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Mar 14, 2003
Until I post its cancelled then its in stasis! ;)

Ive had alot on my plate so havent had the time to dedicate even to play HoI2 / DD so its not like you should feel cheated! :D

Hopefully come September and the start of Autumn I wont have much reason or need to spend doing other things! :)

BTW - I still have 4GB worth of screenshots to process for upcoming updates so I guess Im saying, never say never....

A big thank you to everyone who has read it, will read it and even likes it! :D


Feb 13, 2006
Glad to hear (read?) that this AAR, like so many of it's bretheren, has not (permanently) fallen by the wayside. I will look forward to this returning in the Fall. :cool:
Mar 14, 2003
The Great Duck said:
I presume you wont continue the AAR now?
Well there is a big chance that I will restart this and other AARs over the next few weeks as I free up spare time. I never wanted to stop, but have been busy with lots of projects taking up all my freetime!

Im really getting a compulsion to do another AAR and restart my Deus Vult AAR as well. Esp given that so many other esteemed writAARs are leaving! :(

My plan is that I will replay the game using ARMA 1.2 to apoint just past Fall Weiss and take up from there. I recommend you all keep a tab here and look for an update. My next post here will either be a proper update or a dont forget to turn the light off update!


Field Marshal
Jan 5, 2004
2Coats: ...A big thank you to everyone who has read it, will read it and even likes it! :D

considering that anyone who reads it will like it... :)

perhaps we should keep this on page one until Sept. ? ? ;)

WOOT ! ! 2Coats is back ! !