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My apologies if I missed someone or couldn't choose between too many candidates; haven't been very active lately.

Favorite Comedy AAR, EU(1-3): Deshtined to Fail - A Khandesh HttT AAR by morningSIDEr
Favourite Gameplay AAR, EU (1-3): Boris Ze Spider's Alternate History I - Granada

Favorite History-Book AAR, CK: The Atheling Chronicle - A King without a Crown by AllmyJames

Favorite History-Book AAR, Vicky1/2: The Star of New Orleans - A Louisiana AAR by AllMyJames

Favorite AAR, Open Category: History of the White Eagle II by thrashing mad

History of the White Eagle is a CK AAR.
Hey, sorry I am running late with this. It is exam week for me and my girl friend is leave for a three and a half month study abroad in japan so I am currently in chicago sending her off. Obviously at this point voting is closed. Results will be up late Thursday or friday at the latest. Sorry again for the delay.
Yes, thank you, Mr. Capiatlist, for running this! And for taking the time to promote it and tally scores, etc.

I agree with the previous messages : thanks a lot and take your time :)
Drum roll please...

The winners (where applicable) are:

HoI 3 - Narrative: Rank and File: A Clerk's War Germany 1936 (Semper Fi), Uriah
HoI 3 - Comedy: Gary Busey and Friends - 1936 USA AAR - cubie_hole
HoI 3 - History Book: End of Empire - A British AAR 1938 SF - by Redandwhite
HoI 3 - Gameplay: Sudden Carnage by CaptEasy

HoI 1/2 - Narrative: Against All Odds: The British Empire in World War Two
HoI 1/2 - History Book: The Presidents: The Vietnam War Edition
HoI 1/2 - Gameplay: Ultimate Showdown 2.0: Now With More Showdowniness - Handsoff AAR by Subi

EU - Narrative: The Eternal Exile: A Nation Hopping AAR, by Ashantai
EU - Comedy: Glory for Ulm: A Flagland AAR, by Svip
EU - History Book: Single Men - The Holy See MMU by gabor
EU - Gameplay: Children of the Sun - a Cuzco MEIOU AAR, by Malurous

CK - Narrative: Chronological Influences IV: The Legacy of Time, by TC Pilot and I Rodrigo: The Annals of the Eran Shahr by Issac Wolfe
CK - Comedy: Suenik the Beleaguered - a None Too Serious AAR, by Iain Wilson
CK - History Book: History of the White Eagle II, by thrashing mad

Vicky - Comedy: These Oranjes Are Not For Eating, by Iain Wilson
Vicky - History Book: News from Nowhere - a Confederate History - by Jape
Vicky - Gameplay: I am Siam - A V2 Minor Strategy AAR - by Rensslaer

Open: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic, by Stuckenschmidt and Penguin Classics - A History of the Vandals by Alfred Packer

Congratulations to all the winners! And if you see any errors, please notify me as soon as you can.
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Congrats, everyone! All very worthy winners!

What do the asterisks denote?
Splendid selection, congratulations :).
Congratz to the winners and for the guy who organised this round of AwAARds !
Congratulations to all the winners, and also a huge thank you to Mr. Capiatlist for organizing the awards!