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Jul 10, 2012
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So I have done two other Roman Empire themed games. Starting with CK2 I started a nice friendly Byzantium game and not only did I restore the Roman Empire but I brought back not only a restored Roman Empire with its old borders but expanded them in all directions and we went back to following the real true gods like Zeus! Or Jupiter! Etc. It was good. Then we moved on to the EU4 era and the Roman Empire continued to grow and expand. Eventually the world was unified under our benevolent rule. Which takes us not to Stellaris.

Imagine this. A grand Roman Empire that unifies Earth and leads humanity into the stars. As Rome on Earth did they bring civilisation to the stars. A galactic Pax Romana. However there are things in space. Terrible things. Space barbarians. These terrible foes lash out against the great power of the Space Roman Empire and managed to strike at Earth itself! Our beautiful blue world bombed into an irradiated waste. However they were not destroyed and though it took an age, an age in which the galaxy suffered through an era of darkness, once more they reach for the stars.


Expanding in all directions is on the agenda. We must reclaim and rediscover the territory around us after the long dark age from those horrible space barbarians.

So we find more races out there. People we know once in the long ago times served under us. They are weak too, damaged by the space barbarians, yet they refuse to fall back into place.

I can get a little greedy about my relics. A little too greedy perhaps? Hmm.....

We have found some more races. Some long gone, some more our level and some mysterious groups that are powerful still. I grow suspicious how those who once served Space Rome didn't seem to suffer from the space barbarians.

While eastern expansion may be cut off I think I still have some good space in the west I can go with. Just have to keep the borders and space stations strong.

I wonder what lies to the east beyond those rebellious space provinces that we once ruled.

I am really liking all these excavation options. Very very fun. Some are really well written.

The galaxy is starting to fill up nicely. I mean could be better but it is still nice I have plenty of space to grow into.

I am a big fan of my new ship. Biiiig fan.

Ok so the map is basically full now. Still stuff to explore out there but we know where things have shaken down since the Space Dark Ages.

What a big friendly looking crystal over there.

Galaxy is turning into quite the interesting place. I do think I remain comfortably the dominant power though.

Need to keep an eye out on my neighbours for when they don't have friends. Also do something about that group of space barbarians. I feel I am almost strong enough.

What could be bad about an AI that wants to take away our free will? Nothing could go wrong!

Nothing worse than when your enemies throw their babies are your heavy metal hulls.

I think we are nearing Shard killing size.

Really starting to run low on galaxy to claim.

Ok fighting the Crystals isn't going perfectly but we will get it done. Good thing they don't wander angrily when you poke them. Poke them with lasers.

With the Crystals dealt with my next focus is definitely going to be on that rather pesky Shard.