Ability to Change holysites if you are the founder of the religion (And solutions to previous problems)

Ability to Change holysites if you are the founder of the religion (And solutions to previous problems)

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Jul 13, 2020
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The reason why this wasn't included in the first place was the fear that people would just put the holy-sites on neighbouring provinces
Here is my solution

  1. Make changing a holy site cost piety
  2. the closer it is to another holysite the more it will cost
  3. Placing a holysite in or near the borders will cost more piety than moving all the holysites within the borders
  4. if you somehow manage to put all the holysites into neighbouring provinces, make it so in general religions created like that will have alot less piety come in, and it would take 10x longer to convert provinces (Basically just piety penalties)
Also if you are Christian/Jewish Must have Jerusalem as a Holysite
if Islamic must have Mecca & Medina as a Holysite
if zoroastrian must have Yazd as a Holysite
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