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Aug 22, 2007
There's not enough parmesan to go around!

Greetings everyone.
Hopefully this will be my first completed AAR.
I've tried one or two very ambitious projects before and it just took up to much time. This one will be straight up, not to much fancy pansy stuff. But it will hopefully be true to its cause and will ofcourse have a storyline.

is the setup:

Very Hard
Furious AI
Full Techteam take-over.

Italy puppets Ethiopia ~ April 1936 ~
Republicans victorious over Nationalists ~ October 1936 ~
Nationalists fall and becomes a puppet ~ Somewhere before 1939 - was sick - the fastest I've seen in my life ~
Albania conquered ~ May 1939 ~
Communist China falls ~ 1939 ~
Poland falls ~ September 1939 ~
Finland Annexed ~ Early 1940 ~

and objectives

The Italian government has declared the following in it's adress to the forumites:

*We will not declare war unless an event of importance demands it.
*We will not join an alliance unless an event of importance demands it.
*We will not sell our soldiers like cattle nor will we buy other soldiers as cattle.
*We may send our soldiers in aid of other countries acting under our guidance.
*We may form or free puppets.

The mission stands as follows:
Italian dominion over Africa,
Protection of the homeland,
Reclaiming of Dalmatia,
End of capitalist imperialism in Europe and Africa,
End of communist decadence in Europe.

The Boot walks
- Italy Rises - Expansion in Africa.

Il Popolo
January 1st 1936.

El Duce has declared total reorganization of the armed, naval and air forces of Italy in an attempt to better organise the nations defensive and offensive capabilities. The process is thought to be costly, over 300 cubic meters of Oil will be consumed but it is deemed necessary as the Italian forces today are to scattered to be able to defend this long and narrow peninsula we all call our home.

In other news the Italian army is advancing through the mountains and deserts of Ethiopia, facing little resistance. The Ethiopian forces are in complete disorganization and it is assumed they will be making their last stand in main capital Adis Ababa. Their failure to hold of the Italian army at every point and every turn truly illustrates their lack of will to fight for its corrupt leadership. While our forces mission there is to secure a safe and calm enviroment for our brave pioneers one must assume that we are also doing a huge favor to the Ethiopians.
El Duce has thus declared that Ethiopia will not fall under Italian occupation despite it's unprovoked earlier skirmishes against our farmer communities and instead will fall under Italian protection.

Economy and science

New and better technologies and theories await those in the fields of industry, agriculture, computing and army command.

Bilateral trade is going to rise with the USSR, Austria, Romania, Yugoslavia, Hungary and Germany.
It will remain constant with Siam and Saudi Arabia.

The government is focusing on the expansion of heavy industry of the navy. If you have any expertise or a business in this area and would like to work with the government please contact the national reconstruction agency at the number below.

Social events and Sports

During the weekend the grand opening of the history of Italian ethnicity in the national museum of Rome and history museum of Venice respectively. Tourists are to be charged a fee while admission for citizens is free upon Pasport verification.

The Sports and Athlethics union of Italian fascists is holding health- and excersise events in the parks and arenas of the country every Tuesday and Friday at 8 AM. Come you aswell and get that body up in shape! Admission is free!

January 2nd 1936

Announcemnt from the Supreme Soviet:
Italian fascist spies are attempting to infiltrate society, comrades stay vigilant against this foreign threat!
We encourage you, the lawfull and true citizens of the Soviet Union to report any suspicious activity to your local police station.
Rewards await those with substantial information.

State News Agency of Ethiopia

March 4th 1936

Our forces stand ready at the gate of Adis Ababa!
We SHALL not let the enemy pass. At all costs will our independent AFRICAN nation hold its ground. We represent the free people of Africa and with us their hope for independence lives. WE MUST fight, WE MUST survive, WE MUST be victorious.
May god be with you by brothers and sisters.
/Your king and humble servant Haile Selassie.
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Aug 22, 2007
Each "Storyline" reply will be followed by a bunch of pictures and comments outside the direct story by me.
Sometimes the story might have a picture and sometimes there might not be much to tell so there won't be a storyline OR a comment section.
Comments will in the future always be in YELLOW and the storyline in all other colors. At some later point in time I'll let you all decide if I take over Germany or fight until death against the USSR and USA with the AI as Germany. Special rules: A couped nation may be asked to join an alliance. Clarification of rules: "Demanded by important events" = scripted events in the game

Pictures are being uploaded as I write this :)

The ministers and policy of Italy!


