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So this will be my Fengtien republic AAR: Obviously it is a Kaiserreich mod and I will play under Japan's rules and decisions until I deem unnecessary. The only mod I will make to this game is the Kaiserreich mod itself and a minor edit in Fengtien's gradual increase of resources in the first year. I will be playing on Easy mode and slowly, but surely make my way up to the hardest mode as the game goes on. Other than that all other options are on the Normal positions.

This is my second AAR ever and I wish that whoever is going to watch (and hopefully comment) on this will appreciate my effort in trying to please the reader. If you do find any errors in my strategy and other things along the lines of Canon and whatnot please inform me via PM or through comment.

Thank you for reading and I will begin posting in a day or two
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Fengtien China in contrast to the rest of Asia

“The state of China in today’s day and age is deplorable” Zhang Zuelin announced, center stage in front of reporters from both Japan and all following her allegiance. He motions his arm towards a billboard with the current borders showing the positions of the Warlords and Qing under ‘glorious’ Manchuria. His arm returned to the podium in front of him; rearranging a few papers before harshly stamps his left foot. The pitter pattering of feet was then heard prominently throughout the room as a few journalists looked upwards to see two children around the age of five struggling to work a spotlight. Eventually the room grew darker and a blinding light shone into Zhang’s face; forcing a harsh command in Mandarin, “你們在那兒!昏暗的燈光或者沒有更多的糧食配給你的整個村莊!”[1] Whipping out his hands across his view, throwing his pen towards the children adjusting the light. A loud clicking noise sounded above the crowd followed by a squeal and then frantic screeching as the spotlight dimmed to a suitable level for Zuelin. Clearing his throat he continued in a slightly aggravated tone, “As I was saying! The condition our grand China has been assigned is ill gained. A state of separation and warring factions is suitable for the lowly countries of Europe where the Gwai Lo squabble in their filth. But China! We are separated undeservingly: Occupied by Mongols, Germans, Muslims, Hans, and Corporate Snobs.” He seemed to snarl at the last word: a deep seeded hatred of the Algostasien was brought to light. Taking out a gold plated pointer (that showed its age through rust and fading plating) and snapping it against the billboard Zhang spoke once again, “That is why I am planning to retake China and reform her to the glory of our true form!” From the billboard rustling noises were heard as Zuelin moved his pointer off of it, letting the first sheet of paper fall flat against the floor and revealing a map of the formerly grand Qing Empire (falsely labeled “Greater Fengtien”). “Conference Dismissed!” Burst out the Chairman as he stepped off the stage and into another room.


Tokyo Command ordered complete military cooperation of the Manchurian state

Twenty days later the Republic of Fengtien announced its formal alliance with Japan; despite common knowledge of the latter’s political dominance of Manchuria. The open trade of technology and resources began immediately (mostly one way trades in favor of Japan) and the general improvement of the Fengtien state began. Prime Minister Xan Yishan created the mold for Manchurian industry and research by ways of forced employment. His plans were simple: four out of ten able-bodied men in every village, in every province in all of Fengtien would be sent to work in the factories. This caused widespread outrage in the peasantry but a general acceptance in the upper echelons of the government. Those whom were not deemed suitable for factory work were sent to the fields and worked to increase the Republics poor Infrastructure rating in regards to even the colonial states of Japan like the Korea peninsula.


The forced infrastructure increase, officially known as “Project Counter-Famine” was dubbed by the workers as “Dìnggòu sǐwáng” or “Order of Death” because of the high casualty rate in the peasantry assigned to the fields.

Unfortunately not all was well in the Government of the Fengtien Republic; Japan had begun to assert its leadership in their alliance. For the Japanese forcefully moved the economic policies of the Manchurian state free market. Although this would probably be better for the nation further down the lines of fate the general populace despised this blatant disregard for the autonomy and ability to make its own decisions that the Fengtien republic has proved time and time again. This, to be ignored was a great outrage to all people whom call themselves anything but Japanese. Cultural Friction set in.


[1]Translated as: “You there! Dim light or no more food rations your whole village!”
Liking the start, wondering how you will cooperate with the Japanaese/Qing, Feng historically used/ helped Pu Yi?

One of my favorite things in the KR senario (both MP and single player) Was Qing. You were able to completely build your own nation, and get experienced generals and get 300 ic by the end of it, (although your naval forces suffer). I hope you'll enjoy this game as much as I have enjoyed mine.
Fengtien China is best China, and the Qing will cover and tremble before the might of the true Chinese Republic!
It's worse for me since I start with absolutely nothing in the AIR and NAVAL tech tree

Let the Guai Lo tremble over the mighty boots of Chinese walking tanks!

