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Jun 15, 2007
I dont think i ll be able to pull off a WC, i only have 100 years left, maybe half the world, i have 350k troops but could use another 300

Anyway, Italy Update

May 1714 to June 1724​

The Timurids decide that they want to once again take on the Italians, but after 40 thousand timurids dropped in one battle, they quickly accepted my peace offer

The Mamluks are treacherous and attack while my war with the Timurids is still in thick, yet it seems they learned their lesson and will now be ruled in one province

Whatever this country is, something with an R, they attacked, not the smartest of decisions, however they made up for it and made a good decision...giving up all territory except their capitol

The 99th Timurid-Italian war, and theyre still big, but the way the wars have gone i must wonder how they have gotten so big...but thatll change, that will change

The Viya, their ally Oss(they accepted a peace that purged them of their unnecessary territory, the Viya follow with losing simply more territory...wierd they started in India, but now they have their capitol there only

k another update tomorrow, hopefully the pics i take of battles will actually work out...


He doesn't row
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Jan 27, 2008
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Sorry, I've been on vacation for about six days.

Is there anywhere in the world you can't reach?


Jun 15, 2007
Italy Update
June 1724 to June 1734​

Definitely a profitable 10 years, as Castille first brings me into a war against England, a first time fighter against the Italians. I only have a regiment of 20k in the Americas i split it into 3, one of 9, 6, and 5. I send these men to all of Englands colonial holdings, somewhere near 50 or so i would guess. The English have yet to build any forts, and have few troops for too large of area...thus in a year or less they submit to peace

Next my French allies bring me into a war against Burgundy, with only 10 provinces left the the French and Italians sweep through the Burgundian land and take every province. as well as clean 30000 burgundians off the streets

The newly formed Mughal attack, proving that they have not grown smarter due to the formation, maybe even less intelligent as my Indian invasion force has grown to 100,000 troops, the mughals now can fall quicker

Peace comes it to Italian soil

A new King, may his rule be blessed with many provinces

Another update tomorrow, i ll also throw in some pics of my empire next time as well. I m getting closer to Ming Empire, maybe a war with them will be in the making soon.

Thanks for Reading


Jun 15, 2007
Italy Update

1734 to 1744​
only 80 years left till completion, i ll at least have half the world

From last time, war with Burgundy, with my vast holdings and extensive wars my land skill and land tradition is quite high, thus the Italians are the best fighters in all the world

Burgundy shrinks to a slim 4 provinces, which will eventually be swallowed by the Italians

Finally the HRE of Saxony, under personal union with brandenburg finally is crushed, thus making the Italians the HRE, which seems right considering we own all but maybe 10 provinces of it

War with Viya, they fall with 98 war score peace in less than a year, which is good as the Mughal declare another war

The Mughals, now that i have 120k in India are just no match, they came in with 110k and left with 30k, they accept a 96 war score peace

I ll do another update soon, hope ya tune in and watch the green war machine roll over Castile(at war now) and others (france broke alliance)


Jun 15, 2007
Italian Update

1744 to 1754

The country with the second highest income, Castile, put up a fight of a blind two year old, it was a good peace, as i gained a stronghold on this side of Europe

Brittany declares war, thus confirming their place as the dumbest nation in the World

Orissa, of team Viya, goes down, two province minor, who would have thought huh.

Viya the big guy in the war ended up getting crushed, and never realized that sending 1k vs 20k does not work well for winning wars or keeping troops alive

Augusto della Torre took an army north and taught the Mughals a lesson in modern warfare. the world is coming to an end, at least for the Mughals

PEACE, a seemingly unknown to the growing Italians, its cute while it lasts.

I figure before i annex burgundy id erase their presence from the world, the french are the only nemesis left, and lithuania but i out troop them by 200k

Brittany continues its reign as the most foolish nation on earth, if they continue you they will be the most foolish nation that was on earth

Here is a new map of India holdings along with some African holdings




Jun 15, 2007
Italy Update
June 1754 to June 1764​

I may have been at peace at most 1 year total during these ten years as i bounced from one war to the next, and i must say i won every one.

Orissa is erased from history, such a shame they were a pretty orange color

Viya is down to only 40k troops, at the end of the war they left with 2k and 5 less territory

Another war with Castile, another chunk becomes the Italian Castile, i didnt even meet a single Castilian regiment the whole war

My new king Giuseppe, at the end of the game im going to count how many kings i had throughout that were all 6s+, at least 10-15

My war with the Mughal, i wish countries would accept 100+ war score, but the Mughals are half their original size thanks the the Italian war machine

the second war with Viya, i only need 40k to take over most of their territories, peace usually comes in 6 months.

Another one province is erased, Ming-Italian war is fast approaching

A new king, not the same but average enough to rule the world

England is the next victim, as i saw the fear in my enemies eyes. Also to give an idea, my land tech is 45 while Englands is a meager 27, 96% war score peace worth of territories gives the Italians the most on the North American Continent.

Enjoy the update, hope ya read it, only 70 years left until completion. In the next update look for a war with Viya, Mughal, Ming, Castile, England, and Maybe the Polish/Hungary/Bohemia/Lituania team


Jun 15, 2007
Italy Update, last one before i do the last 50 years with IN, lots of wars in i think was 5 years of play, i took 3 shots of massive scale battles, one that involved 20k vs 65k

The Mughals declare war, and they send nearly 3/4s of their army toward one province, which holds a mere 20k Italians, Although the battle was lost before reinforcements arrived, so many Mughals died that the province had more dead in it than alive

the Italians gain revenge

the large scale battles continue, and ever since the first, the Mughals have not been able to recover, and when the war ended the Mughals, for the first time were left with under 20k men to patrol their ever shrinking country

Surprising long time for peace, definitely earned this time around, im closing in on the Usual Persian border

Time to clean the Viya up, their immense empire has shrunk to about 15 provinces, less now, as peace comes easy and swift

More clean up as two minors are sweep from the greener world


i ll have an update soon, as im very busy the next week or so, so the updates will be eclectic