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It's funny sometimes how hard France will fight to recover from the religious wars. I'm playing a game right now where they do nothing about the break away factions, and just colonize! The map looks silly in my game. At least you got off cheap and only lost one province. waiting for the next episode.


Feb 16, 2004
Chapter 6

Still working on the sc.

Chapter 6: The Second War of Religion and Operation Lollipop

Toulouse, War room, August, 1599

Guy starred at the map. The French had declared war again, and this one was different. It was more like the first War of Religion as it was now known. In the other wars, the Huguenots had gone in bright-eyed and bushy tailed, but the instant the french emissary had walked through the door, a sense of doom had prevaded the room. Guy simply needed to end the war as soon as possible. The only bright spot had been the sucess in the east against the Austro-Bavarian army, which had been soundly defeated. Guy glanced up from the depressing strategic view as he heard the armor of the guards clink as they came to attention.

Philippe: Guy, they have sent an emissary. They demand immediate secession of Berri to them.

Guy: Even after the drubbing we gave them in Poitou?

Philippe: Indeed...should we accept? The longer the war goes on, the worse it gets. Their armies drive ever inward, and a scouting detachment sent from the Eastern Army reports a buildup of near 56,000 troops at the border. we can not stand against that!

Guy: Milord, we must draw a line. We cannot give them everything they demand, for you cannot satiate their appetite, only whet it!

A cool expression crossed Philippe's face. Guy had gone too far. His Majesty had been getting steadily crankier and his face was lined with stress. He was accepting Guy's suggestions less and less readily, a condition Guy's father had warned him to be careful of avoiding.

Philippe: I will draw that line soon, but first we need time. We cannot field an army large enough to stop these damn french, so we must find more revenue sources. My plan is-

Guy: My Lord, raising war taxes simply isn't an option. The nobles are already restless, and -

Philippe: Did I ever suggest we raise war taxes? No, I didn't. We must look to Africa.

Guy starred blankly at Philippe.

Philippe: Tripoliania, Tunisia, perhaps Fez and Algeria at some point, maybe someday the Mameluks. They are weak, their armies child-like compared to ours in technology. We could easily take them with a sudden assault.

Guy: Milord! They are infidels! even greater ones than those papal cronies back in Paris! They do not even recognize the divine truth of the Christ! We could not hold those provinces for much longer then a year before these islamists rebel against us!

Philippe: You are right, Guy. And for once-

Philippe allowed a trace of a smile to touch his lips

Philippe: - one step behind me, not ahead. Vassals! They pay us tribute, and we don't burn their cities! I call it Operation Lollipop. The Mongols had the greatest empire in all of history through that policy! We must begin construction of a fleet to carry our armies to Africa! Now! And tell the emissary that I accept!

That tone. The you-argue-and-I'll-have-you-hung-from-the-walls tone. A tone Philippe was becoming all too customed to using.


Coast of Tripoliania, May 1601

Sarge: Let's go, Scumbags! Into the boats! We got a city to assault!

*37 hours later*

Tripoli, City Walls

Muhammed Nahar, 1st Guard division, walked the walls as the blood red of sunrise filled the skies. The city was quiet at this hour, with the army out in Algiers. He turned to stare towards the sea and could have sworn he saw dots moving across the terrain. What he didn't see was the grappeling hook that had landed on the crest of the wall 20 meters away. He didn't hear the Huguenot Special Forces creeping up on him either. His first inkling came with the feel of cold steel on his neck and and arm around him.

*53 hours later*

Guy walked through the burned out remains of the Tripolianian Royal Mosque. The fire fight had been firece, but swift. After the surprisingly successful storming of the walls, most of the city had been caught turned towards Jerusalem...or Medina...or Mecca...It was all the same. His personal guard detachment threw open the doors to the inner sanctum, and he marched in, his cape swirling around his ankles. He marched upto the bound man lying, beaten, on the floor and grabbed his chin.

Guy: You will be our vassals. And we will take every piece of gold in this god-forsaken wasteland and begone, except for a detachment of troops.

The translator quickly whispered the arabic translation

Guy turned away, turning to his aide as he went: Tell Philippe we have taken the city. How much was there in the treasury?

Aide: 234,000 ducats

Guy: Excellent! Sent word to the king immediately.

Aide: Yessir!

Guy: Yes, and- Guy starred at his gloves, now covered with blood - do get a new pair of gloves.


The Court of He Who Is

He Who Is: Interesting. That was rather an odd way to take this struggle, but those Huguenots do need all the help they can get.


Toulouse, May 1606

Guy starred at the map. Tunisia had been successfully taken, and the African Army was en route to Provence, and not a minute too soon. France had declared war again, bringing Austria, Savoy, and Bavaria into the Third War of Religion. Guy turned as he heard the guards straighten.

