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Mar 7, 2010
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With upcoming new expansion game will receive new features, some countries will probably get their NIs updated, but how about all these countries with same group National Ideas? Can't you see how they suffer? It's heartbreaking. For example Aachen, with it's own National Ideas it looks much more interesting.



+50% Hostile Core Creation
-1% Prestige Decay

I. "Cherlemagne's Tomb" +1 Yearly Prestige
II. "Stadmauer von Aachen" or "Ponttor, Kölntor, Marschiertor, Jakobstor" +20% Fort Defence
III. "Kupferschläger" (This would fit better if trade goods would have been switched to Copper, unless it will be just a name used to describe the the stream of merchants migrating to Aachen) 10% Provincial Trade Power
IV. "Grashaus" -1 National Unrest
V. "Aachener Dom" +1% Missionary Strenght
VI. "Was das Feuer zerstört hat, baut das Wasser wieder auf" -15% Development Cost
VII. "Spa of Kings" +2 Diplomatic Reputation


+25% Available Mercenaries
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May 13, 2014
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Do you think you could add in descriptions for your ideas?


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Mar 7, 2010
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"Cherlemagne's Tomb" (+1 Yearly Prestige) - "From the lands where the sun rises to western shores, people are crying and wailing ... the Franks, the Romans, all Christians, are stung with mourning and great worry ... the young and old, glorious nobles, all lament the loss of their Caesar ... the world laments the death of Charles ... O Christ, you who govern the heavenly host, grant a peaceful place to Charles in your kingdom. Alas for miserable me." Let it be known to everyone that Karolus Magnus, pater Europae found his eternal rest in our City.

"Ponttor, Kölntor, Marschiertor, Jakobstor" (+10% Fort Defence -10% Build cost) - The inner circle of walls also known as Barbarossa wall and exterior walls built thanks to generosity of Richard of Cornwall granted us a great insight into the art of construction. We should use it to assure our subject safety.

"Amya" (10% Provincial Trade Power) - The Copper Master family of Amya moved to Aachen in 1466 and soon after initialled growth of copper and brass production, granting us significant income. They were one of many who seek a safty in walls of Free City of Aachen. Let us hope that refugees from Low Countries will continue to stimulate our industry and reassert our trade position.

"Aachener Gaffelbrief" (-1 National Unrest) - Anno Domini 1450 after years of bitter dispute and violent unrest, the Guilds, patricians and aristocrats made an agreement about the future nature of Council. It was written down in Aachener Gaffelbrief, constitution of the imperial city of Aachen. It played an early role in the democratization of ordinary citizens and guild members as it provided political rights and protection.

"Aachener Dom and Heiligtumsfahrt" (+1% Missionary Strenght) - Marvelous Aachen Cathedral, oldest cathdral in Northern Europe, consecrated in 805 place of coronation for German Kings. Virgin Mary shrine is a home for four great Aachen relics, dress in which "Mary gave birth to the Son of God", swaddling clothes of the baby Jesus, loincloth that Christ wore on the Cross and loth on which Saint John the Baptist's head was placed after his beheading. Believers have a chance to see them during Aachen Pilgrimage which is held every seven years.

"Was das Feuer zerstört hat, baut das Wasser wieder auf" (-15% Development Cost) - "What was destroyed by the fire, by water will be build up again". The fire which broke out on May 2, 1656 in bakery owned by Peter Maw quickly spread ower whole city destroying 4664 houses, Town Hall, most churches and killing seventeen people. But our citizens are hardy people, the reconstruction under the watchful eye of hired architects has already began.

"Spa of Kings" (+2 Diplomatic Reputation) - From Charlemagne to Napoleon Bonaparte. The list of guests of our health resorts includes rulers and brilliant personalities from all around the world. We should use this opportunity to improve our political position.

Do you think you could add in descriptions for your ideas?

Reviewed set of ideas. But to be honest, they would have been better if I knew German..

Why the hostile core cost tradition?

Aachen was the place of coronation for 30 kings of Germany and so it was always under some protection. It was a free city until 1801. That's why I gave it a hostile core creation and prestige decay modifiers to represent this special status.
And when it comes to Ambitions. I just needed military tradition, so it's quite random.
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