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War is a continuation of commerce - A Venice Divine Wind 5.1 AAR

A Venice Divine Wind 5.1 AAR

Title: A Venice Divine Wind 5.1 AAR
Start year: 1399
Version: EU3 Divine Wind 5.1
Settings: standard.
Mods: none
Style: Gameplay
Link: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...e-Wind-5.1-AAR

Self-imposed rules :
  • Infamy not worse than "slightly tarnished" ("tarnished" after 1568, "BB limit" after 1615 ).
  • Be a merchant republic (after 1568 - be a Republic).
  • Be naval. Move sliders and choose national ideas accordingly.
  • Fulfill missions - mission should not be cancelled unless flawed. Fail mission > cancel mission.
  • Moderate roleplaying - "What would Venice do?". As the title says , "War is a continuation of commerce by other means"
  • No war without Casus Belli.
  • Spy Mission "Incite Natives" is not allowed.
  • One diplo-annexation at a time
  • Spy Missions "Fund Patriot/Nationalist/Rebelt" are not allowed, "Support Revolt" is
  • If a vassal has a core on our province and we don't, it gets the province (must be vassal at the time of conquest)
  • No war with troops in the enemy's territory

Since 1568
  • Infamy not worse than "tarnished".
  • Be a republic.

Since 1608 : Missions "Convert vassal to religion" will be canceled

Since 1615: Restriction on infamy removed. But still can't get over BB limit.

Since 1752:
  • Removed "Force Religion" and "Build Manufactories" missions from the mission files
  • Culture of New World countries will be set to "Lombard" when they get cores through Quests of Independence so that they can be released - for this, save game files will be edited.

Victory condition : Control all COTs, either directly or through vassalage

1399: First Day at the Office
1400-1401: War with Aquileia
1402: Aquileia becomes Venice's vassal
1402: Peace with Bohemia and war with Montenegro, Byzantium and Wallachia
1403 : Montenegro is annexed , peace returns and a new doge is elected
1404 - year of decisions
1405 : Crusade against Morocco
1406 - The Crusade in Morocco continues
January 1407 - Trade in Liguria begins and Morocco sues for peace
1407 - The first crusade against Morocco ends.
1408 -War with Byzantium resumes
1409 - The war with Byzantium ends
1410 : Rio de Oro is discovered
1411 : Advance in Trade Technology
1412 : War with Burgundy
1413 : A defeat for Austria....
1414 - first half : Alliance with Castille and war with the Ottomans and allies
1414 - second half : Owning the Mediterrean and the Balkans
1415 - Castille's crusade continues...
1416 : Peace with the Mameluks. The Ottomans are in trouble.
1417 - Castilla in trouble
1418 : War with Aragon
1419-1421 : Aquileia annexed at last
1422-1423 : Allies in trouble
1424-1425 : Venetian Africa is born
1426-1427 : Closing the technology gap
1427-1428 : There Is No World Without Verona....
1428 : The Hungarian front crumbles - Bohemia invades Venice ( or tries to)
1428-1429 : Croatia vassalized
1429-1430 : The occupation of Bohemia
1430-1432 : Morea, Siena and Urbino become Venice's allies
1431-1432: Hungary's call to arms
1433-1434 : The Vassalization of Genua
1434 : Second War with the Ottomans
1434-1435 : At last, war with Austria
1435 : War with Austria (1)
1435 : War with Austria (2)
1435-1436 : War with Austria (3)
1437-1439 : Peace between the storms
1439-1440 : Third war with the Ottomans
1440-1442 : Second war with Austria
1442-1443 : First war with Bavaria (1)
1443 : First war with Bavaria (2)
1443-1448 : Genua is diplo-annected
1448-1449 : The conquest of Ferrara
1449: The vassalization of Mantua
1449-1450 : Cremona
1450-1451 : Preparing for the next war
1451 : Morea vassalized
1451-1452 : The vassalization of Byzantium
1452-1453 : The vassalization of the Papal State
1454-1455 : The Vassalization of Tuscany and Styria
1455: The Vassalization of Tirol
1456 : The vassalization of Augsburg
1456 : The vassalization of Parma
1457 : Peace with Austria and colony in The Canarias
1458-1460 : Changing the national idea
1460 : Fourth war with the Ottomans (1)
1461-1462 : Fourth war with the Ottomans (2)
1462 : Battle for Milan (1)
1462-1464 : Subjugation of Sicily, Milan and Naples. First colonies in Brazil.
1464-1466 : Colonizing and exploring America. Hungary gone wild.
1466-1467 : Fifth war with the Ottomans and the vassalization of Serbia
1467 : Tuscany is incorporated and new colonies are founded.
1468 : War with Austria, Bavaria and Pisa
1468-1469 : War with Austria, Bavaria and Pisa (2). Pisa is vassalized.
1470 : The wars with Bavaria and Zapotec end
1470-1471 : The vassalization of Siena
1471-1472 : Bahia colonized and a really nasty mission
1472-1473 : First war with the Incas
1473-1474 : Second war with the Mayas
1474-1476 : War with Zapotecs and Shawnee
1477 : Short perfunctory campaign against the Mameluks
1478-1479 : Second war with the Incas
1480-1483 : War with the Mupata and dealing with pirates
1483-1484 : The war with the Mupata ends but wars with Inkas and Bavaria begin
1484-1486 : The wars with Bavaria and Inca end
1486-1490 : Mission accomplished - the currency is restored
1490 : Venice has the biggest army
1490-1492 : The war with Karaman ends and Suriname is successfully colonized.
1492-1495 : Other colonies in America and wars with Bavaria, Inca and Mutape resume
1495-1496 : Peace is made with Bavaria and Incas.
1496-1497 : Ragusa vassalized
1497-1498 : The war with Bohemia ends
1498-1500 : War against the Hansa
1500-1501 : War with Inca and Bavaria. The Reformation begins.
1502-1504 : Wars with Kongo, Hurons and Mayas. Urbino vassalized. Thalassocracy.
1504-1506 : Wars with the Mameluks, Shawnee and Novgorod
1506-1510 : Croatia annexed and loans repaid
1510-1511: Maya annexed. Wars against Hesse, Bavaria and Inca begin.
1511 : Wars with Hesse, Bavaria and Inca finish
1511-1514 : Castille (Spain) expands in North America
1515 : The conquest of Mecca along with 4 minor wars
1516-1521 : Urbino diploannexed and more provinces in America.
1521-1526 : Colonial growth and Imperial Integrity .
1526-1529 : Pisa annexed.
1529 : War with Spain (1)
1529 : War with Spain (2)
1529-1531 : War with Austria
1531-1534 : Preparation and Resumption of war
1534 : Second war with Spain (1)
1534-1535 : Second war with Spain (2)
1536-1538 : Second war with Spain (3)
1538-1542 : Assimilating the Iberian colonies. Hum conquered.
1542-1545 : Lombardia annexed and several new American provinces.
1545-1547 : Third war with Spain and Portugal

