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May 2, 2013
  • Leviathan: Warships
been playing the game past few and thought i would just shoot a few ideas for changes i had at you guys.

1. a higher plan timer than 1 min and less than 5, because 5 mins is way too long but sometimes 1 is not enough like a 2:17 or something like that
2. a way to see the game lobby or the chat while in the shipyard edit
3. hard points in the front of your ship for a ramming battery one on each sides and back for ramming defense, and 1 for under the ship for grounding defense
4. this kind of goes along with 3 separate the arms slots for utility arms offense arms and defense arms so a c3 ship could have 8 arms 2 utility and 1 defense or something like that
5. plz rethink the points system bc atm the best thing to do is a ton of small and maybe a medium ship and you win all the time
6. a way to select the spacing of your ships om the shipyard, and a way to slide the position of the ship
7. and an auto save feature so if your like me and you forget to save it every game it would save your last 5 or 10 and just delete the oldest one as you play more
8. add a 3v3 4v4 and 8 player ffa for fun :)
9. much larger maps so you get that feeling of where are they and having to really use scouts for scouting and radar for radaring (i don't think that is a word but i'm not changing it)
10. and this one could be just me but a way to truly customize your fleet say a point system for kills where you can upgrade how many guns you can carry the engine in the ship advanced auto loaders for better rof hard top weapon casings for less indirect fire damage, and finally being able to put a crew together so they can get better at repairing and all other effects \

i'm sure i have other ideas but my add if preventing me from saying them at this time

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