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Jul 10, 2015
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Despite the game's interface flaws, Warlock 2 with Renaissance mod is an excellent way to spend time when you want to play something of medium length which doesn't take too much or too few effort (I have 1760 hours in it). Here's my AAR of an entertaining game I played not too long ago. Large world, Continents, 1 AI and 1 world less than maximum, Flat world. House rule of not trading summoning spells to the AI and not exploiting its diplomacy trading bugs too much.

After returning to Ardania in the wake of The United One's defeat, Miralbus' Plainstriders had to subdue the continent where they landed. With hostile settlements of Elves and Nagas, as well as Wild Turtles and Mosquito swarms, it was not an easy task.


The capital of Hiropali trained sturdy undead Warriors to deal with all these threats. Due to their Missile resistance, the Warriors were perfect for capturing neutral cities.


On the other continent, Bridget Tully, Rjakh and the Rat King engaged in a three-for-all war.


Disgusted with other leaders' lack of foresight, notable inventor Gizmo Gearheart offered his services to Miralbus.


It's one of the rare times where I've decided to build an Onodrome. We don't really need heavy troops of Donkey Cavalry, or the money of Trading Post. I always like it when the game offers you a choice of buildings.


It took a Goblin Lord to shoot down the fattened Mosquitoes.


The Eastern naval expedition, after profitably destroying many monster lairs, had to turn back at the sight of the Shadows of Vendral.


Rjakh was seeking to repeat the United One's feat by casting the Spell of Unity of his own. Miralbus immediately saw that he had to be stopped as soon as possible.


Even Tactically Supreme Grey Shadows were no match for the monsters that lived in the desert world of Shadeless. But their stand allowed the Medusa and the Tinkerer to escape forward into the world. Miralbus knew: taking over Shadeless would be necessary in stopping Rjakh.


All over Miralbus' realm, peasants sing in happiness as harvest blessings transform the results of their toil. Meanwhile, Krel the Kingpin and the Dremer Queen join the melee on the other continents.


Empusa and Gizmo, escaping into Shadeless depth, managed to defeat the Red Dragon that stood on their way.


The Dremer and Krel's men fight both Rjakh and themselves.


The continent where they started was clearly too small for the two of them.


Finally, Gizmo understood the finer points of Tactical Supremacy. I'm of two minds on the effect of this perk on the game, but it's useful for the AI.


Defeating a Greater Earth Elemental revealed many secrets of elements to Miralbus.


Naturally, as a arch-mage, Miralbus followed the Way of Mysticism.


Rjakh's capital was under siege by other Great Mages. But given their inability to focus, would they manage to smash Rjakh's defenses in time?


Bridget reasonably agreed to share some of her loot with Miralbus in order to exploit the Holy Grounds of Shadeless and defeat Rjakh.


Rjakh was nearer and nearer to his goal.


Mana Veil glyph was added to the Meta-Teleportation spell, one of the most useful spells in Warlock.


The Sorcerers of Lunord - the spellcaster Tier 3 unit of the Planestriders - along with Gizmo Gearheart participated in the final battle with Rjakh, helping the Rat-tamed Gold Dragon.


That Dragon was certainly a powerful, if erratic, creature.


Rjakh desperately continued his rituals, but more and more of his defenses gave way.



The honor of entering Rjakh's ravaged capital fell to the Sorcerers. Its population was told to run away before being demolished as a warning to all other mages who might try to replicate what the United One had done.


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The Sorcerers traveled Shadeless in darkness, under the cover of desert night. The Holy Guardians of the world's holy places were ultimately no match for them.


Filled with arrogance, King Rrat attributed the victory over Rjakh solely to himself. He decided to follow in the fallen mage's footsteps, confident that he would be a mage with a more experienced mind.


More and more holy places were taken over by Miralbus' people, with the help of two Sorcerer battalions and Gizmo.


So far, Miralbus could only summon Fey Serpents for reconaissance, but from now on, he could summon a more impressive reptile.


It found two more portals on a small island before dying to a well-aimed Death attack from a ghost.


Miralbus gained a reputation as a fair, but tough leader who always demands taxes to be paid on time.


Surprisingly, Jarl Krel's sturdy people prevailed over the Dremer. Many of the Jarl's advisors suggested that he cuts Dremer dwellings down, but the pragmatic Jarl allowed the Dremer to remain in Ardania as long as they stay subjugated.



Grandpa Gizmo now had a new, and a very deadly, toy to play with.


The holy places of Shadeless alone would not be enough to gain the support of Ardania's gods, but they came a long way.


The simple Fireball, enhanced by glyphs, was a most useful spell in dealing with various Elementals.


Arcane settlements of Miralbus' realm were prospering, helping him to reveal further and further secrets.


Choosing between a world of Elementals and a world of Wild Dremer to conquer, Miralbus decided to take on Elementals.


But King Rrat didn't stay idle, coming closer and closer to his goal...


This Gold Dragon threatened to disrupt Miralbus' plans, but he was stopped by the well-aimed spells of the Planestrider Sorcerers.


A Diamond Elemental. Good thing it wasn't closer to the portal - these things are nasty even against buffed Tier 3 units and heroes.


Finally, the last Settler was teleported to the last Holy Place of the Elemental world -


The Rrat had only a couple of turns remaining from victory.

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