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I've decided to do something completely different. (insert giant foot descending)

This will be a populist history AAR devoted to the people of Canada. The format of the AAR is that I will take POPs from various points in the game (we will be linear here), and then write a short entry about their lives and doings.

Over time, some POPs will be revisited, and the extinction of POPs (via assimilation, or perhaps getting wiped out in battle) will also be covered. Readers may request a specific POP type, although I am not going to promise to do every request.

The first 56 replies are relating to voting for the nation to be played. To skip to the prologue, click here.
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Or if you don't want Hawaii, Peru. They seem to have a good mix of POPs.
I'm thinking you need a real challenge, so Bolivia.
I'll vote for Chile. I may be wrong, but I don't think there's been an AAR for them.
Interresting idea!

Argentinia gets my vote!
Wow, 9 votes, no nation has more than two. It's like a real UN vote! :)
A vote for the USCA from me too, looking forward to this!
I'll stick my vote in for USCA as well. Should be interesting.
I'm going to vote for Canada, there should be a nice mix of British, Anglo-Canadians, French-Canadians, and various Native American POPs up there.

Although I guess my vote won't matter as the USCA has taken a big lead... didn't notice that before I posted.