Intermezzo : The rise of Netherlands (1) 1410-1428
Intermezzo : The rise of Netherlands (2) 1440-1473
Intermezzo : The rise of Netherlands (3) 1473-1496
Intermezzo : The rise of Netherlands (4) 1507-1510
Intermezzo : The rise of Netherlands (5) 1510-1518
Intermezzo : The rise of Netherlands (6) 1518-1533
Intermezzo : The rise of Netherlands (7) 1533-1547

1547-1549 : Meet the Big V
1549-1551 : New provinces in India and Navarra is vassalized
1551-1552 : A test run in Spain
1552 : The conquest of Mozambique
1553-1555 : A province in the Spice Islands
1555 : The conquest of Bosnia
1555-1557 : The conquest of Gaza and Berbera
1558-1560 : War declared on the Big V and Transylvania
1560-1562 : The vassalization of Transylvania and a smaller V.
1562-1564 : Crusade against Syria and Ayutthaya
1564-1568 : Diplo-annexation of Tyrol and monetary reforms
1568-1569 : 6th war against Spain
1570-1571 : The Reconquest of Ceuta and Bure
1572-1574: New provinces : Chur, Bulgaria and Maharastra
1574-1576 : 7th war with Spain and Administrative Republic
1577-1579 : First war with Great Britain (1)
1579 : First war with Great Britain (2)
1579-1581 : War with Great Britain (3)
1581-1582 : First war with Great Britain (4)
1582-1586 : The vassalization of (a smaller) Württemberg
1586-1588 : The vassalization of Moldavia and three other provinces
1589-1590 : The 8th (I think) war with Spain
1590-1591 : Second war with Great Britain (1)
1591-1592 : Second war with Great Britain (2)
1592-1594 : Bosphorus Sound Toll
1594-1595 : The annexation of Dulkadir
1595-1596 : War with Netherlands and Spain (1)
1596-1597 : War with Netherlands and Spain (2)
1597-1598 : Austria vassalized. Three new provinces: Abhazia, Kutch and Indus
1598-1599: The vassalization of Hungary. New provinces : Nagpur, Adana
1599 : Peace with Spain. War with Persia and Ak Koyunlu
1600-1601 : War with Ming, 2 Persian COTs and hard-core horde colonizing
1602-1603 : Deccan annexed. Astrakhan defects. War with Bohemia and peace with Ming.
1604-1605: War on Ak Koyunlu, Bavaria
1605-1606 : War with Portugal and Persia. Unam Sanctam.
1606-1607 : Third war with Great Britain(1)
1608-1609 : Third war with Great Britain(2)
1609-1610 : War with Novgorod and Ming (1)
1610-1611 : War with Novgorod and Ming (2)
1611-1612 : The conquest of Andalucia

