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Congratulations to our winners of the newest title in the ranks of AARland: AARtist of the Month. This award commemorates an often forgotten part of writing: the visual. So congratulations again for bringing a unique visual aesthetic to the forums!

1 - The following 1st after your win, you choose someone else and post their name in this thread (you should also post in their AAR to let them know they have won.)

2 - Enjoy your month in the spotlight. We hope it gives you a few more views during the month and perhaps even a few comments.

To start it off, I award AARtist of the Month to thrashing mad for his work on History of the White Eagle II, and the beautiful maps and character portraits for the Kings of Poland in his CK AAR.

Past Winners:


April - thrashing mad for History of the White Eagle II (CK)
May - AllymyJames for The Star of New Orleans - A Louisiana AAR (Vic2)
June - Svip for Glory for Ulm: A Flagland AAR (EU3)
August - General_BT for Rome AARisen - a Byzantine AAR (CK)
September - Saithis for Piety of the North Star - The Hvide of Sjaelland (CK)
October - Sensational for I am the real Shogun (Senguko)
November - 2Coats for Shogun: In the footsteps of a Legend (Sengoku)
December - Cubie_Hole for Gary Busey and Friends (HoI3)

January - Loki100 & Narwhal for Burning Down the Houses: The War of 1812 (AGEOD)
February - Selzro for Subcontinental Subtleties, An experimental comic AAR (Vic 2)
March - gabor for Single Men: The Holy See (EU3)
April - AlexanderPrimus for The Chronicles of the Golden Cross Redux (CK2)
May - naggy for Parmesan Cheese (CK2)
July - Bornego for Once Upon a Time ... The Revolution: A Red Grand Campaign PBEM (RUS)
September - Eqqman for LIFE in the Trenches (HOI3)
October - robw963 for AMERICA Saves the World! - USA AAR HOI3 FtM 3.05 (HOI3)
November - Nicegil for Panzer MaaAARsch ! An (almost) historical AAR (HOI3)
December - MM for Tomorrow the World: A German AAR (HOI3)

January - Uriah for Doppelgänger: the Untold Story of the Third Reich (HOI3)
March - jafloresl for History, as should have been written: A Victoria II Mexico AAR. (V2)
April - TristamShandy for AmericAAR: Land of the Free (V2)
June - MondoPotato for The Republic - A Central American AAR (V2)
July - RikD for A Case Study: King Carol II (HOI3)
August - Marshall18 for The Marshall18 Family Story (CKII)
September - Tanzhang for United We Shall Remain (V2)
October - Gen. Marshall for general services to AARland
November - Belgiumruler for some sort of unspecified graphical contribution
December - Nick Giordano for Österreich über alles (V2)

January - Zawarudodio for The 'Real' History of Egypt
February - Anthnytdwg for La Guerra es Infierno
May - Svip for Glory for Ulm (the EUIV edition)
June - philly_boy for Macedonia
September - Jape for A House United and In Spite of Tyrants
October - Nick Giordano for Österreich über alles - Austrian Polandball AAR - PoD 3.0.5 [PICTURE HEAVY]

August - Nicegil for Panzer, MaaAARsch! An (almost) historical AAR
September - misterbean for Hearts of Iron: Take Three
October - Saithis for Last Man and Shilling - Semper Fi HPP AustraliAAR

October - JohnnyMacintosh for The Stars Are Ours
November - hjarg for New and Improved Hauteville Empire
December - vyshan for La Serenissima - A Venetian Divergences AAR

>Award Discontinued<
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Oh, Wow. Thank you, I'm greatly honoured. :cool: Great to see this new weekly spotlight going. OK - I'll have to dive into AAR subforums in search of successor - until then.:)
Congratulations. A worthy choice to start this off.
I think that has to be the most obvious first winner of the award :D Congratulations my friend!
A great inaugural choice! Very well deserved, Thrashing!
Cool to see this new award is awarded for the first time as well.

Nice choice. Congratulations thrashing mad!
For the time being, this is being expanded to AARtist of the Month, sorry about that.

I believe that is the best course of action.

Also, congratulations thrashing mad! Well deserved.
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