@Mr. Santiago
You know it! ;)

(Also I'm going to try updating every Friday to Sunday)
Zhang Zuelin: A name that inspires nothing but pride nationalism in his people. Unfortunately the latter, as of now is all but possible. With Japan having trouble keeping the Korean peninsula organized and under control began to raise its budget in regards to policing its vassals. As hundreds of new military police and other forms of military assistance began to move from the Korean peninsula to Manchuria the strangest thing in the history of modern Japan happened. For the first time a large scale revolt was organized and armed while under the noses of the Japanese military command. The South of the Peninsula declared independence but at the most inopportune time possible. Hundreds of troops en route to the Manchurian border turned back at Pyongyang and began assaulting Seoul. The citizens of Fengtien saw this revolt as people resisting the Japanese (something which was thought impossible until now). This resulted in the formation of six new youth leagues in the capital and began protesting.

Chairman Zhang looked onto this from his window; refusing the request to evacuate by his guards. Instead he deployed the reserves into the city and stepped onto his balcony. His brow, furled and his stance, that of a Siberian Tiger ready to defend her cubs. Angrily he took hold of his spectacles, cleaned them off and returned them to his face. Even simple movements like this were enough to silence the crowd immediately. As this went on a silent brigade of reserves moved through the crowds and disarmed each of the protesters. Then he spoke, in a ferocious fury of Mandarin, “你怎麼敢!你們這些人採取的虐待攻擊我們的盟友獲得了由韓國人一樣勇敢!?你們都是一種侮辱這個偉大的共和國。噴民族廢話和被視為盲目的蝙蝠!現在回到你的家或我的軍隊將粉碎你在他們的腳跟。” [1]. suddenly a shot sounded out: It was not a protester, nor the Chairman. But a soldier of the Imperial Fengtien army; “沒有不射擊!” [2] yelled Zhang as chaos ensued in the crowd. He hung at the edge of his balcony as he screamed at the soldiers to stop in vain, for the shots were too loud them to hear.
Chairman Zhang fell to his knees, hanging onto the rail and weeping; as his people were murdered indiscriminately in front of his eyes. The tears burned into his skin just as hot coals would, for these were not tears of sadness. For they were tears of pain; although the people believed the opposite. In reality the chairman was ill. Standing up frantically he ran into his room, smashing up against the door and yelling desperately for a nurse. Zhang screamed in a volume not thought to be achievable by humans and as he collapsed onto the floor a nurse entered the room and shrieked at the sight of their beloved leader on the carpet yelling.
Ten days later the prognosis came in: Uveal Melanoma as well as well as overlying tumors residing around his spine. Treatment was impossible; for the Fengtien republic had yet to obtain modern medical equipment capable of removing these tumors. The Japanese would not grant their Manchu vassals this equipment, finding it in better use on wounded of the Korean revolution. A seed of hatred against the Japanese overlords was planted that day as the Prime Minister, Xan Yishan secretly took over the government, announcing that the Chairman is (and I quote) “At a Diplomatic conference in Siberia” (Which recently gained Independence during the current civil war in Russia).

Meanwhile in the west the war between Mongolia, Xibei San Ma, and Tibet was taking a turn for the worse for the Chinese Xibeis. The Mongolians and Tibetans have moved in on Chinese positions and are in a position to completely overrun the nation. This would be a hard front to face in the future plans to reunite China so the Prime Minister thought of a dastardly plan. Six Cavalry divisions recently brought up for a Military parade in the Capital was sent to the border of Mongolia, and war was declared. . .

[1] How dare you! You people take the abuse against our allies, as obtained by the Koreans brave! ? You are an insult to this great republic. Jet nation and is considered nonsense blind bat! Now back to your home or my army will crush you in their heels.
[2] Stop Shooting

(Early Update for you people!)
(You owe me six comments AT MINIMUM)
Oh, I fear that the Chairman won't come out well of his "diplomatic mission" in "Siberia". By the way, something got lost in translation in that 'nonsense blind bat' part, right?
Yaaaaaay interesting!
Oh, I fear that the Chairman won't come out well of his "diplomatic mission" in "Siberia". By the way, something got lost in translation in that 'nonsense blind bat' part, right?

