Across the Obelisk: New Hero Pack & New Story Pack - OUT NOW!

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Mar 1, 2024
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Welcome Nenukil, the Engineer and discover The Obsidian Uprising TODAY!

The two new DLCs for Across the Obelisk are OUT NOW! Buy them here:

Nenukil, the Engineer
The Obsidian Uprising

Here's what coming out today!

Nenukil, the Engineer Hero Pack contains:

  • The Nenukil hero: a Scout-class dwarf character with an exclusive gameplay mechanic.
  • An adaptable hero. Reach level 3 with Nenukil and choose between his Double Barrel or Mounted Cannon traits—focus on dealing damage or prioritize defense.
  • A new type of dynamic character skin that changes in-game depending on whether you select Nenukil’s Double Barrel or Mounted Cannon abilities.
  • Three additional skins in total for your new hero.
  • Floaty, Nenukil’s trusty robot sidekick—a standalone pet that can remove enemies' Taunt and Powerful abilities.
  • Three new themed card backs.
  • Five emotes for swift co-op collaboration with your party.
  • Custom replies for in-game events—learn more about Nenukil, his heroic deeds during the Obsidian Uprising and his deep friendship with Queen Amelia.
The Obsidian Uprising Story Pack contains:

  • Upon investigating a mysterious rift in Velkarath, your party is thrown 30 years into the past to the ancient dwarven city of Black Forge to relive the events of the Obsidian Uprising.
  • Team up with young versions of familiar heroes, quell the uprising and right what once went wrong. Can you find your way home, or will you remain stuck in time?
  • Explore a sprawling multi-layered map. Travel back in time and discover the secrets behind a once glorious city.
  • Unlock Scrappy, a new robot pet with previously unseen customization options. Progress through the story and craft Scrappy piece by piece. Choose from five different chassis and five different arms for a total of 25 unique combinations.
  • Experiment with four new items exclusive to this Story Pack and unearth powerful new combos.
  • Ensure your heroes are ready for this industrial adventure with seven steampunk-themed character skins.
  • Give your deck a makeover with a beautiful new card back.
  • Share the story with your co-op party. Only one adventurer per party needs to own The Obsidian Uprising to enjoy this time-traveling tale.
Patch 1.4 is also live with bug fixes along with a bunch of new changes, events, challenges.