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Note: This AAR is born as a sort of distraction from my The War that Had to Be Won , just to provide myself with a different story to tell and to allow myself to tease some fellow Paradoxians (I can't help, you know me -at least those who know me, those who doesn't know me, well, they don't know, of course-). It's a distraction, a toy, a way to retake my past when I had several AARs at the same time. No, it's not a descend into madness again (no Sparta jokes, please). It's just a plaything, so to speak.

No, there's not a mod supporting this AAR, as it has not been one since I did my first KR-MDS AAR long time ago. So don't ask for the mod because there's none, just a heavily (and a bit unstable) savegame. Why I bother to ask this if someone is going to ask for the mod, anyway...

PS: Viperhawkz: if this introduction reminds you of something... well, you're right :p

A House of Cards (An alternative KR-MDS AAR)

December 31st, 2002 – 11:59PM – Ottawa, Ontario, Dominion of Canada

René Artois junior was tired. It was late and he knew too well that he was not going to close his bar until the last drunkard had gone home. And with the incoming new year just behind the corner, the night was not going to be over in the next five minutes. So, with a sigh, he resigned himself and gave a long and lascivious look to his waitress, Yvette.

Then the phone rang. "Who -René wondered- can be so foolish to call at this hour?"


A voice whispered:

-Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once...

-Oh, it's you, Michelle...

Then a bright white light blinded René. Before he could say "what the heck" the light was gone and he found himself looking foolishly to his customers who, suddenly, had been sobered by the spectacle. Then, as the city returned to the dark and happy night, René returned to Michelle and the incoming message from the Resistance.

"Curse my bad luck and those darned Syndies from the other side of the border..." -he muttered to himself.


Happy New Year, René!

January 1st, 2003 – 00:01AM – A military outpost 10 kms west of Wallaceburg, Ontario, Dominion of Canada

Private John Collins couldn't believe his eyes. Where a minute ago had been a series of dugouts and, far away, a small military base with its own airbase, now there was nothing but for biggest piece of emptiness and, far away, on the other shore of Lake St. Clair, the shinning lights of a big, very big, city, with tall buildings that hadn’t been there before. And, on top of that madness, there was a bridge extended out over the lake, stopping abruptly at the border where it looked like it had been severed by some gigantic scalpel.

The only coherent thought that crossed Collins mind was:

"The sarge ain't gonna believe me... oh man..."
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Wait? Did the ring of fire fall on somewhere other than Grantsville?
Rene Artois...in Canada...in 2002...What else can I say, Kurt, you're a genius.
January 1st, 2003 - 01:15AM - Ottawa, Ontario, Dominion of Canada

Francis Ewan Urquhart, Prime Minister of Canada, opened his eyes when the phone rang. He picked it up while slowly awakening.

“Rather grave news, Prime Minister.” It was his Minister of Defense. “Suddenly we have beginning to receive all kind of weird reports coming in from all along the American border. It may be the run-up to an attack, sir.” Urquhart’s mind started to race. This was an unexpected development. Usually the Americans could be predicted, but they had caught him completely by surprise.

“We're in contact with our Allies. All normal out there. They don't seem to have any kind of trouble,” added the Minister of Defense.

Could it be that someone had thrown a match to the powder keg that was the Combined Syndicates Of America, far sooner than Urquhart had planned?

“Meeting of the War Cabinet. One hour,” Urquhart said.

“Yes, Prime Minister”


January 1st - 03:26AM - Camp David, Frederick County, Maryland, United States of America

George Walker Bush, President of the United States, was suddenly awoke when the phone erupted in a vicious and nosy explosion of sound. Confused, he gave a fast glance to the clock and then muttered a curse. Then the phone rang again.

“All right, all right... just a second, just a second...”

Teh voice on the other side sounded quite familiar to him, but he couldn't recognize it initially.

“Mr. President, there have been strange reports coming in from all along the Canadian and Mexican borders. In addiition to this, we've lost all contact with our forces deployed overseas.” George W. Bush fell silent as if a cookie had got stuck in his throat. “Happy New Year, George” - he thought.

The next minutes were a hell of helicopters flying from and to Camp David as the main advisors and members of the US cabinet flew to the country retreat of the President.

“Let’s go. Tell me what's going on.”

“Mr. President, exactly at midnight, our units deployed along along the Canadian and Mexican border reported seeing a bright light in the sky all along the borderline and, once it faded, the other side of the border... well.., changed. Cities and military appeared where nothing was before or bigger than they were previously, bridges broken in half...”

The President remained in silence, by the look in his face, astonished.

“Whatever this is, sir, it has taken place in both borders. It's too big to be an hoax, sir.”

“I guess... So, all this happened at midnight?”

“There is more, Mr. Prime Minister. After this flash of light, we have been unable to contact anyone outside of our borders. Additionally, all satellites have vanished. We are blind and deaf, sir”.

“Oh shit”


@H.Appleby: Apparently... yes.

@Bergioyn: May be so... or may be not...

Officer Crabtree... we shall see... :p

@Asalto: Oh, it was just a sudden thought...

@Razgriz 2K9: I'm still modding while writting the first chapters, so I fully agree with you ;)
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Hummmm...very misterious and confusing situation indeed...
So the USA in 2001 gets transported to the KR-Universe.

Does the Communist states of America get transported to our universe then?

I wonder how one of my friends who is GOP would deal with Chomsky leading his nation in real world timeline....

Or if they get transported to the KR universe and have to deal with the Syndies............

Bush/Cheney vs Chomsky/Obama 2001!
Finally a MDSKR AAR with a unified USA.
Oh, is Malcolm Tucker PM of the Union of Britain?
Well, this certainly is a original premise for a AAR.

I've always been a fan of sci stories that involve stuff like being teleported to other timelines and universes and such like. Wonder how old George is going to react once he learns that he's not in Kansas anymore.
I'm confused and amazed at the same time... Someone's been watching a marathon of Fringe, I presume?

Also, you may have changed Bush's title just above the 2nd pic, or I'm too dull to get a change in the plot
Ah...not united.

If I remember correctly, Rene did complain of Syndies across the border, which can only mean a surviving Combined Syndicates...

I think there's a CSA in Renè's timeline, let's say A; but the USA from our universe, say B, is transplanted into A; thus there is a unified USA in universe A. Dunno about B, though
When was Kaiserreich first created? This could get really weird if it already existed in 2003. Then we could have an alternate history mod for "What if the Allies won the Weltkrieg?"
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I think there's a CSA in Renè's timeline, let's say A; but the USA from our universe, say B, is transplanted into A; thus there is a unified USA in universe A. Dunno about B, though

okay, I think you lost me...
okay, I think you lost me...

Basically, the CSA has been replaced with the USA from our timeline by some mysterious cosmic event. Apparently created by British Television experiencing some sort of Apocalypse.
Basically, the CSA has been replaced with the USA from our timeline by some mysterious cosmic event. Apparently created by British Television experiencing some sort of Apocalypse.

Well, if the Canadian gov't fills it ranks from British Television, I certainly look forward to Rowan Atkinson (as Mr. Bean, of course) running Foreign Affairs, and David Suchet in security, it's a winning team!