Re-organization of the Navy among other branches.


Fall of the Ethiopian capital and a retreat to give them time to re-organize for the capture so no soldiers are lost before making them a puppet (they were retreating into the province I just had captured.). And yeah I didn't like the look of that encirclement possibility neither! But I am sure we would have been able to salvage the situation!


An earlier attempt at making them puppets that failed, it would fail even after the capture of the capital. One more province would be required.
Overall the plan at this time is to conquer Ethiopia and then create puppet states of it and Somalia.

Further more I am sending spies to the USSR and UK in attempt to steal technology so to always roll on blueprints after I have researched industrial techs. Even before I join Germanies alliance. More importantly I am also trying to coup Turkey.

----Really late now so more to come under the weekend!---
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Sep 18, 2009
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Interesting, I'm subscribed.
So you'll release Ethiopia and Somalia as Puppets? It will cost you a lot of dissent, a bit risky IMHO.


The Grand God of Fried Eggs
Jul 1, 2006
just make ethiopia and then "sell" the other east african areas to them - cuts down on dissent
Aug 22, 2007

I am making Ethiopia puppets before anexing them so I don't think this will cause me alot of dissent. Their forces will be badly needed in the defense of the horn. I am releasing Somalia :O which will cause alot of dissent but also create a modern puppet state with decent IC and independent research production. I'm kinda speeding through up to the Invasion of France so most things have already been done. By the time I reach June the 10th the AAR will be in "real time".

PS: I'm not sure if there is an event for Joining the Axis or Taking Greece. But I'll try to keep it as historical as possible (Wiki says June the 10th 1940, right - for the axis - at the signing of the pact)?


The final thrust into Ethiopia, if this province is not enough for a puppet annexation will be the only option.


The production line. Military salaries are very low, this is why it was crucial to end the Ethiopian war rapidly for low salaries (for you who don't have AoD) means low org. regain.


The formation of the puppets and the new fleet, hopefully you'll see some interesting names for the ground forces as we move on to! :)
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Aug 22, 2007
Il Popolo
4th of April 1936


Alarming events are unfolding in Rome, Venice, Sicily and New Italy (Eritrea).
Demonstrators today held a quiet picketing in various cities and the pioneer areas due to the perseived fall back on Fascist promisses about a great new Italy. Especially the news of Somali semi-independence didn't sit well with some parts of the population. The government has replied that "Italy stands stronger with Allies in Africa than with enemies and that it is Italy that will lead the new, bright future for all of Africa. The governments of Ethiopia and Somalia have pledged their allegiance to us and have guaranteed security and prosperity for our farmers and military co-defense against any invasion attempts. "


July the 20th 1936

After much (trust me, MUCH - Those supplies are costly on these levels) deliberation the Italian government has decided to aid our spanish brethrin against the surge of unwanted and unwarranted Soviet influence in the peninsula. Mussolini adressed the people at the colosseum earlier today "The gangs of the left will scatter under the Italian boot"

La Batalla
October 12 1936

Republican brothers and sisters, marxists, syndicalists, socialists and liberals! The armed forces of the people have defeated and decimated the last north western strongholds of the fascist scum. Despite german and italian support and despite the western governments betrayal we - the spanish people and the members of the international brigades - have finally, after nearly 6 months of struggle, achived liberation!

Today we set on a new bright future, TODAY we build socialism as it has never been built before. Today WE BUILD FREEDOM!

((fuck....somehow I knew it))

Il Popolo
June 15th 1937

Today representatives of ours and other governments met in Berlin to discuss the future struggle against bolshevism.
After long discussions and short lunch breaks the commités of the various nations have signed a document entitled "The Anti-Commitern Pact".
Today our nation pledges not only to protect its own citizens but protect all citizens of Japan and Germany from the menance that is communism!
We must stay vigilant! "Never, ever open even a spring to the beast for he will take advantage of that spring and exploit it as he did in Spain!" Adolf Hitler commented in the public adress to Germany.
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Aug 22, 2007
Well this is the last "speed" bump.
For some reason various screenshots during 1939 are missing so I'll be forced to narrate the story of the epic battle for Albania for example and the über blitz by Japan.


