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From what I can see, there are maybe a dozen or so DH players that are on discord available to play during the course of a week. They don't all play together as there are different schedules, game and personality styles. There are several Darkest Hour servers. But once played online competitively, you really can appreciate what this game is capable of being. It's worth spending a little time on discord waiting for a game to organize. Join voicechat and it's gamenight.
Sunday starting 10am EST my group will be assembling for a 7(or more) player game of Darkest Hour:HOI Total realism mod. It may take several hours to assemble. Once an exact start time can be set, it will be, to reduce the wait. Feel free to post a time and return.
2 Major powers: USA and UK, though previously played by experienced players, are now available due to schedule conflicts. I'm hoping for an experienced player to take UK and perhaps his/her friend could be as USA, requiring less experience as they have time to learn as they play. The game only progressed little more than a year.

If you are a chill, mature, player anxious to replay history, with no time for people who can't commit or decide on a schedule, or otherwise make it impossible to schedule 3 hours a week for playing a grand strategy game with 6 others, I will make every effort to cater to you. You are my target player pool. The others will get replaced, kicked or banned as necessary. You don't have to love the idea of 7 player DH or even participate, just respect that this is why I have this server. Once we do get rolling, we'll have an awesome AAR.


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We now have a save in All-in-One-Gold-Edition. Only 3 months game elapsed due to a connection problem(1933). We need 2 more players for USA and China to make a full 7-player game.
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I want to make it easier for people to play Darkest hour in multiplayer. Ultimately I want all the players I can get on my server, including ones that play the game differently than I, that we may not even want to play with each other. I want them to know that there's a place where they can go to find other players to know their schedules, preference of mod, speed, country , whatever. I think MP is a natural progression from SP.
Discord makes it easy. I'll open a channel called 'players catalogue'.
Other people can add comments as well about players. If they participate in my server's games -which they don't have to, we may give them nerdy ranks and medals based on their performance in our games. It could be used as a guideline for who some of the best players are.
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My group plays primarily weekends, but on occasion weekdays as well. I would like to put together groups for Saturday, Sunday, and any given weekday. I work weekend nights generally, have the time, and would like to organize 3 games a week -whether I'm in them or not. A group can pick a weekday to continue a weekend game, or have an entirely new game played only on that weekday. The aim is to have all 7 major powers human controlled, for the experience the AI cannot offer. More than 7 can work, as there are also other roles which you can read about on my server. I see servers like houses. And we all invite the gang over to ours to play, good friends once a week. Your house = your food, etc offerings, refrigerator space, temperature control, music... and hopefully they'll want to come back. PM me for a discord invite.
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We now have 4 mature, chill players playing this Saturday around 8pm UTC on gameranger. TRP mod. 22 October 1940.
Still need USA, Japan, and China(in that order). PM me for a valid discord link.
Generally Saturday seems to be best for most people(besides me). Even if I have to work, most weekends I can play until 8pm UTC on Saturdays and all day Sunday. If you're already involved in the TRP game and want to continue that -let me know.

I'm about putting an enjoyable game of Darkest Hour with 6 other players. Without the tension and pressure and anxiety many players bring to the table. If I don't enjoy hanging out and talking to you, then why would I be playing against you and not the AI? The AI is always available. I'm quite content to pass by players who add drama and tension to the game. And I could care less about your exploits against the AI(or lack of).

Congregating once a week with peers in historical knowledge is just something I like to do with people. 7 eliminates the AI from the major countries. It also creates 7 stories that I think would be fun to follow. Therefor I'd like to write about them myself. Making an interesting and popular AAR is what I want to be able to do.

To do this, the people who really want to play need to feed me their schedules. 3 hours, once a week, gets the job done. Show up on time and cooperate. That's really all that's required. I seem to run into this problem where players want to 'cash in' their expertise with the game with me. Their only way to do this is be uncooperative. Knowing how the game functions, and how the game can be the most enjoyable are 2 different things entirely.

And I should not have to 'sell' my ideas and methods to players. It only takes a minute to start a server. You can share with me your ideas, and if I like them, I will add them. You can also start your own server and add me if you like. Then I can peruse YOUR games if I want to join, knowing the rules you have set. This isn't rocket science.

If people are patient, and have a somewhat stable schedule, we can get this done. There are 168 hours in a week. If you have any 3 of them open to playing DH with 6 other -not only players, but players who are there to enjoy themselves, then help yourself toward that goal.

This rush to see who can play the fastest is a bunch of BS. It's a way for the math minds to handcuff the creative minds. This game is played, at minimal, HUNDREDS of times faster than actual time. If you grasp this concept please join my games. If you don't, no big deal. Maybe follow the AAR, join the conversation, or not.

And this idea some players seem to have that they are entitled to this 7 player game because I have invited them is wrong. Hang out more than 3 hours a week if you want, because you want to play, fine. But that's on you not me. Give me your 3 hours that you're available to play(or more) and when I have 7 cooperative schedules, I'LL set a gametime. That's all I can do.

People who aren't there within say, 20m, will be marked as unreliable and perhaps eliminated from the schedule. There may be 2-3 weeks in between sessions. Sh*t happens. If a session isn't happening, your only sacrifice is 20m. I'm not responsible for your disappointment if the session isn't to be held.
I'm basically looking for non-Karens(if you understand the concept).
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If you're interested in playing large 7 player games of Darkest Hour, with all the major powers as human in historic mods, in games with sociable, mature players, that won't be rushed, where games will be documented, I invite you to join my discord server. BigX

Everyone that has been banned from my server is going to have a gripe with me. I know because they were griping already when they were on my server. If I think the game would be more enjoyable in singleplayer , omitting their energy from the game, I'll ban them. I'm not here for to deal with drama, pressure, or lack of cooperation. I'm not banning them, as much as I'm 'releasing' them to play the multiplayer game they desire. It isn't what my server will deliver, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Ask me any question you like about the server. I may direct you to a channel where I've tried my best to describe a superior experience to singleplayer Darkest Hour. It only takes a minute to start a server. If you have different ideas than mine, about what, when or how to play, what you think the server owes you, then please; start a server and invite me. I'll do exactly what I'm hoping you will do.
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