Philippe: Say not a word, Guy. I know what is on your mind. "How can his majesty send the country in to direr straits" or maybe "what province will e give up this time?". No, Guy, not this time. I did not see it earlier, but now I see it as clearly as dawn.

Philippe drew his sword and drew a line in the sand on the castle floor, then glanced over at Guy.

Philippe: No MORE! I have given ground, but no longer. Today I draw a line in the sand. I stand and fight! I turn to the french and say "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!". Guy, we must FIGHT! I am sick of running. We will not fight them up fornt, for we cannot win, that much I have decided.

Guy: Then how can we fight, Milord?

Philippe: I have come up with a new doctrine. When they attakc, we retreat, when they retreat, we attack! We will plague thier supply lines, sieging and taking remote and insecure provinces and WE WILL WIN! Today, my friend, we stand as men against this terrible storm and we say: No, I will no back down, I will not allow you to destroy my land and my liberty. They hope for a short victorious war. We will seek in everyway to deny them that!

Philippe stepped across the line.

Philippe: Well, will we fight together?

Guy stepped across the line




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Jan 6, 2004
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I got 20d on the Hugenots!


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Aug 15, 2003
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I'm not all that familiar with the economics of the game, but do north african vassels really provide you with that much money? Oh yes and death to the BAD french.


Feb 16, 2004
klink said:
I'm not all that familiar with the economics of the game, but do north african vassels really provide you with that much money? Oh yes and death to the BAD french.
Good call on the french thing.

I didn't know that you only got the tax income, and i was quite steamed when I read that somewhere. I did get a fair amount of cash from their treasury, but that ran out midway through the Third War of Religion.

Expect an update on Good Friday.


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Jul 9, 2003
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Just wanted to say that this has been an enjoyable AAR to read and hope that it continues to prove that the Huguenots are viable.


Feb 16, 2004
Chapter 7: The Third and Fourth Wars of Religion and Their Effects

Loire river valley, Vendee, August 1607

Guy looked through the eyeglass as the French troops marched down the valley.There must have been 5,000 men down there, but they were green, freshly recruited, and no match for what he had in store for them. He turned towards the archer on his right and raised his hand. The oil-soaked cloth covering the tip of tarrow hiss as it caught fire. Guy swung his hand down and the archer's bow twanged as the arrow was sent aloft. Some of the french troops yelled as they saw it, but their cries of warning were drowned out by the sound of Guy's 7,000 cavalry charging down the valley walls and the twanging of his concealed bowmen.

***Two hours later***

Guy stepped over the body of a dead frenchmen as an aide ran up to him.

Aide: Milord, scouts report a large detachment of the French Armee du Roi headed this way, over 18,000 strong.

Guy paused and starred at the fading sun.

Guy: Sent word to Philippe: we will join him in Champagne before the leaves fall. Gather the army, for we must move quickly if we wish to live.


Magistrates office, Champagne, April 29, 1607

Philippe: Tell your king that for a mere 100,000 ducats we will leave his kingdom.

Emissary: yes, milord!

Philippe turned back to Guy and smiled

Philippe: what did I tell you! The french cannot cope with any deviation form the norm! We were able to raid and pillage enough to bring their king to his knees!

Guy: Well, if it hadn't been for that peasant uprising in Poitou...

Philippe: It doesn't matter. Did you ever think that the noble huguenot peasants would ever allow themselves to be ruled over by the damn FRENCH? HA! They threw off the yoke of catholic oppresion with ease! Come let us eat and drink and relax for once. The kingdom is at peace!

Guy: you know that in five years the French will attack again. You cannot stop them.

Philippe: Oh, but we can! And those Austrians too! Those damn Habsburgs, who only attack if you are weak. they will learn their lesson, they will find this bone hard to swallow! But not now, for we must feast and be merry, my dear friend!


Toulouse, September 24, 1612.

Philippe: Guy, the hour has come. The French have declared war, summoning the Austrians, Bavarians, Savoyians, Navarrians, and Tuscans to their banner. But fear not! we shall resist. They might take our land, but they will not defeat us. Now is the perfect time to initiate my plan against the Austrians.

Guy: Which is...?

Philippe: the Austrian empire is bloated, stetched from Hessen in the north to Pest in the south. Alsace in the west to Moravia in the east. If we can drag the war out long enough, these places will break free, and Austria will be destroyed! Then we can find a way to destroy france without having to worry of "imperial" interference.

Guy: My lord, we cannot hold long enough. we will have nowhere left to run.

Philippe: You forget the Magellanes! The enemy has no troops around there, and they never will, or at least not for loong enough so that we may bring about Austrian ruin!

Guy: Well, you are the king milord.

