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Oct 15, 2008
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Hello, I'm relatively new to this series, but the dev diaries for this release have me intrigued. I've just got a few questions:

1) Will there be a Steam release for this game, or just GamersGate?

2) Is there a way to adjust the settings so that the game will play like vanilla EU2?

3) Will this game work with existing EU2 mods?

So far, this seems like the game that could eat up my entire existence. :D

1. Paradox will decide in which countries boxes will be available.

2. no, this is a new game but spirit is the same.

3. no, existing EU2 mods will have to be adapted but this is an easy task and many should be ready at game release, if not the same day.

Why not... don't forget to eat and sleep. ;)