Jun 17, 2021
Give us a way to select if an item is contraband or not.
Currently drinks are contraband I don't care if they make booze from it. I WANT MY ONE POINT BACK.

If you don't put a drink machine in a canteen you lose a point in room quality. If you do put a drink machine in a canteen you get contraband drinks.

I don't mind if oranges are stolen from the fruit garden, them's good eats!

Put in a panel somewhere, perhaps a right click on a room or object. That lists all of the possible contraband and if you want it banned or not. Perhaps even special punishments for specific contraband.

Currently it is not possible to modify objects via modding to remove contraband. You can make the item not a luxury, make your luxury punishment nothing and the guards will still find "contraband" and escort the prisoner to their cell. With mods can remove contraband from rooms. I've not looked into removing contraband from production objects. From what I've read the contraband system is not really accessible via modding.
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Jun 19, 2021
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Completely agree. I wish there was a way to totally remove luxuries from the punishment menu. Even if I set it to None, prisoners are still being cuffed and waiting to be escorted to their cell. And with the way the game is working right now, that means that sometimes they wait for hours and hours, for something I have set to not be punished.

Really shouldn't need mods for this. At the very least allow us to get 10/10 in the canteen without needing a drink machine then.