Philippe: Exactly!


The Court of He Who Is

The Son: This bodes ill for the Huguenots.

He Who Is: They aren't factoring in spanish interference.


Forests of Niverais, August 4, 1616.

Guy and the remnants of the Huguenot army huddled under the cover of darkness. The trees blocked out the moonlight, and Guy was sure dawn would never come. He starred down at Philippe's lifeless body and found himself cursing his lack of determination. If only he had continued to demand that they withdraw from the siege of Orlean, he might have escaped this fate. Philippe had been so determined, had sensed a victory. if only the french had waited two weeks, Orlean would be in Reformed hands. Who could have guessed that a force little more than half the size of the huguenot army would send them into total retreat!

Guy glanced up as Major Rohan entered the tent.

Guy: It is my duty to inform you that as of right now, you, Henri Di Rohan, are the king and holy sovereign of the Kingdom of the Huguenots. That also makes you the commanding officer of this army. Let me tell you the situation. Toulouse remains free, but is under siege, so it Cevennes. the only remaining city is New Toulouse in the Magellanes in South America. However, as you may know, the spanish recently entered into an alliance with France, and I believe that we have weeks before the Magellanes is under their control. Overall, I expect the need for unconditional surrender to Allied forces in a year, at best.

Henri: So? It matters not. we will live a vagabond life, never surrendering to the french!

(OOC: I didn't know that once all your provinces were captured, the computer could force peace on you, so Henri's viewpoint was mine. However, I was about to encounter the stark truth)


The Court of He Who Is

The Son: I am impressed at the realtive sucess of the huguenot army. they have prolonged this conflice for quite some time. And that last raid and capture of Bretagne was brillant!

He Who Is: Yes, but it will not last long now. The southern front is closed, and the Huguenot army finds itself trapped between many powerful, enemy armies.


Paris, November 2, 1620

Henri(in chains at the king's feet): I do surrender to your demands. We will relinquish Gascogne, Lanquedoc and Franche Comte to Austria, Poitou, Limosin, Lyonnais, and Auvergne to France, Rousillion to Navarra, and Provence to Tuscany. We also surrender all of our gold to you, the one true king of France.


The Carriage from Paris to Toulouse, November 15, 1620.

Henri:Guy, I have it! I have solved our problems!

Guy: Oh, be still my heart.

Henri: The Portugese!

Guy: Yes...?

Henri: We will be the Portugese! We must forge ourselves a new empire in the new world, in south America. First, we take france's south american possesions away from them, then we turn on the spanish!

Guy: we have no navy. How will we get troops there?

Henri handed him a letter which he quickly scanned.

Guy: How did we gain a conquistador in the Magellanes?

Henri: Divine intervention.

Guy: It's just crazy enough to work...

Next Update:Fun in South America

For my next update, since I cannot seem to get the sc's to work, could someone please just upload a blank screen of the tip of south america?


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Mar 6, 2003
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You fought hard and bravely, and that's what counts! So sorry to hear about your loss. That was a really nasty combination of superpowers against you.

Was it not possible ever to get a helpful ally, like England or Holland?

Looking forward to the next part, and hopefully, some revenge on the French King!


Feb 16, 2004
Back with a new update. Sorry for the delay, I had to get my Econ 101 and Organic Chem grades back up.

Chapter 8: The Rohan Plan and Its Implementation

Toulouse, January 23, 1621

Guy starred at the map pinned down to the table in the center of the dank room. Three provinces were all that remained of the great Huguenot Empire, the beacon of reform in a hostile world. Guy ran his hand through his hair, now mostly grey, not surprisingly. Guy wondered how his father had created this empire that he had ruined. He dropped his head and starred at the floor, barking a short, bitter laugh. Was that how he would be remembered in the history books, if at all? He could imagine some monk being generous and giving him a sentence and this failed experiment at reform five sentences. "Guy II, a man who wrought havoc upon whatever he did, causing the destruction of an empire that had once ruled half of France." Guy was torn from his thoughts by the creak of the door. Henri crossed over to Guy.

Henri: Guy, my comrade through so many hard times, do not look so down trodden, so near to breaking. Rejoice, for I have perfected it.

Guy: It? Not that damn "new world" strategy!

Henri: Oh, but look.

Henri crossed and put his finger on the small marker representing the small expeditionary force in the Magellanes.

Henri: 678 men, waiting our orders.

Henri turned to the Europe section of the map.

Henri: 9,800 men, 4,500 cavalry and 34 cannon, spoiling for revenge.

Henri allowed his finger to rest on Paris.

Guy: Are you crazy? We are but flies to France. We would not stand a chance!

Henri tapped London.