Intermezzo 2 : The Doge's nightmare (1)
Intermezzo 2 : The Doge's nightmare (2)
Intermezzo 2 : The Doge's nightmare (3)
Intermezzo 2 : The Doge's nightmare (4)
Intermezzo 2 : The Doge's nightmare (5)
Intermezzo 2 : The Doge's nightmare (6)
Intermezzo 2 : The Doge's nightmare (7)
Intermezzo 2 : The Doge's nightmare (8)
Intermezzo 2 : The Doge's nightmare (9)
Intermezzo 2 : The Doge's nightmare (10)
Intermezzo 2 : The Doge's nightmare (11)
Intermezzo 2 : The Doge's nightmare (12)
Intermezzo 2 : The Doge's nightmare (13)
Intermezzo 2 : The Doge's nightmare (14)
Intermezzo 2 : The Doge's nightmare (15)
Intermezzo 2 : The Doge's nightmare (16)
Intermezzo 2 : The Doge's nightmare (17)
Intermezzo 2 : The Doge's nightmare (18)

1612-1614 : The annexation of Cyprus
1614-1615 : Van, Medina, Guyenne
1615-1616 : War with Bohemia (1)
1616 : War with Bohemia (2)
1616-1618 : War with Bohemia (3)
1618-1621 : War with Morocco, Fez, Persia
1621-1622 : War with Bohemia and Spain (1)
1622-1624 : War with Bohemia and Spain (2)
1624-1628 : War on the Empire (1)
1628-1629 : War on the Empire (2)
1629-1631 : Provence, Bar and Ulm vassalized. War with France and Great Britain (1)
1631-1633 : War with France and Great Britain (2). New Ming provinces.
1633-1636 : Asia or Bust (1)
1636-1641 : Asia or Bust (2)
1641-1645 : Asia or Bust (3)
1646-1649 : Candar and The Haasa annexed
1650-1652 : War with Ming, Ayutthaya, Persia, Bulgaria, Durrani
1652-1655 : Wars with Hedjaz, Bihar and Iraq
1655-1656 : Yet another war with Spain
1656-1658 : Loan paid back
1661-1663 : War wit Portugal, Castille, Lorraine and Iraq
1663-1668 : Expanding to the East
1668-1669 : War with Poland, Portugal, Ming and Songhai
1669-1673: War with Muscowy, the Hansa, Great Britain and Ayutthaya (1)
1673-1675 : War with Great Britain, Muscowy, Ayutthaya and Hansa (2). Forming Italy.

Mini-Intermezzo : The Italian Nomads (1)
Mini-Intermezzo : The Italian Nomads (2)
Mini-Intermezzo : The Italian Nomads (3)

1675-1677: War with Muscowy, Portugal, Switzerland, Ming, Adal.... (1)
1677-1680: War with Muscowy, Portugal, Switzerland, Ming, Adal.... (2)
1680-1681 : A look at the economy and a quick tribal conquest.
1681-1684 : War with Ming, Manchu and half of Asia
1684-1691 : First war with Switzerland (1) - Smithian Economics
1691-1698 : Manchu, Bejing, Sardinia annexed. 5 provinces in Asia, other 5 in Europe.
1698-1702 : Switzerland annexed, Swahili and Persia vassalized
1702-1706 : Ming annexed and Italian Asia connected
1706-1709 : France cut up to size.
1709-1713 : War with Bohemia and Great Britain
1713-1717 : Second war with France. War with Malwa.
1717-1725 : Orissa, Bengal and Brandenburg vassalized. War with Sweden and Bohemia.
1725-1731 : The yearly income grows. New provinces in Africa, Arabia and Iberia.
1731-1737: Cornwall and Dauphine vassalized. New provinces in Arabia and West Africa.
1737-1745: Expanding towards Krakow. New vassals and cores in Asia and Africa.
1745-1751: Universities in Beira and Gibraltar. Tripoli vassalized. Two cores in Asia
1751-1756: Some provinces from Britain and France. The Quests for Independence begin.
1756-1760: Land connection to Africa. New provinces and vassals in Gallia. Colombia.
1760-1766: Revolutionary wars against Portugal, Britain, Spain and Ayutthaya. USA.
1766-1771: Hainaut, Spain, Portugal, Ayutthaya annexed. Canada, Argentina. +some more
1771-1780:Adal, Korea annexed. Expansion in Western Europe. Several small vassalized.
1780-1785: Sokoto, Kyoto annexed. Bohemia neutered. Chile, Castilla,Holstein released
1785-1793: Provinces from Bohemia, Fujiwara, Shariah. France, Songhai annexed. Brazil
1793-1795:Manipur, Britain, Bremen, Cologne vassalized. Dai Viet annexed. Maps.
1795-1803:New provinces in Eastern Europe. Several new vassals. Quebec.
1803-1808: Indochina vassalized. War with Muscowy and Denmark. Game over ?
1808-1821: Race for world domination and the end.
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First day at the office