Various events during a month.
I was trying hard to get 10 spies into Turkey to coup them but even with 10 spies the chance was still 0 percent, great job Paradox! See that you have fixed the coup part of the game finally - after 5 + years - NOT! :p
Anyway I did the best of the situation and stole some blueprints from them as well as from the USSR, France and the UK. Also delayed Tech-teams in the USSR, UK and France. I don't seem to be able to fund partisants despite having a 8 or so % chance, there's never an event for it. Not even a failure. So it doesn't seem to work. But that didn't matter. We were rolling on the sweet foam of blueprints and it was a fun ride. Few "random" events came, only one that boosted my best research team from 6 to 7 : ))

I had to cancel trades with the USSR since it was to expensive.
So relations with them, France and UK are -200.
With the invasion of Albania our first big failure came. Albania had somehow managed to get 4 militia divisions and my 4 mountain and 2 inf with artillery were repulsed. Military salaries were increased as men were recalled from sporadic duty to full-time duty. With heavy bombardment the capital soon fell in the THIRD battle of Tirana and annexation was the only option after such harsh resistance had been put forward by the Albanians.

For some reason Albania had 20k cash so that was a happy boost : )) to ease of the strain from the Civil War failure.

(Found a screenie!)

Nationalist China fell like a feather, nobody was expecting it and soon after the war started it was quiet again. News surfaced that the communists helped the Japanese and did half their job for them. Only to get backstabbed by the Japs later on... Weird combinations of friends and foes...even we have begun trading with the republicans. But I feel the same faith awaits them ;)

Focus has shifted from ethnicity to national unity, militaristic focus and working together....
What was it that Hitler warned about again?...hmm!

Poland fell by the 17th of September,Finland was annexed by the USSR and here we are! The real Italian AAR is about to begin! The faith of a nation is to be decided! :cool:

The Italian army is modern. 1939 Infantry, Level 3 interceptors, a large navy, level 3 transport planes with paratroopers coming soon, most advanced research techs in the world, most advanced doctrine techs in the world, 81 industry and 5 tech teams, level 3 light tanks soon to enter production and über APC's soon researched (1951) and stabile resource flow. Biggest lack is the lack of actual units. No new land units have been built!!! There's simply not enough cheese for all mouses to eat! And the army command is big mouse, getting restless!

Trade and relations are good with almost all minor nations except for...poor poor Turkey that's also getting sabotaged by the USSR!

...Oh and did I mention? Germany DoW:ed RS ;)


Current June 1940 situation.

Edit: Actually I have two saves. One save is when I join the Axis in late (October) 1940 because I was waiting for an event, in this save RS is in war with Axis. The other one is June 11th 1940...the historic date!
First option to get most votes by Sunday wins!

So please vote which I should play! :D
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Sep 14, 2008
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option 2. this looks good. keep it up!
Aug 22, 2007
Alright Im getting really pissed here. The game has crashed 2 times now, just before my 3 month auto save limit (but not quite doesnt seem like autosave is to blame)

I'll try to save more often next time I start playing but it will probably be half a week or week.
Aug 22, 2007
Alrighty seems we had a save :O so things are back on track!

And it will be a very juicy update! :)
At least I hope so! Was the most fun and exciting game I've ever had...and it's still far from over.

A little of what you can expect!
Epic battle in and around Africa
Game bugs - what you should watch out for in your own games!
And there's a howling in the deep forest caves!
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Aug 22, 2007

Sabotaging British techs, they may not get any assembly tech. This constant sabotaging would set them back nearly half a year in research later on.


The war situation at the start of the war. The objective is to capture the island of Corcica, Grenoble and Nice as fast as possible to then revert troops to Africa and to get the territory before Vichy event fires.


Soon after the capture of Cyprus that would later be released as a puppet "Balbo" died...but then magicly re-appeared in the officer pool.
Bug numero uno! :)


Semi-successfull operation leaves Grenoble and Corcica in our hands but Nice remains French. Troops had to be sent to Africa even before Nice could be captured.


