1.6.1 is the official patch now, not a beta. Do you not see 1.6.1 on the launcher when you run it?


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Jun 27, 2016
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EDIT: I found a workaround for this glitch. Go to the Ship Designer menu and then click new ship design. Click the image of the battle ship, name it and save it. After I did this, battleships appeared in the spaceport menu.

After starting a new game with the latest official patch, I find that I cannot build battleships even though I've researched it. The option to make them isn't there either in the spaceport menu or ship design menu. This is after I ran into a game-breaking crash in another save with the same Empire in the 1.6.0 Adams patch. I'm beginning to think I should stop playing this game until its fundamental mechanics are fixed.
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Apr 25, 2012
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Hi guys. I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm running into a problem: the "egalitarian faction treats robots as slaves" bug is still there, even though the beta changelog says that it isn't. I can't find any other reason why they're angry at me, since I have slavery outlawed completely.

Then again, I think I started this game before 1.6.1 went live. In which case: is it the case that the patch's changes aren't applied retroactively?


Jun 13, 2017
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Finishing the last section of my ringworld, got the sensor array all set up. I occupy about 40% of the galaxy... and now:

[21:34:31][trigger.cpp:481]: invalid scope for trigger. got [planet], expected {country}. file: common/buildings/00_buildings.txt line: 3140


[21:33:48][species.cpp:282]: Error: Failed Reading Species Class Names!
Reason: Invalid Species Class!

and my saved game is totally unplayable. AAAUUGH