Venice is a merchant republic. It has two provinces in Italy (Venice, Treviso) and three in the Balkans (Athens, Albania, Crete).
It has also two vassals in the Mediterranean sea, Naxos and Corfu. It has also a core in Zeta, which is owned by Montenegro.


Although it is a merchant republic, it gets most of its income from taxes. Stability is at +1, so first priority is taking it to 3. I invest everything into stability, and the monthly deficit is still
only a -0.9, so I should not need to take a loan


I have very few soldiers, so I need to build up my army very quickly.


After manning my ships with my admiral Carlo Zeno and converting my ruler Antonio Veniero to General...


I have a look at the sliders, which I decide not to touch at the moment.


I hire a couple of good advisors


and send my merchants to Venice and Liguria


I queue two infantry in Venice and Treviso
My mission is conquer Friuli, which is the CAPITAL of the neighboring country of Aquileia. I will have to annex it to fulfill the mission.


Considering this, I will send alliance requests to the two other countries bordering it.
Don't have money left, no more investments till the end of the year :)
In the next days, I learn that Austria and Hungary have accepted my alliance and I receive alliances offers from Genua, Wurttemberg and Vallachia.

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After refusing the alliance offers by the minor powers (none would be of help to us now) I proceed to wait till the end of the year and see events unfold.
Naples wants to annect Epirus and ended up being at war with Aquileia and Achea, Milan is at war with the Pope. Aragon, Sicily and Savoy declared war on Sardinia.
Aquileia is my target. It is at war and defenceless.

It is allied with Achea and Epirus (Janina) but they seem to have other problems right now.


Time to launch my fleet and moving my puny army to the border (Treviso)
Regrettably I have good relations with them so I will have to insult them first.


Austria joined the war against Sardinia, but I don't need them to defeat little Aquileia. Hungary is still at peace
Considering the necessity of moving quickly I take a loan, to keep on recruiting soldiers.
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At last , on December the 29th in 1399, I can declare war on Aquileia without penalties.
My fleet engages Aquileia's fleet in the Gulf of Venice and my army, led by the valiant doge Antonio Veniero, crosses the border into Friuli. I didn't consider necessary to call my allies into arms.


Oops. That is an alliance I had missed. Sure, they are part of the empire, but I assumed they wouldn't dare. I may need my allies after all. It is annoying I don't have any diplomats to send. They are soon joined by Silesia and Switzerland.


My first engagement at sea is very successful and .. free ships !
The siege of Friuli has begun, but somehow Provence beat me to it.


In the meantime , I lost ALL my merchants in Liguria. Seems to be a pretty tough centre of trade ....


After a minor sea engagement against the Aquileia's fleet, I ask all of our allies to join us in the war against Bohemia and allies. It is a good thing you need just one diplomat to call ALL of your allies to arms.
A diplomatic map in 1400, on February the 3rd

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Aquileia's troop foolishly crossed into Austria and were engaged in Lienz.
I decide moving my troops to Gorz while leaving a regiment behind under the command of Provence's forces in Friuli. There I intercept the fleeing troops of Aquileia


The war is easy, but I wonder if I will get what I want. Aquileia's troops are defeated by a combined Venetian-Austrian army in Goerz.
Now ALL of aquileia is under siege. Aquileia's troops retire to Istria where Provence's troops are present and I follow them


On May 1st , my stability at last reached +2. The battle of Istria was won on that day too.

Aquileia is completely under siege. In Austria, the battle is raging. Bohemia and Switzerland joined the fray. Bohemia has an impressive army.


While Hungary's army is in Aquileia, their ally Transilvania is fighting the Silesian invasor.


At last Aquileia's army is routed in Gorz.


Hungary is helping Austria against Boemia. Switzerland's army won a minor engagement in Tirol and is now threatening Treviso. I managed to retreat some troops from Aquileia and form a little army of observation there. Regrettably the Doge is busy in Istria.

