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Apr 28, 2008
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Hi guys, this is my first shot at writing fanfiction based off a game playthrough. I hesitate to call it an AAR, as I didn't save snapshots of important moments. I just want to use the general feeling I had during the playthrough to write a story. The playthrough for this story is of course the GoT mod for CK 2, with a non-bookmark start at 8291 (291 AL) as Robert Baratheon. Well, here goes nothing:

I: Journal entry of Daenerys Targaryen, dated 1st day of the Year 300 AL.

Soon, I'm going to wed the son of my most hated enemy.

It's not every day where a maid can write such things into her journal. But, today is one such day. I, Daenerys Targaryen, daughter of the late Aerys Targaryen, Second of His Name and King of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, am going to marry Prince Joffrey Baratheon, son of the usurper of my father's crown, whose name I shall not mention here.

Like many things in my life thus far, I have no say in this marriage. Many years ago, the Usurper sent his envoy to the Sealord of Braavos, and ask that I be betrothed to his eldest prince. I'm sure he had older sons than the boy whom I'm going to marry; even across the narrow sea, his drinking and ability to sire both children and bastards are material worthy of many a bawdy song at the local taverns. Since my brother and I are in his court, the Sealord saw no reason to refuse the offer from a man sitting on the Iron Throne, a powerful enemy if offended. Young as I was at the time, I can still clearly remember Viserys' red face and mad rants when the news was made known to him. Looking back now, perhaps the Usurper was tired of his hired killers failing to finish off the last of the dragons, and decided on a different course of action.

After the betrothal, my tutelage under the Sealord himself took on a different turn. He seemed to have more... pride as my guardian. No doubt that he would not wish for me to disgrace him at the court in King's Landing, that a Sealord of Braavos could not present a maid worthy enough for the heir to the Iron Throne. I converted to the Moonsingers during my time here in Braavos, but I am still a Targaryen, a dragon.

Although I can wish nothing but ill towards the Usurper, I am mildly curious about this son of his. Is he like his father, or worse? Is he fat or thin, handsome or ugly, tall or short? It probably won't matter. Nobles don't marry for love. They marry for almost any other reason: fame, fortune, power. But, not love.
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II: Journal entry of Joffrey Baratheon, dated 1st day of the Year 300 AL.

"You are going to marry Daenerys Targaryen," said Mother, as I sat in my chamber, poring over the papers which my maester tutor had assigned for reading. I looked up at her.

"Are you upset, Mother?" I knew that my betrothal, done years ago, had been arranged by Father without her prior knowledge.

"Not really. You're my son, Joffrey, and your father's too." I've heard the whispers of the older servants and nobles when they thought no one was listening. Stories of how the Mad King, my bride's father, had lusted after my late grandmother, Joanna Lannister. Grandpa had refused to comment when I asked him about this rumour. However, he freely admitted that Prince Rhaegar could have married my mother instead of his eventual wife, Elia Martell. Uncle Jaime joining the Kingsguard was probably another attempt to slight my grandfather, I thought.


"...Sorry, Mother. I... was thinking. About many things."

"A star for your thoughts," smiled my mother, as she sat on my bed. Her eyes were beautiful, just like the rest of her. I'm 14, and shouldn't be commenting on my mother like this, but she is gorgeous. How she kept her figure after so many children would be a mystery for the ages.

"Would Uncle Tyrion be there at the wedding?" The smile faded a little.

"He probably will be, along with your grandfather." Uncle Tyrion and Grandpa never got on well. That, I heard from my mother herself. Grandma Joanna was loved by her family, and I do not doubt that Grandpa and Mother had hated Uncle Tyrion for his birth. For what it's worth, Uncle Tyrion is still the heir to Casterly Rock, and time did what it could to lessen the pain.

"I always wondered why Father arranged this marriage. I thought he hated the Targaryens."

"Oh, he hated them all right. But, darling, in life, you can't just keep on hating." Mother was not Father's first wife. He was betrothed to Lady Lyanna Stark, who died during the rebellion. As far as my memories went, there was no love between my parents. Father drank, and whored, while Mother enjoyed the company of Uncle Jaime. Sometimes, I wondered how Ser Barristan Selmy could have tolerated Uncle Jaime's frequent meetings with Mother. Surely, a Kingsguard has his duties.