Oh of course. Me not Being Chinese I know nothing but Google translate
Zhang Zuolin’s incapacitation wasn’t felt as a major development by the Japanese, despite the lack of common knowledge of this event in Chinese citizens it was well known in Japanese troops (who were advised to try their best not to discuss it, despite many doing the opposite). Xan Yishan was forced to take over his country in a critical time such as this: The war with Mongolia and Tibet was one Sided at best. The Mongolians managed a few victories while hiding in the mountainous regions outside of their capital. But within a few days of the initial declaration Fengtien Cavalry divisions (which have become famous in Asia for being more advanced than those belonging to Japan!) took the capital or Urga from the Mongolian central command. In the initial assault the Chinese soldiers were met with little resistance except for the few mountain divisions that the Mongolians had on loan from Tibet. Meanwhile further down South the most controversial events of the war took place. Japanese censorship was heavy at the time so the little known information includes that the Japanese took command of all Southern provinces taken by Fengtien Soldiers because of as the Tokyo Command described as “Malicious and Corrupt Chinese officials”.


A picture of the capture of Urga which took place the exact hour and day a major military parade happened in the capital.

Reports quickly flew in to central Fengtien command about the events down South and several administrators from Japan were said to have been confronted by the Prime Minister. Reports include this excerpt from a Japanese officer whom recorded the events in his Journal a few days prior to his execution (‘unlawful ’ according to Tokyo command).

“It was a rather quiet day yesterday: except for one thing involving the Fengtien Prime Minister. I was meditating in the central courtyard of the Administrative building around noon when he approached me with two armed guards. The look on his face was quite terrifying; which it is hard for me to admit since the Chinese are infinitely inferior to us, the Japanese. But the look on his face was so strange it seemed to have come from the Emperor himself manifesting another form. His eyes were squinted more so than his guards and it was hard to see his irises. All I saw was the empty void which was his pupil, and I might have been hallucinating from the Incense but it seemed when he finally spoke to me a sort of fiery rage spread from his eyelids and engulfing his entire eyeball. It was truly frightening as his voice; it was hoarse as though he had spent the last week yelling at the top of his lungs. He didn’t bother speaking Japanese either, SUCH AN AFRONT! I am thankful that I know enough Mandarin to have had understood him. But I digress: So there he is standing in front of me with two guards with rifles that seem of Russian make and he said, “Why are your soldiers taking over the land my own rightfully claim in the name of the new Chinese republic? Are you all really so caught up in your racism that you think we "Bamboo coons" aren't as smart as you? Hmm? Do you really think you could sneak out from under our noses and invade the land that we rightfully claim? How pathetic. Now...Tell me what the command from Tokyo Command was?” I of course did not answer in that Mainlander language and defended my honor in the language that needs to be the world’s native, “あなたヒキガエル!
あなたの場所を知っているか?私の視界にしておきます。” [1] What morons those Chinese are. I am going to request a transfer tomorrow and finally be gone from this horrid place.”

The entry ends explicably with a splatter of blood and the calling card of a major Chinese assassination network. Despite the murder of the official news got in within the week that the Prime Minster of the Fengtien Republic was assaulting and ordering the death of Japanese officials. The Japanese Emperor demanded Xan Yishan step down; but he did not comply with that order. So in retaliation the Japanese government released the information of the President’s illness and the lack of proper equipment purchased by the government to do anything but keep him alive. Widespread rioting broke out in Northern provinces requiring the state Tachanka move in to suppress the revolt. The group responsible for the rebellion was found to be a Japanese funded nationalist league. When information was brought into them that the deals they struck with Tokyo command were found out to be bogus they immediately surrendered to the Machine Gun carts. That day went down as “Peace Day” (Which is still celebrated today in Zuolin Square in Beijing) for reasons only described by the press as a “Miraculous coincidence”. As in retaliation to Japanese-sponsored assaults on authority figures the Fengtien governments make a very Chinese-centric deal with the Mongolians. Leaving all but the western territories and the Capital are ceded to the Fengtien Administrative comity. On cue both Mongolian and Chinese troops are ordered to stop firing at each other and abandon their posts to let the Tibetan-Mongolian Alliance face the Japanese and the volunteers from Vladivostok alone.


The peace left the Fengtien republic nearly twice the size it was in 1936

While the Japanese continue fighting the West was in turmoil unheard of before. Now Siberia became an unofficial buffer state between us and the mess they call the “2nd Russian Revolution”. Instead of just having to deal with Siberia and the Soviets uprising Russia was faced with what can only be described as a major clusterfuck. Together on cue the Fins declared war on Russia for the lands they claim with Alash Orda whom declared war for the hell of it. Xan Yishan however, was not swayed by the politics of the west.


The Russian ‘clusterfuck’

[1]” You toad! Do you know your location? You have my sight.”