I choose to send my merchants to alexandria instead, since I seem to have better chances there


I notice I can build musellem cavalry in Albania, I guess all my cavalry will come from there then


To avoid having to take another loan before the end of the year, I start minting a little


Meanwhile Boemia is outnumbered in the north


On 13 August 1400 the siege of Görz is won


Boemia would like to white peace, since it is badly losing the war, but that would mean peace with Aquileia, and I refuse of course


The pope is getting stronger

As any good EU player knows, on October 1400 the 14th a lot of good advisors pop up. But I don't have the money to hire them, dang, I will need to take another loan


This is my team then

In the meantime Bavaria and Salzburg join my Trade League


and in november, at last, I reach the stability of 3. Time to do some serious research. I have an advisor who helps me, so I concentrate myself on government tech, to get the first national idea.
but I cannot forget the loans I have to repay


As we enter 1401, the war is pretty much decided. I wish every war was as easy as that.
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My first missionary starts converting in Athens. Regrettably, they are not only orthodox but greek as well ( my main culture is lombard).


I mint a little more, since I hope to be able to pay the loans when they are due. Antonio Veniero rejoins the Army of Treviso leaving two infantry divisions in Istria.
Walls are breached all over Aquileia.
On February 15th, 1401, Friuli surrenders, but it is controlled by Provence, which is not in our coalition. Oh well.
All the more annoying that it has the same color as Venice, but the province is not being controlled by me !
I'll have to wait for them to peace Aquileia and then resiege Friuli. I'll keep 2 infantry regiments in Friuli.

My merchants are doing fine in Alexandria. I reach the land support limit, which is pretty low (14). After all, I am naval.
Maybe I should move the slider naval/land toward land, but that wouldn't be in the Venice spirit.


On April the 3th 1401, Istria falls as well. But damn, it is Provence again ! I may have to stay at war longer than I wanted to.


May 4 1401, Krain falls as well....to Hungary.


The war score isn't enough to vassalize, and Friuli is the damned CAPITAL ! Austria and Hungary are my allies, but Provence is not !
But nobody else can vassalize at least, maybe the will take some provinces and then I will seize Friuli and annex.


Switzerland's stack in Trent is pretty annoying, but are they kidding me ?
But at last, some good news. Naples and Provence accepted peace with Aquileia and I can proceed to re-siege Istria and Friuli.


In July 1401, Hungary accepted peace with Bohemia...


And immediately declared war on Ragusa... Can't blame them.


In August, Trent falls to Swiss troops. Can't say I am unhappy, at least the annoying Swiss stack will leave my border. Austria may need some help here because most of their troops are fighting on the Boheamian front.


No reason to worry about Bohemia, Transilvania and Austria are keeping the emperor down


Of course, Hungary leaving the alliance means I have to resiege Krain as well. The Swiss stack has gone back home and I send a small stack to siege Trent, which has only 200 defenders. I hope I am not spreading my troops too thin...


I can now concentrate on sieging Aquileia because Austria isn't having any trouble in Bohemia. As the year 1402 begins I am about to redirect my troops in Aquileia
meanwhile Swiss troops are about to engage a small Austrian stack in Chur. I gave order to march and support them....In the mean time , Istria has fallen to an assault.

In Chur a smaller stack is holding his own against the main Swiss stack. Help is under way, including our valiant leader Antonio Veniero !


Regrettably, help didn't come in time. The Swiss won the day, but we didn't suffer many losses. Obviously, I stopped my stacks, but it is a good thing that there are no Swiss left in Austria. Meanwhile, Zurich has fallen


It is actually the little stack in Naxos taking Zurich which allows to reach a White peace with the Swiss. We don't really have an interest at being at war with the Swiss.


As the year 1401 ends, I am about to redirect my troops into Aquileia to finish them.
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It shows I am a newbie at AARs, this is way too detailed.
Aquileia become Venice's vassal

My merchants have been kicked out of Alexandria as well. I'll guess I'll give up for now, since I am going to take an infamy hit as well after vassalizing Aquileia. Venice's COT is big enough.


I notice the shipyard in Venice and queue ships there - they are cheaper.


I need a decent fleet if I want to survive in the Mediterranean. I should have started building them before, oh well.


The war has become uninteresting. In March Friuli falls again and a minor battle is fought in Istria. Bohemia is almost fully occupied by the combined Austrian- Transilvanian -forces.

An interesting event happens in 15 April 1402, I choose free trade.


The doge comes to Krain and orders an assault ....


And at last Aquileia belong to us

And vassalization it will be!