Duty... Perhaps, that was why Father changed the way he did. Again, from the mouths of the older nobles and servants, it seems that the first years of my father's reign were bad, when it comes to his drinking. It breaks the mind a little when one wonders just how much a man could drink and indulge himself. Even after my betrothal, I could remember the smell of wine from my days as Father's squire. I remembered how he drank whenever he lost at a tourney (but never once blaming me), or whenever he won (and always allowing me to share in the glory). If this was already considered "better"....

"...Darling, you really should try to focus on conversations. It's rude not to pay attention."

"Of course, Mother. I was thinking about how my bride would look like." An obvious lie, but Mother didn't notice. To tell the truth, I don't get girls. Well, maybe I will understand them if they knew how to swing a sword or joust. So far, my life has been that of a squire, and a student learning to become a good king.

"They say that the dragon maid can turn heads. Why, some say that she can make your Uncle Renly look at women!" I joined Mother in her chuckling. There were unkind rumours about Uncle Renly and his... "interest" in men. Surely, they are just rumours.

"I just hope that I can get along with her." Mother stopped laughing, and she looked somewhat serious.

"Darling, as a prince and a future king, you do not need to get along with your princess. You just need to plant your seed in her. Your children will be stags, but they will also be able to claim that they descended from dragons, more convincingly than your father."

"Stags... and dragons." I wondered if my bride, now in Braavos, thought about our marriage in the same way.
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Such an irony! It seems terribly interesting your concept ...Your writing style also is very nice !
Daenerys and Joffrey engaged!!! What madness!!!

Interesting idea though, definitely a completely different spin on things. And in your alternate GoT world Joffrey seems almost likeable :)

Looking forward to seeing where this all leads down the road.
Another reason why I started from 8291, rather than later. In my playthrough, he IS very likeable.

For those who are unfamiliar with the mod, Joffrey is two years younger than Dany. Dany will be in Braavos from ~8290 until ~8296. After that, she'll be with Drogo. Anyway, time for the Player Character to give his side of the story...

III: Musings of Robert Baratheon, dated 1st day of the Year 300 AL

So, after all these years, it has come to this: A stag will once again take a dragon wife. Only this time, the stag is a future King of the Iron Throne.

To tell the truth, this whole betrothal thing arose from one of my drunken escapades. To this very day, I cannot recall what I said and did exactly. Something about "making the impossible possible". All I knew was that when I sobered up, I was informed by Varys that the Sealord had agreed. Save for the High Septon, who could never stand the incest marriages of the dragons, the rest of the Small Council advised not to reverse my decree. Dorian Martell was in full agreement. Tywin Lannister voiced the painfully valid argument that by having Joffrey marry that dragon girl, the voices of those who call me the "Usurper" will hush themselves, completely if everything is handled well. Even Ned told me to go ahead when I visited him at Winterfell soon after the news was made known to all in Westeros.

"Too much blood had flowed, Rob. The Seven Kingdoms need their peace."

Peace indeed. In peace, my drinking and whoring had made a mess of me. My only comfort now was competing at tourneys, with Joffrey as my squire, and watching him grow up. The other kids were busy with their own education and fun, and their mother was in her brother's arms. Oh yes, Varys kept me updated. He even voiced to me his suspicions that all my children are sired by a certain Kingslayer, and not me. Well, two can play at the game. Regardless, her children will be known as Baratheons, now and forever. Besides, she will never inherit Casterly Rock either. Ol' Tywin may hate the imp, but he's not yet foolish enough to let his seat fall into the hands of a daughter who whored herself to her brother.

Enough about her. At least, Joffrey was my pride and joy. I feel alive when I sparred with him at training. All I ask was for him to be ready for the throne. I wanted to give up the crown and that blasted iron chair. Take ship for the Free Cities with my horse and my hammer and spend my time warring and whoring. That’s what I was made for, the sellsword king. Oh, how the singers would love me. You know what stops me? The thought of Joffrey on the throne, as unready and unworthy as I ever was, with Cersei standing behind him, whispering in his ear.

No, Joffrey will not be unready, nor will he be unworthy. Though he may never command armies well, he WILL be a good king.
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I'll probably show pics on request, i.e. you guys let me know what character you want to see, and I'll display it. First of all, RNG throws you some curveballs. In this game, Tywin actually died in 8291 while collecting taxes, but I won't want to give up such a good character for the story.
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