A few questions about assigning tracts

A few questions about assigning tracts

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Jubej Thos

Apr 4, 2020
Hello everybody,

I have made a seperate own building for my prisoners with mental illness, so they have no conflicts with the other prisoners.

I have assign the celltract, the canteen and everything else to the that prisoners, and for example the yard in front of this building only for low-security.
So the mental illness prisoners don't leave there prison wing.

But after a few days, the building is a mess because nobody comes for cleaning or laundry.
I open the Celltract for everybody, so the working prisoners come to do there job. But now the Canteen says there were no prisoners assign to. I can fix this by assigning the canteen for everybody to, but then other prisoners come to eat there. I also make sure that in the logistic tab everything is set correctly.

I there a something I can do to fix this or do I need more facility mangers and prioritize them for the mental-illness-tract?

Also I have a question about the laundry.
Is it correct, that only the facility managers can carry the laundry from the delivery zone to the laundry or does the workes do that too (I don't let my prisoners go to the delivery zone)? Cause I have the problem that my high-security wing doesn't get new clothes or the prisoners just don't want to work.
I only have a few facility mangers and I prioritize them to clean the staff-only-areas. I think they don't do anything else ever again.

There is also a problem for example if I assign a cell-tract to low and normal-securtiy and make a canteen for low, normal and protective-security, nobody will ever going to eat there. Is this kind of a bug?

Only when I assign the canteen for everybody it works...but then there is a risk, that other securities come to eat there. I know I make some kind of lock-corridor only for staff, so the high-securities can't get to the canteen or is there a simpler way?

I saw a high-security prisoner were escorted to the parole room. Is this working with every security classes and is this working for visit too? Or have I made sure that protective and mental-illness classes have access to this rooms?

I know...many questions.
A many people died in the last ingame days cause they starved or were beaten to death...

Thanks for help!


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Jul 13, 2005
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To answer these questions in order:

Insane block dirty: Insane prisoners are not allowed to work so you need janitors to clean and deliver laundry. By default the game will use the nearest prison laundry for this but if you wish you can zone a laundry as staff only and place it near or in the insane wing so it will be exclusively used for the nutcases.

Laundry delivery: fresh uniforms are delivered in deliveries and if this is open to the same prisoner class that also has a laundry it can work in, they will pick up the fresh uniforms there if they have an open route to it. If there is no open route or you have deliveries as staff only, fresh uniforms will be delivered to laundries by staff.

Mixing canteens: it is not a good idea to mix protective security with any other class, but in theory you could share a canteen with multiple security zones. Prisoners need to be able to route there though, so if your protective security prisoners cannot pass through other security zones to get to that canteen they will never use it. You can use the logistics menu to see what canteen is assigned to a cell block and if needed manually assign it to one or multiple (by holding shift).

If a prisoner category is allowed visitation and the visitation is zoned for their security or is shared, they will walk there if they can and otherwise be escorted by guards. For efficiency's sake, and since it's generally not a good idea to mix protected prisoners with other security classes, it's recommended to make multiple visitation areas if needed or to at least create protected prisoner routes.

In general:
Protected class prisoners will be murdered by other prisoners. That is why you protect them. Letting them mix is risking their deaths as prisoners will attempt to kill them even with guards present.
Insane prisoners and death row prisoners are not allowed to work at all.
If a prisoner needs to go to a room for a work program, parole, or visitation, he will attempt to route there himself and will need to be escorted -- which takes time and guard resources -- otherwise.
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