Peace with Bohemia and war with Montenegro, Byzantium and Wallachia

The war is not over, but Bohemia is pretty much owned by Austria


I don't want to weaken Bohemia too much, but I guess I got a good deal


After making Transilvania join my league, I lower the army maintenance.
I adjust the slider to make sure I will be able to pay both my loans and have some spare change.


The Bureaucracy gets expanded (more magistrates)


It's a good thing Bohemia has the electors' support


I donate money to the pope, even if he won't ally with me, and invite Aquileia to the trade league (forgot to ask them in the peace treaty)
On June I get called to arms, and I notice that Montenegro is allied with Vallachia, which is in the coalition Hungary is fighting. I have a core on Montenegro's capital.
Montenegro is not yet at war, I have no diplomats left regrettably (BAD IDEA)


At the turn of the month I answer to Hungary's call to arms and I declare war on Montenegro as well.


We'll, that means I won't be able to repay that loans, but I raise war taxes again, my war weariness is still manageable.


I get some spam because the nations I am at war with leave the trade league, but it is great to see that the emperor is trading through Venice.


Zeta is soon reached.


Soon, the siege can begin and my fleet, led by the admiral Carlo Zeno, engages Byzantium's fleet in the Gulf of Taranto


The sea battle ends in October. Notice that Montenegro's fleet was baited by a cog that had been built in Venice


In Otranto Montenegro's fleet is also destroyed. Other free ships !

Funnily, Byzantium's troops managed to make a landfall in Corfu.
Hungary managed to vassalize Ragusa while Austria entered a personal union with Savoy.
While the siege of Zeta, led by the doge, continues, I manage to bring some troops to Corfu by the end of the year 1402, who immediately engage the enemy.

1403 : Montenegro is annexed , peace returns and a new doge is elected

I am a little worried because I am fighting without commander in Corfu. I decide to move my doge from Zeta to Corfu


By the end of January the doge is leading the troops in corfu and wins the day. Byzantium's troops have nowhere to retreat and surrender


The walls of Zeta are breached and I order an assault. On February 3th 1403 Zeta falls.


Montenegro is annexed


And therefore, Venice gains a new core province in the Balkans


My war exhaustion is already pretty high (3.08) so I decide to offer Byzantium a white peace. They accept.
Obviously I decrease the army's maintenance level. I send a missionary to Crete as well.
A new Pope is elected.
To make sure I can pay at least one of the loan, I mint for an inflation of 30%


I leave my main army in Venice and station a smaller one in Athens, to quell revolts.
I notice Austria has the mission "Reclaim the imperial crown". But I know the electors prefer Bohemia.
I improve relations with Austria and Hungary.


A new doge gets elected. May he improve our income.


Hungary, Corfu, Naxos are still at war with Morea and Byzantium. Maybe leaving the war so soon was a mistake, my vassals are both being besieged. Hungary is sieging Byzantium with a token force, though


The year 1403 ends with no other events.
1404 - year of decisions

The year 1404 is spent in peace, reducing infamy, war weariness and saving money to pay the loan.
On 17 April, a nice event happens - I chose to improve Treviso'defensiveness


I am planning to go centralization, but before that I want to have no war weariness and ideally - no infamy or low.
Or, I may go plutocracy, I notice chances for merchants in Alexandria have improved.


I try shuffling around troops and notice that each unit reduces revolt risk by 0.25. I distribute troops between Athens and Crete, which I am trying to convert.
Having Austria and Hungary as allies makes me feel safe - I don't feel I need troops in Italy.


I go plutocracy, and I lose prestige - what do we care ?


In July, I discover my first technology and I can adopt an idea ! Seeing that my chances are good in the trade center I choose shrewd commerce practices.



Not sure what technology to research now, but since I am going merchant I choose Trade.
I notice my chances in Liguria and Alexandria are now over 70% even with a little infamy.

A new emperor is elected - Bohemia again .


In november I can enact the decision "Stato de Mar", giving a trade bonus of 10 % !


And in December I can (barely) pay back one of my loans. Makes me feel better !


By the end of the year 1404, Bohemia allies with.... France . That's... scary !


Countries who have the biggest income

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1405 : Crusade against Morocco

In the year 1405 there is another loan, that I won't be able to repay though.
I have limited budget, I queue a cavalry, but I notice there is a crusade against Morocco.


Morocco is at war against Castille and Aragon and is taking a beating. This is the kind of war I need, a low-intensity war to raise my prestige and to have the opportunity to raise war taxes. (My war weariness is back to 0)


Before that, I spend a magistrate on culture, because they have capped. And then I declare holy war on Morocco and immediately start to raise war taxes. I don't even need to increase the army's maintenance.
My spies have capped as well, it cannot be a bad idea to spy on Morocco to see if there are some opportunities.
Morocco seems to be in dire straits.


