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Feb 24, 2013

I am complete beginner in Supreme Ruler series, and I would like to ask some basic questions, these are:

1) How can I propose a peace deal to AI I am having war with? I mean how to, for example, annex only a piece of territory taken in war? In EU/HoI series there always was a possibility to make a peace deal, but HoI does not have any cold war/space race/not-far future time span.

2) How can I make my units go into combat? I know it may sound dumb, but in all EU1234/HoI I can pick a unit from the map, and order them to go here or there, to do this or that, by right clicking on the target - and in HoI 4 I do not even need to play with all that clicking, because it is enough to paint a battle plan, assign units and general, and then execute plan.

In Supreme Ruler even if I am clicking on the soldiers of enemy state - to conquer the land of my enemy, destroy enemy units - my soldiers comes into this enemy land and then comes back to where they came from, without making my enemy anything bad, without even taking the territory sometimes. What is going on? I think the combat in Supreme Ruler is terrible.

Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance for all help.