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Mar 14, 2003


Hugh I, Count of Suffolk, 1066 - 1075

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Very nice, 2Coats! Your usual professional looking work and totally immerses you into the element. Looking forward to this.
Enticing. I kept clicking on the book to change the page :p

Needless to say I'm looking forward to this.
Lord Durham said:
Enticing. I kept clicking on the book to change the page :p

:eek:o Me too

A beautiful start, lets see how the counts of Suffolk take advantage of the potential strife in post-conquest England.
It has been far too long since the last 2Coats AAR.
Ah...I remember fondly the old Italian HoI 1 AAR that you did. Miss it, but it was also insanly well done.
Great to see you start a new AAR 2Coats. It has been a while since we saw your German pictorial lessons in the HoI forums, but this looks like it can be very interesting also.
Looking forward to it :)
Thank you ever so for all your encouraging words and sentiments, esteemed gentlemen and ladies alike!

Truly can the level of fellow writAARs who have commented so far, rise any further! Im sure they can but it will take some doing!

Coz1, no pressure then! I was hoping to ease into this one. I see that wont be possible now! :)

Lord Durham. Estonianzulu , what would you have done if youd been able to turn the page?! :eek:o Well its something I did think of doing that, but I want to focus on the graphical layout and writing style before it gets fancy! As for taking advantage of the situation, my first counts dont usually get into any trouble until Im at a comfortable level to become aggressive! But you never know!

Chilperic, thx. Its basically a jpeg. I then add layers to it to build up the effect. Its not that difficult but it is time consuming.

Burgundy, glad you liked the German AAR. Just between you and me its not strictly finished! Im waiting for the another Armaggedon patch to come out and then will pick up from there and finishing. But for now I will focus on this! :)

stnylan, tis true, tis very true! Alas RL has kept me busy!

Lurken, yeah it was a real labour of love that one! I still hope to find an ISP to put ut the pdf files. They measure over 100mb for each chapter! :D

Lord Valentine, thanks. It will hopefully get better and better as the basic format evolves. At least thats my hope!

Thanks Veldmaarschalk! Hopefully, the game story will impress just as much.

Gracia Castro!

Lord E I can still remember your HoI Norwegian AAR.

demokratickid, hopefully when I start it again, you will rekindle your interest!

Sematary thank you! Glad you noticed. I hope to keep up the good writing style and improve upon it! Though the first couple of updates will be a balancing act to establish the graphical format too!

ComradeOm, cheers. I will enjoy the challenge. As you may have noticed it takes a lot of time to produce these and keep the writing interesting and the story moving forwards!

Specialist290 the next post is here. Im still working out the logistics of producing one jpeg. I had hoped to produce more by now but time hasnt allowed for it! I will be posting a smaller update in the next few days after this one!

VILenin good to see you too!

Ok now, lets get to the story.....
Wow. Wonderful pictures 2Coats!