After the fog of war is lifted, I see that after all, Morocco is no pushover. The Castillian troops are being outnumbered in Tangiers. I decide to send a relief force after all. I get military access from Castilla
I call Aquileia to Arms. I gather my fleet carrying 6 troops and send them into the Gulf of Almeria, I leave just 3 cogs home.
In the meantime, the "Crusade" event happens to me - it would seem unfair to just sit on my ass and let the Spanish get slaughtered.


It might be too late for that. Spanish troops have been slaughtered in Marocco. Landing in Marocco it is too risky now, I will have to gather my troops in Spain first and see what the Spaniards do.
There is no way I am going in there on my own. Castilla doesn't seem ready to to ally with me.


My war weariness is actually decreasing, even if I am in war. I got military access from Aragon as well.


Castilla is still fighting in Algeria, they are at war against them too. The Castillian have beaten back Moroccans and Algerians there, but they will be attacked soon by another Moroccan stack.

I decide to land in Oran, I don't even need to declare war on Algeria for that. I reckon my stack can make the difference in the upcoming battle in Tlemcen.
Meanwhile, I found out that it is a good thing the Ottomans are busy fighting the Timurids.

The stack in Fez stops marching toward Tlemcen as soon I let my stack march into Tlemcen. So I guess I'll have to give march order only after they engaged. So back to square one.
I stop the stack in Oran as well and the Morrocan stack in Fez will arrive in Tlemcen on the 4 of July. Meanwhile I gather other 6 troops from Athens, 4 units will be left to defend the country.
I have to take a loan again, but I am repaying the one at the end of the year.


Meanwhile my merchants are being successful in Alexandria as well. Liguria is still off limits, though.

I decide to attack Algeria as well, as his stack is marching into Oran and I am bringing reinforcement,
including the doge. I gather the Castillian can deal with the Moroccans in Tlemncen for the time being.


Regrettably, as I am about to declare war on Algeria, I find out I have no casus belli. Aren't they infidels ?
So plan B, I send a leaderless army to support the Castillian army in Tlemncen, while the army led by the doge will relieve Melilla


My two armies engage the enemy. I think they may actually have turned the tide in Tlemcen, the Castillian were about to be slaughtered there another time.

The battle of Melilla is easily won.


I then proceed to attack the Moroccan stack in Fez, while the battle in Tlemcen is the meantime won. I got some serious weariness though.


The defeated moroccan army retreats to Fez and I pursue them. The Spanish pursue too. I guess we'll all meet in Fez :)


Meanwhile, the war with Byzantium is coming to an end. Austria and Savoy are at war with Byzantium as well, don't know how it happened. I owe it to Corfu.


The battle in Fez is won, but not decisively as I hoped. I'll have to pursue in Toubkhal as well. My leader has good maneuvering skill and I'll be there before them.


I notice with pleasure that Naxos got rid of the siege. About time to support them as well.


The doge's army didn't manage to pursue and was stopped in its tracks by Abusaid's army retreating from Tlemcen. Of course support comes pretty soon.


Morocco's main army is finally routed.


Morocco's secondary army in Toubkhal is routed as well.


In the nick of time I manage to repay one of my loans while I am readying myself to siege Morocco's coastal provinces. Inflation is at 1.2 %


Aragon beats me to Ceuta so I decide to siege Tangiers and Toubkhal. In November 1405 I am sieging both provinces.


No other important events till the end of year 1405.

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1406 - The Crusade in Morocco continues

Ideally, I could stay in war forever to get the crusade bonus, but I feel nervous having my troops so far from home. I will have to find an exit strategy.
Anyway my first moves in 1406 are sending a missionary in Albania a queuing a carrack in Venice. If I get a province in Morocco I will need carracks for tariffs.
I notice I reached my force limit both for land and naval, but having more ships isn't really that critical.


While this is my income.


The golden horde is wreaking havoc in Eastern Europe

I got military access to Morea and give military acccess to Castilla. I decide to lay siege to Safi as well, since Aragon is now sieging the capital as well
Portugal joined the crusade as well.
I got a minor engagement in Toubkhal.
Portugal beats me to Safi, so I decide to start a siege in Ifni.


Meanwhile, a bad event happens. I decide to lose 1 stability rather than decentralize.


Castille accepts peace with Algiers and Morocco as well. More fun for us !


Toubkhal falls on the 17th of July 1406


The fleet in Toubkhal leaves the port and we engage it. They have 3 carracks, but no admiral !


On August 11th Tangiers falls as well


Portugal and Aragon's fleet join the battle in the Coast of Morocco. The battle is won and we capture 2 carracks and 3 cogs. My fleet is getting pretty impressive. Venice rules the waves! .


