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Welcome to AARland, traveller.
This is the right place to enjoy stories told through Paradox' collection of grand strategy games. Hopefully they will inspire you to tell your own stories and share them with this community.

AARland sports several writing styles, going from full-fledged narratives, over history book AARs, to pure gameplay. There are even some comic strips. Some AARs are serious, some are intended as comical relief, most are something inbetween. You are entirely free to pick your own style and experiment with new ones.

These stories and their writers are, of course, nothing without proper encouragement and constructive criticism in the form of comments. Tell these wordsmiths what you think of their work, why you like it, what is good about it, what could be improved.
Remember though, to always do it in a civil way. Do this, and when you start your own first AAR you will receive the same.

Current AARland Moderators: Qorten, Mr. Capiatlist
Current Demi-moderators: Avindian, Eber, Saithis, Myth

To preserve the civil tone that has always been a mainstay of AARland the Moderation Team has put several rules and guidelines in place. Please read them carefully before posting and of course follow them!

1. First and foremost you must follow the general Forum Rules that apply throughout the Paradox Interactive forum at all times.

2. Interactive AARs:
- If you think an AAR may be interactive then you should check with any of the moderators first. This is fundamental, any AAR we find when wandering around the forums that we believe to be interactive will be locked, and it is much less likely that you will be given permission to then carry on. So rule #1 is very simple - if in doubt: ask before starting.
- If your AAR is what can be termed 'mildly interactive' then, if you ask first, odds on permission will be granted. 'Mildly Interactive' includes votes on very specific options or 'tell me what to play for my AAR' votes. All such votes must be against a short list of clear options, with a very early end date. If this is your intent, and you ask first, most likely an AAR of this type will be given permission;
- If your AAR is fully interactive, you will not be given permission unless you have an existing track record of successfully running and completing conventional AARs on this forum. 'Fully Interactive' is anything that is not covered in the rule above but includes commentators role playing characters, commentators advising the player (in character) or an AAR where the voting is carried out on a regular basis. If you start one of these, without permission, then it will be locked and you will not receive permission to carry on or start a new one. So if you have any doubts, ask.

So the rules are: ask first, if it's complex then make sure you already have experience in running AARs, if it involves some interaction, then it is likely that permission will be granted.

Why do we make this distinction? Because fully interactive AARs are a lot of work for both the thread owner and the moderators. We need to be sure you will be able to sustain the effort and will help us in managing the thread. Unfortunately, past experience indicates that if such a thread goes wrong, it can go very wrong very quickly. Equally if this happens we will hold both the thread owner and any individual posters equally liable.

If you have permission to run an interactive AAR, you should add a note to this effect in the first post, indicating which member of the moderating team agreed.

3. Common sense will rule while creating an AAR, so borderline subjects or references must be avoided. However, please remember this is alternative history before making any knee-jerk reactions to material someone may find offensive. When in doubt, contact a Moderator first.

4. All new initiatives (f.i. contests, new weekly/monthly award,...) must be run past the Moderators first.

5. There shall be no groups/clubs/societies allowed to operate on the AAR forums. The AAR community is for everyone.

6. All Non-Paradox AARs must be posted in the OT-forum

7. Certain games published, but not developed by Paradox, have their own AAR forums.

8. If you write an AAR on a different gaming forum you may not provide a direct link to it.

9. Refrain from using more than two threads maximum if running a multi-player or collaborative AAR. All others require only one thread. This will be strictly enforced.

10. Spam posts:
The following kind of posts are deemed spam and are liable to be removed without notice, posting these kind of posts may lead to the poster
receiving a warning (or infraction if you are a repeat offender):

- Posts that ask only for an update.
- Posts that only contain screenshots or images.
- Posts that contain only smilies.
- Posts that are limited to "+1".

11. Necromancy:
What is necromancy?
- Posting in dead threads.
- If you are the original thread starter you may always post in your thread, no matter how long it hasn't been posted in so long as your new post adds significant content (e.g. you cannot bump your own thread).

When do you consider a thread to be dead?
- In AARland the rule is 6 (six) months.

12. Bandwidth leeching:
- Do not link to images on other websites unless you have authorisation to do so. This kind of "hot linking" is stealing bandwidth of the server you link from and is not appreciated.
- Use hosting sites like Imgur, Photobucket, ImageShack,... to upload your screenshots and other assorted images for your AAR.

Current AARland Moderators: @Qorten, @Mr. Capiatlist
Current Demi-moderators: @Avindian

Finally, visit the fAARq - FAQ for AARland. There you will find questions to answers and links of interest covering many, many subjects.
If you have any questions or doubts about rules or posting in AARland, feel free to ask any of the AARland (Demi-)Moderators through 'private conversation'.
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