Changes to policy making. Dissent will be costly but it's still to early in the war for the british to make a push in our fortified North African positions.
Ethiopia and Somalia are in full control of their troops. In the future I would even put my African army (6 inf, one with artillery) and my farmers collective militia (6 or 7 militia divisions). This lets them organise a good defense and negates the horrid battle handicap I have of 40 % (my troops do 20% less dmg and theirs do 20% more.



Situation in North Africa and Eastern Africa after a counterattack in east and digging in the soil of north.


Update on the African front several months later. Ethiopia has fallen due to overwhelming foces from both Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zeland and Free France. As you can see 2 divisions have managed to get through my naval blocade during a oil-resupply and have taken tripoli. These two would later be annihilated but the front would be broken.
Over 30 Italian divisions would be fighting a losing battle against over 60+ allied divisions including tanks.
But due to a little lucky and some good planning most of these would be evacuated. Around 25 would make it out alive. 2-3 would be killed and 3 would disappear due to a bug where a unit being attacked right after it retreated to a province you hold. (Sad Panda :( )
Also a third bug, there's a stupid little battleship of germany near France. They got it at the surrender of France and don't seem to be aware of its existance. It doesn't rebase in my port, it won't even do it when I give them Tirana. I can't buy the ship neither, it doesn't exist when negotiating!

The Naval battle has gone considerably better:


And that doesn't even show the 10+ ships destroyed by naval bombers.
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Aug 22, 2007
Operation.... "WTF HITLER?!"

Il Popolo
June 15th 1941

Earlier this month the Third Reich declared war on the Soviet Union.

In a time of re-organization of it's ally and friend Italy and from what we understand without firm approvement from Mussolini or even his other allies the most defining moment in history was about to begin.
A great gamble for dominion over Europe. The final showdown between the factions of tradition and stability and those of the marxists and liberals was unfolding and it was unfolding rapidly.

We've summed it up for all our readers in a short chronology of events to better understand the way the world has been moving these past few months:

As Yugoslavia fell and Dalmatia was rightfully reclaimed by its peoples homeland the allies had lost all foothold in Europe.
Sure, Greece and Spain remained but they were very reluctant to even speculate about joining the war. Things were going well.

The Italian economy had refocused itself on rebuilding and reconstruction instead of pure expansionism. We were to strengthen our own homeland before being able to strengthen that of other people Mussolini said in his adress to the people.

Improvements in computer technology and small arms manufacturing had propelled the Italian economy forward and trade was blossoming in war-tired Europe. Then...THIS!

And as the Russians were holding their own, retreating very slowly and strategicly the cowardly greeks had to exploit the situation. Seeing a window of oppurtunity they began to ask the british for help, aid and military supplies in a bid to capture southern Albania and Bulgarian Macedonia.

Despite the war in the east the Italians once again stood tall, demanded justice and demanded that Greece join the future order of Europe or be made to join it. Greece refused and the future historical events began unfolding.
Once again rome was in war with Athens. Once again Russia was in war with Germany.

Once again, the world stands on the brink of destruction!

Aug 22, 2007
I would just like to add a short note (please excuse me for necroing my own thread) to any readers that might stumble on this AAR in the future:
Due to some computer problems all future files were lost and I couldn't even login the first week or so after to update the page.
But I guess it was for the better as I lost that game as well.

I managed to take Greece and together with Germany pushed into the Soviet Union, nearly reaching Moscow.
But the 40% penalty (especially the attacking one is almost to harsh as it can render troops nearly useless when attackin in winter/night) and the fact that I did not control Germany the game was lost by the year 1944~ish.
That's even though I abused some game weaknesses and gave away my entire army to Germany to negate the difficulty. (Despite pledging, I know! But I had to try it as a last desperate attempt! )

I'll be making a new one in the coming months so stay tuned if you liked this one.

Again sorry for necroing, I just saw it in my own signature after logging for the first time in nearly 1 year and had to make a post!.
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This looked like fun admittedly, Italy is always one of those countries that I just can't get my head wrapped around playing.

Oh and in AoD you need a lot more than ten spies to coup a nation... you can have up to 100 spies in a country, unlike the 10 in HOI2.