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Jun 16, 2018
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I came to a decision today after waiting since the end of 2020 for the game to be in a fully playable state by now.

This is the first game in my game library ever, that I must refund completely and it makes me a bit sad to see the amount of potential in the game. But after watching countless streams where Empire of Sin suddenly crash or even shows minor bugs from quests still in the game makes me depressed. I had hoped, that maybe expansions would give the developers a little boost and energy to fix the core game as well by releasing more content in the same run.

After playing numerous games with a style of "gang turf wars" included including Gangland, Hooligans, etc I really saw this as the next generation game and I was so eager that I pre-order the game before its release to support the developers. It seemed like a fair deal, at the time, but when I still saw the same problems over and over... Observing the game at this point in 2022, it's to me looks as if the game is still in development or was heavily rushed to release early. But as some players would describe it as an unpolished diamond. If the development would have had the intention of releasing this game as an "Early Access" I would clearly have expressed my opinion differently.

I must say that the game is nowhere near a state where I would enjoy it without having too many frustrating bugs as many, many people I believe have encountered and reported about. I wish the best to Romero Games in the future and that they listen to people and mostly play their own games. I had this game pre-ordered but the lack of attention to the game made me refund it. Sadly.

All the best, and I hope people still enjoy this concept as its widely a great potential.