A few questions regarding siding with Chorus/Disfavoured

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Nov 19, 2016
This gets to be the pleasure of my first ever post here, so I'll start it off with saying hello everyone!

So I've been playing this game on and off since release, and I'm not happy with my decisions towards end of act one so I've decided to restart. I'm mostly likely going to play this game twice, one of the play throughs with the rebels but my first as siding with one of the Kyros loyal factions, so I've got a few questions I'd like to ask to best advise me route I'll enjoy most!

1. Which of the games 4 routes enables me to get most Archons swearing their fealty to me?

2. I'd love to build my own army/influence up, as I read I can become an Archon myself? Which route gives me the most power and can I get my own army?

3. If I go Chorus route, is it possible to assume control of the army? I read somewhere you can get Nerat convicted and take control of the army? Is this a real thing, or just a throw on the ending or what?

4. I read Graven Ashe can swear his fealty to me if I go Disfavoured? Do I get to command him, his army or what?


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May 20, 2011
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Welcome to the forum :)

I'd advise three playthroughs if you can get the time. You can play a Kyros loyal faction (disfavoured/chorus) a "good guy" rebel playthrough and the Anarch or "personal power" playthrough. Each is fairly unique.

To answer your questions. Hopefully you don't mind being spoiled!

1. I think at the moment the most Archons you can get swearing featly is 2. Each path will allow this many but it will depend on you actions in game if you get 2, 1 or none at all. But two seems to be the max from what people are saying so far.

2.Tricky one this. If you go rebel, you get to choose the composition of your rebel coalition, which native factions make up the fight against Kyros. Siding with either of the two factions (Dis/Choir) means you'll work with them and maybe get some pull later on. Anarchy you go lone wolf and have no allies, None of the routes allows you to outright command armies or legions, unfortunately.

3. Yes, but as you've guessed. it's pretty much at the ending, same with the disfavoured.

4. As above.


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Sep 17, 2013
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Actually, I'd advise going through both the disfavored and chorus playthroughs since they are quite different. If the combat gets a bit repetitive then just drop down into story mode so you can rush through combat. Going through the same fights on your 4+ playthrough grinds on the nerves.