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Jan 24, 2019
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So I'm playing a traitor play though of the game right now and I ran into something that made me frown.

so i arrived at echocall crossing and proceeded to complete it with as little kills as humanly possible (3) and arrived to the boss girl. i told her she could go free as its a traitor run and told her to get all the villagers out also. then i was given 2 choices; burn the town or recruit people into the scarlet chorus. both choices gave disfavor and thats where my logical problem comes into play

If you've released everyone and they got out. when the chorus attempts to recruit the place will be empty as the grave (bar that one stubbon old man with the iron) so.. for me it was a choice between; leave the buildings intact for after the war, or burn them down forcing the villagers to rebuild needlessly.

the update i'd like to add is removing the disfavour with vendrien guard if you release the townsfolk first. as you know in character that the homes now lie empty and the scarlet chorus is going to get nothing. could also add a lose favour with the voices and chorus later for this trick if you go to the archons after this.
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