After taking Tangiers I am aiming for Fez and Melilla, while Ifni's siege is also going on. Portugal enters an Alliance with Castille, so I try and get a better relation with Portugal too.
The situation in Morocco in October 1406.


The battle of Melilla is easily won.

I would seem to have some good chances to place my merchants in Liguria, but somehow I cannot compete there. I am not embargoed. Bug ? Maybe because my ships are not near Venice, don't know.


A minor engagement in Fez is won.


On November the 30th, Ifni falls as well


Another engagement in Fez.


Some of my ships are back in Athens, but still cannot compete in Liguria.
As the year 1407, my stability goes back to 3, while the crusade in Morocco continues.

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January 1407 - Trade in Liguria begins and Morocco sues for peace

At the beginning of 1407, I see I can trade again in Liguria. Maybe it was the ships after all


I am over the force limits for ships, but maybe getting a couple of province from Morocco could help that. BTW, Morocco seems willing to negotiate for peace. More than 2 provinces, though,
shouldn't be necessary, considering the infamy penalty. Ifni is near America, but Tangiers is somewhat richer but I am afraid Portugal and Spain might be interested too. There are no necessary investments, so I can cut down on minting, but
there is a loan to be paid in 1410.

Morocco offers peace, he is kind of desperate. Personally, I am not sure I want all those provinces. I am not pressed to finish the war either.

A couple of nice events happen, the cut in stability cost may turn out to be useful.


Meanwhile, a couple of merchants manage to compete in Liguria

1407 - The first crusade against Morocco ends.

I decide I should get Tangiers and Ifni from Morocco and then get as much prestige as possible.
I will wait for my sieges in Melilla and Fez to finish before sueing for peace.
After a minor engagment in Melilla, I improve relations with Portugal.
Orthodox zealots revolt in Crete, but they are quickly defeated.


Walls are breached in Melilla and on 3rd June 1407 the siege is over.


It is time to sue for peace. I make them give me Ifni and Tangiers, annul treaties, join my league.


My provinces


Regrettably we lose the effect of crusade, but the prestige gain is ok and infamy is manageable.


Diplomatic map in Juli 1407 including the new Moroccan provinces.


I can build better troops in my new muslim provinces. I immediately queue a charge cavalry in Tangiers.


My merchants get kicked out of Liguria again. I take some of my troops back to Albania and leave some in Tangiers.
My prestige is the second best.


Michele Lomellini gets reelected into office. Morocco is now trading through Venice.


I proclaim a guarantee on the papal state, since Milan has the mission to vassalize it.
The year 1407 ends with no other particular event.
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War with Byzantium resumes

On 1408, I send a missionary in Zeta and queue an infantry in Tangiers,
I have now a force limit of 20 for land troops.


On the 10th January 1408, Brabant gets annected and a new advisor pops up : Land Forcelimits Modifier +36 %
This is an opportunity you seldom get, I have to give up my government tech investment advisor.


Aragon and Portugal accept peace with Morocco, Aragon gets Ceuta.


On March, I get a call to Arms from Hungary. They haven't managed to defeat Byzantium yet!


We join the war.


Another opportunity to raise war taxes.
Morea and Byzantium march towards Athens so I need to move troops there


A nasty event happens. I lose naval research.


I accidentally take a loan since I went under 0. Not that bad, I will have to pay the other one in 1410 though.


The battle is won even if I was outnumbered. I pursue

In Achea the combined Morea-Byzantium troops are defeated.

The siege of Achea begins. Hungary starts sieging Morea.
Meanwhile Castilla declares war on Aragon - without Casus Belli !.
I keep making moslim troops in the muslim provinces.
A nasty event in Tangiers costs me 30 ducats.


I decrease army maintenance, because there are no real armies around. Only sieges to finish.


Castilla is at war with Aragon and Portugal. May become interesting.
A minor revolt is put down in Ifni.


I proclaim a guarantee on Pisa, which is at war with Milan


The year 1408 ends.
1409 - The war with Byzantium ends

The year 1409 starts well. Athens becomes catholic.


Pisa gets annexed by Genoa.


Another revolt in Ifni. The siege of Achaea is won.



The sieges continue
I improve relations with Savoy, who is in a personal Union with Austria

Unexpectedly , a peasant revolt breaks out in Byzantium , and I nearly lose because I decided to take the maintenance down. I bring some cavalry support in the nick of time.
That will teach me.


Hungary orders an assault on Byzantium and at last the siege is won - after 2403 days !

Hungary makes peace with Byzantium and the year ends. At peace again.
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