Henri: Never, ever underestimate the English hatred for the French. They are allied with Holland. We will wait and ally with them. No European power, not even the Austrians can fight alone, and us least of all. The Dutch and English will occupy the majority of the Armee du Roi, allowing us to conduct a campaign of "Shock and Awe". We storm the closest French provinces with massive infantry assaults. Secondly, we move the Expeditionary force up the Patagonian coast, taking Aisen and Talca, neither of which has a fort. Then we sue for peace, and assuming the Dutch don't get conquered, we will walk away with Talca and Aisen.

Guy: So? Talca and Aisen mean nothing to the French, the very reason why your plan will work!

Henri: Do you not see? Operation Lollipop was a step in the right direction, but not big enough. We must have an empire, outside of Europe if we want to win this war!

Guy: What war?

Henri: Guy, since the first moment of our independence, we have been locked in mortal kombat with the French, fighting for every second of survival. They believe we no longer represent a threat, such as we did 3 decades ago, but they are wrong. As the Orientals say: Be as a river. Flow and move to your advantages, flow away from your disadvantages. As to you earlier question, you must be willing to accept you place in God's plan. We are but motes in the Grand Design, but we must lead way. After the removal of France from southern South America, we move along the other coast. We will sweep over the lightly defended Spanish like a wave over a sand castle. But the Spanish will learn, so we cannot attack them forever. No, we must follow the gold. We'll conquer up to Rosario, then turn north, through the Andes, to the Inca! If we sweep over the Spanish like a wave, we will be like an ocean to the barbaric savages. By 1700, most, if not all of South America will fly the Huguenot flag.

Guy: But what of the communication gap? It will take a ship near half a year to reach the Americas from here.

Henri: you are right. I will need some one over there I can trust to be loyal and intelligent...

Guy: Not me! I hear things about the Magellanes. It is a barren wasteland!

Henri: You must. You are now the ruler of Western Huguenot Empire...Caesar. In all seriousness, Guy, I do need someone over there, and whom shall I sent? I trust you explicitly, and have no doubts on whether you will remain loyal. I will send advice, but you are now the governor, or "viceroy" of all Huguenot possessions in the Americas.


Nouvelle Toulouse, Magellanes, December 12, 1622.

The voyage had been rather unpleasant. The Huguenots, lacking any ports, had no navy, so Guy had paid a ship to take him to this forgotten corner of the Earth. Of course, the ship had stopped in several other ports on the way, and the whole journey had taken seven months. It was raining rather hard when Guy got off the boat. The Andes loomed menacingly in the background and the land was wreathed in a dismal fog.

Guy: Hello, which way to Governor's office?

Random Fisherman: Up on that hill.

Guy: Thank You.

***after a short, but rather unpleasant, walk to the governor's office, which was located on the...never mind, just read the AAR***

Guy walked up the wet stone steps of the governor’s office to find the two “vigilant” guardsmen huddled over a small fire in a metal bin; their muskets leaned against the wall. Guy swept into the dank fortification and was greeted by another guard leaning against the wall reading a novel called “The Humble Milk-maid and the Strong Stable Boy”. Guy marched past, his anger growing. If he had found such things at the palace in Toulouse the guard would have been dismissed. Apparently duty was forgotten in this far-flung land. Guy pushed through the door marked Governor’s Office, crossed the ante-chamber before the secretary even looked up and threw open the doors. The governor, startled, dropped his copy of “The Humble Milk-maid and the Strong Stable Boy”.

Governor: Excuse me, you can’t just bust in here! Guards!

The clamor of feet was heard as Guy whipped out the letter from Henri.

Guy: Governor, I am the personal representative of our Lord, Henri di Rohan.

He handed the letter to the governor.

Guy: You are urgently needed in the capital, and I have been sent as a replacement.

Governor: Finally, they see me worth!

Guy: Yes…worth…right, well, you’re needed as soon as possible, so I suggest you get the next ship headed for Bordeaux.

Aisen/Magellanes border, May 15, 1626

Guy looked back over his shoulder to see his 600 cavalry men waiting his signal. The letter from Henri had said that the war would begin in the European theater on the 1st of may, and so Guy found himself hoping and praying that everything had gone according to schedule, for if not, he was about to start the war himself. As he turned that prospect over in his head he came to realize that he didn’t care. The French had attacked mercilessly, killing thousands, forcing Guy’s lord into chains and humiliating him in front of all of the leaders of their damnable alliance. No more! Guy would take a macabre pleasure in killing every Frenchman, imagining him as that damn Louis! He no longer cared for the rights of these French, for they had not cared for the rights of any captured Huguenots. They had been rounded up and murdered. It was time for the French to taste their own medicine. Guy could only die happy when he saw Paris in flames, the heads of the royal family impaled upon stakes on the walls.

Next: Blood, Guts, Oh My!